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Near Record Low Temps Sweep Across Florida

Florida is waking up to near record low temperatures Wednesday morning as a brutal cold front pushes in, prompting officials in Broward County to declare a cold weather emergency.

Florida is experiencing its coldest temps since January, with frost possible north and west of Orlando as clear skies allow the mercury to plunge as low as 2.8C (37F) in some areas.

Temperatures near the coast in Miami-Dade and Broward are struggling to climb above 10C (50F) while many inland areas are seeing Weds morning temps touch freezing.

Officials in Broward County declared a cold weather emergency Tuesday night and opened special shelters in two locations – the Salvation Army in Fort Lauderdale and the Outreach Center in Hollywood – saying they’ll likely remain open Wednesday night too.

Thursday morning temperatures are expected to be just as cold, again with lows touching freezing in many locations.

Wrap up, folks.


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  1. Nate

    My freshman year at the U, I spent spring break on the campus and survived sub-50F for a day. We were definitely not prepared for that low of temp.

    Love the info on this site 🙂

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