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New Zealand Suffers All-Time Record Cold, as Greenland Snow & Ice GAINS head Off the Charts [literally]

Every key data point now indicates a cooling planet.

How long will it be before the likes of the IPCC and their MSM lapdogs report on the facts?

How long will it be before the masses are awoken from their manufactured psychosis and have it revealed to them that everything they were ever told was based on lies and agendas?

AGW can never explain a cooling planet — that simply won’t fly — folks are set for a brutal awakening.

New Zealand Suffers All-Time Record Cold

On the morning of Thursday, May 27, New Zealand suffered a wave of historical cold.

A powerful Antarctica air mass brought the mercury plunging to -8.8C (16F) at Dunedin International Airport, which is located in the SE of the South Island at an elevation of 1.2 m (4 ft).

This reading ties the all time lowest temperature EVER recorded at the airport (set in both May 1988 and July 2007), in record books dating back to 1963.

According to NIWA (New Zealand’s official meteorological agency), -10.1C (13.8F) was recorded at Middlemarch, a small town in the Otago region of the South Island cited at an elevation of 213m (699 feet).

This is the town’s lowest autumn temperature since 2001.

An even lower reading was logged at Tara Hills, Otago 466 m (1,529 ft).

Here, a bone-chilling -10.8C (12.5 F) was logged.

Again, this is the weather station’s coldest ever reading in the month of May.

These are incredible lows, particularly for fall, particularly in this time of catastrophic global heating [sarc!].

NIWA said that many towns and cities suffered their lowest May temperatures this morning, and at low elevations, too — not that they explain exactly what they deem ‘low elevation.’

Fog and frost at Loch Cameron near Twizel, NZ.

These are not only the first sub -10C readings of the year, but are also New Zealand’s coldest May temperatures since 2001, at least. However, I’m sure it will be revealed that many more all-time records fell this morning as the preliminary data is verified.

Greenland Snow & Ice GAINS head Off the Charts [literally]

Following on from yesterday’s article re the historic late-season surface mass balance gains on Greenland, the world’s largest island has now posted GAINS that have literally shot the SMB off the charts.

Looking below at the official numbers, courtesy of the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), it is revealed that single day gains of more than 12 gigatons were logged yesterday, May 26.

This is astonishing, unprecedented, and not only for late-May, but also for any time during the snow season.

Yesterday’s (May 26) monster SMB gain [DMI].

I’m waiting to see if this is an error.

It’s unlikely to be a mistake, as it looks to continue the record gains obtained on the previous day; however, the DMI are prone to making the odd error, though usually in the other direction — they have been known to exaggerate warmth.

During the summer of 2019, the DMI admitted it wrongly reported a record high temperature in Greenland.

The institute said a “shocking” early-August temperature of between 2.7C (37F) and 4.7C (40.5F) was logged at the Summit weather station, located some 3,200 m (10,500 ft) ASL at the center of the Greenland ice sheet. 

The news quickly spread to every corner of the left-leaning web.

However, just a few days later the DMI posted a tweet retracting that record temp, saying that after a “closer look” it was revealed that the monitoring equipment had been giving “erroneous results.” By combining measurements with observations from other weather stations, the DMI then estimated that the temperature was more like -2C (28F) — quite a difference, and still only a guess.

“You could say that this is good news from a climate perspective,” Herdis Damberg, one of the Institute’s meteorologists told Danish state broadcaster DR. “There are probably a lot of people wiping their foreheads saying that it’s pretty good that it wasn’t four degrees.”

In my opinion, Damberg is an idiot — an erroneous reading like this is terrible news from a climate perspective: the damage was done almost instantly when hundreds of MSM outlets, all proponents of the fake climate scare, leaped to publish the scary EOTW data.

In the end though, the DMI concluded that it was actually heavy snow (ironically) that had caused poor ventilation around the thermometers at the site, wrongly boosting the temperature.

CME Update

To finish, those minor coronal mass ejections (CMEs) we were expecting to combine and hit Earth on May 25 finally did so, but during the late hours of May 26 (UT).

The combined CME was slow, but dense, doubling the density of solar wind in its wake:

Once again, the likes of NOAA didn’t give this impending impact much thought.

But once again, the reality delivered something of a surprise — a geomagnetic storm and the KP reaching level 5:

The latest space weather overview plot

Earth’s magnetic field is weaker than we’ve all realized.

If we survive Solar Cycle 25 without a grid-down scenario then we should consider ourselves lucky.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING, in line with the great conjunction, historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among other forcings).

Both NOAA and NASA appear to agree, if you read between the lines, with NOAA saying we’re entering a ‘full-blown’ Grand Solar Minimum in the late-2020s, and NASA seeing this upcoming solar cycle (25) as “the weakest of the past 200 years”, with the agency correlating previous solar shutdowns to prolonged periods of global cooling here.

Furthermore, we can’t ignore the slew of new scientific papers stating the immense impact The Beaufort Gyre could have on the Gulf Stream, and therefore the climate overall.

Prepare accordingly— learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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18 Thoughts to “New Zealand Suffers All-Time Record Cold, as Greenland Snow & Ice GAINS head Off the Charts [literally]”

  1. Paul Roberts

    Just to check – should the NOAA graphs be a jpeg picture (or similar) rather than a direct link to the NOAA site?

    Because I think it’s updated so that it doesn’t show the May 26 event yet? lol

    Ooh, and one more question – what does the grey area on the Greenland chart show? ‘Average Min to Average Max’ for each day?

    Because I swear that last year they had several large spikes late/early in the season which are not shown in the grey area, which suggests it is not every highest and lowest data point! (and/or they are hiding data?)

