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Nebraska’s Record Cold and Snowfall This Week

Record low temperatures occurred at several sites across Nebraska earlier this week when a strong cold front moved through, with record-setting snow.

Here are just a handful of the busted records:

  • Alliance saw a low of -14.5C (6F) which broke the previous record of -10C (14F) from 1914.
  • Norfolk’s daily max of 3.9C (39F) tied Oct 14’s 1937 for the lowest daily high.
  • Sioux City, Iowa’s high of 5C (41F) broke the previous coldest peak of 5.6C (42F) set back 1937.
  • North Platte’s low of -11.1C (12F) busted the previous record of -8.8C (16F) in 1974.
  • Valentine’s low of -10.6C (13F) smashed 1976’s record low of -5.6C (22F).
  • And the Grand Island low of -5C (23F) pipped 1943’s low of -4.4C (24F).


In addition to the snowfall records for Omaha, Lincoln and Valentine that caused tens of thousands to lose power, records were set in Grand Island and Hastings:

  • Grand Island’s total of 1.5 inches broke the 0.5-inch record set in 1966.
  • And Hastings’ 1.1 inches annihilated the previous record of just a trace, also from 1966.



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