    1. Matt Dalby

      On the Greenland chart the grey area shows the average range for any particular day, however they don’t include the highest and lowest figures for each day. Therefore some of the large spikes last season don’t show up (and yesterdays spike won’t show up on next years charts) The Polar Portal site explains what they do, but not why they exclude daily records, so I’m not sure they can be accused of hiding data as they admit they don’t include all the data.

  2. Deon

    The question is, what is the true agenda of the media/IPCC? They must know the true state of affairs, after all, the scientists are all highly qualified people, working with the latest technology, etc. To say they are in it just for the money is simplistic, or the GREEN NEW DEAL, or whatever. I believe that the true aim of, if not all, certainly some of the hierarchy is the de-population of the globe. There have been several influential figures in American government (the names escape me, see Tony Heller’s video’s) who actually proposed adding drugs to food and water to make people sterile, thus reducing population (specifically third world). The attacks on our ability to feed ourselves, or substituting traditional food with chemical alternatives does not bode well.

    1. Xnightx

      “The true aim of, if not all, certainly some of the hierarchy is the de-population of the globe.”
      Do you know the world population is currently rising at the rate of +1 billion people every 12 years ? How long will we be able to sustain such growth ? At one point, our quality of life will drop because of price inflation.

      1. Mike From Au

        +As long as there are enough highly trained nuclear personnel looking after/attending the spent nuclear fuel pools in old nuclear plants globally everything should be OK. Massive conjecture by me in part due to unknowns of nuclear spent fuel maintenance. As long as there are half a dozen nuclear plant spent fuel workers, population or depopulation is not an issue?

      2. prioris

        Most countries on this planet are experiencing depopulation. Population increases tend to come from immigration.

        Better living conditions causes decrease in population
        Worse living conditions causes increase in population

        World population will likely peak at around 9.4 billion around 2070 and then decline to around 9 billion by 2100, according to new population projections from IIASA researchers, published in a new book, World Population and Human Capital in the 21st Century. Alternative scenarios included in the projections range from 7 billion to almost 13 billion by 2100. The book was officially launched today at an event at the Wilson Center in Washington DC.

        So if the elites aim is to depopulate, their aim should be to make the living conditions better.

        The elites aren’t depopulating world. Some may blah blah that. Nature does that. Better living conditions do that.

        1. Matt Dalby

          The greatest irony is that better living conditions that lead to low birth rates and hence declining population have been brought about by modern technology and especially widespread use of fossil fuels. These are the things that “greens” hate the most, yet they are solving what could otherwise be our biggest problem, i.e. runaway population growth.

  3. Derek Symes

    Hey did a fact check on your info and here it is
    Yesterday’s Extremes

    1 Tara Hills -10.8°
    2 Dunedin Airport -8.8°C
    3 Timaru Airport -7.0°C
    4 Twizel -6.5°C
    5 Alexandra Airport -6.3°C

  4. Roland Scheckter

    Being blocked, ousted, deleted, falsified and/or factchecked in social media, can only mean that you are on to something and that you are doing the right thing. I donate $1 every month to your site. Keep it up, and I will donate more in the future. I also tell my friends, who will do the same.

  5. Scott

    Qweck, gut out the ereezers guys, we have to fedge these tumperature nembers before Jacinda wekes arp!

  6. john caley

    you guys are going to have egg all over your face in the next few years. Yes we are going into an Ice Age, but not due to Sun (cooling) but ocean warming. Ice Ages are precipitated by snow/ice falling from the sky… heat put them there. Why is the ocean heating ? This is due to marine petroleum oil polluting reducing sea surface evaporation… more in the Amazon book.. The Armageddon Factor

    1. Glenn Campbell

      Hi John, No offense, but you already have egg on your face. You’re just too programmed to realize it. Don’t sweat it. You’re going to have even more egg on your face, but I doubt you will realize it. I hope no poo finds it’s way to your dinner plate – you’d likely think it was steak if the IPCC told you it was. Best wishes!

    2. prioris

      Wrong Caley.
      Lower Sun activity increases cosmic rays.
      Cosmic rays increase cloud cover hence increase albedo (cooling) and precipitation.

      It also increases earthquakes and volcano eruption force.

      Are you aware of our weakening magnetosphere ?
      Geomagnetic storms are the larger threat. You think petroleum oil had anything to do with that.

  7. mok.monster

    I did a bit of an internet search and couldn’t find any stats saying Dunedin is plunging into severe cold. it is no different to the usual weather at this time of year, Southland often plunges into minus double digits.

  8. Derek Symes

    Not from the south but I do know you get a pretty decent hoar frost down there. I also know that as soon as the wind stops from the north, the systems in the Tasman that twist up caused by all the warm water. Then it swings to the south, straight from the Antarctic, it is time to run to switch on the electric blanket.

  9. Derek Symes

    I found a metservice tweet that said it was a tied low temperature, since records began 1972. Date of tweet 27th/5th
    Exactly what our man said.

  10. mk

    In the first decade of May Sniezka (1612m), the highest peak of the Sudety range on the border of Poland and Czech Republic had a snow cover of 130cm, which was the thickest snow cover at this time of the year since… 1951! The average snow cover for May 1 in this location is… 40cm and the average snow cover for May 10 is 16cm. This year in the May 1-10 period the snow cover on Sniezka ranged from 119 to 133cm.

  11. Mr Reynard

    Quote:the historic late-season surface mass balance gains on Greenland, the world’s largest island has now posted GAINS that have literally shot the SMB off the charts.

    Looking below at the official numbers, courtesy of the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), it is revealed that single day gains of more than 12 gigatons were logged yesterday

    I don’t believe one word of it ??
    Little Greta told us that all ice on Greenland has evaporated.. No more Ice on Greenland ?
    I believe little Greta, after all she has been awarded lots of PhD in Climatology from many universities…
    She’s a genius about climate predictions & modelling ..

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