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Nashville’s Snowiest Jan Since 1985; Mississauga Records Most Snow Since 1944; Four Die In Rare Canada To U.S. Border Crossing Attempt; Ice-Covered Streets In St. Petersburg; + Three-Quarters Of Japan Below Freezing

Nashville’s Snowiest Jan Since 1985

So far this month, Nashville, Tennessee has received 9.3 inches (23.6cm) of snow, which makes it the city’s snowiest January since 1985 (solar minimum of cycle 21) with 10 days left to run.

This is far above the National Weather Service’s 30-year average of 4.7 inches (11.4cm).

Also, Jan 1985 was considered one of the ‘big months’ for snow during that decade — a total of 9.8 inches fell.

Mississauga Records Most Snow Since 1944

The 45cm (17.7 inches) that dumped on Mississauga on Monday was the area’s highest single day snow total since 1944 (back during the solar minimum of cycle 17, when the city was known as ‘Toronto Township’).

The winter storm slammed much of southern Ontario, and it busted a host of records across the province.

Regarding Mississauga’s snowfall, Mayor Bonnie Crombie praised the city’s winter maintenance crews: “It was truly an all-hands-on-deck effort,” Crombie said, also noting that no major roads ended up having to close despite “the historic storm”.

Still, and as reported by insauga.com, many residents across the city became stranded in their homes by huge windrows of hard, chunky snow and ice that blocked many driveways and residential courts. Windrows are the collections of snow left at the bottom of driveways, and sometimes at the entrance to streets and courts, after snow plows clear the main part of the street.

Ward 3 Councillor Chris Fonseca, who tabled a Mississauga City council emergency motion which passed snow clearing operations to not only tackle main roads but secondary roads, too, said many residents were “just beside themselves” and couldn’t get out of their homes or their streets.

Mickey Frost, the City’s director of works operations and maintenance, said Mississauga deployed hundreds of snow-clearing vehicles in the wake of the major winter blast. But after another, albeit smaller snowstorm hit Tuesday, snow plows were pulled from neighborhood roads and sent back to the city’s major routes, compounding the exasperation of some trapped locals.

Staying in Canada, after two rounds of accumulating snow hit Montreal this week, temperatures plummeted and the region is suffering some of its coldest readings in years.

The overnight low Thursday night in Montreal is expected to drop to -29C (-20.2F). That would be a new record for the date, beating out the old benchmark of -27.5C (-17.5F) set in 2005. The last time Montreal saw a reading that cold (on any day of the year) was back on Jan 15, 2004 when the mercury touched -29.1C (-20.4F).

Looking ahead, a repeat performance is expected overnight Friday with forecasts once again calling for a low -29C (-20.2F). If that played out it would be a new record for Jan 22, besting the current record low of -28.3C (-18.9F) from 1976 (solar minimum of cycle 20).

January 2022 has been one of the coldest we’ve seen in a few years, reports montreal.ctvnews.ca.

So far, in the first 21 days of the month, the mercury has dropped into the -20s a total of nine times — a stark comparison to the last few years. Montreal dipped below -20C just once in Jan, 2021; and not at all in Jan, 2020. This year’s nine beats out 2018’s eight, but with 10-days of the month left to run, and with temps expected to drop into the -20s at least a handful more times, far older records are set to fall.

It’ll be even chillier in the nation’s capital with the low dropping into the -30s.

In response, Environment Canada has issued ‘extreme cold warnings’ for Ottawa.

Four Die In Rare Canada To U.S. Border Crossing Attempt

And in Manitoba, the bodies of four people, including a baby and a teen, were found near the United States border in what Mounties believe was a failed crossing attempt during a -35C (-31F) blizzard.

“It is an absolute and heartbreaking tragedy,” RCMP Assistant Commissioner Jane MacLatchy told a news conference Thursday.

It’s believed they died from exposure, she said.

Officers found three bodies together –a man, a woman and a baby– just 10 metres from the border. Their search continued and a teen boy was found a short distance away. They were wearing winter clothing, MacLatchy said, but with the frigid conditions it would not have been enough to save them: “These victims faced not only the cold weather but also endless fields, large snowdrifts and complete darkness,” added MacLatchy.

It is believed that the crossing attempt was an illegal one, perhaps brought about by Canada’s draconian COVID laws.

In the past, it has been far more common to see crossings northwards from the U.S. into Canada rather than the other way round, said MacLatchy.

Dave Carlson, Reeve of Emerson-Franklin (Reeve: an elected local official) said, “If you look at the political climate on both sides of the border, it’s just mind-boggling to me that anyone had that sense of desperation to try and cross in extreme conditions.”

Deputy Patrick Klegstad, with the Kittson County Sheriff’s Office in Minnesota, said his department is supporting the American side of the investigation. Klegstad echoed Canadian officials, saying it’s uncommon to have people make the journey from Canada into the U.S.: “It’s not very often we have southbounders.”

Ice-Covered Streets In St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg residents have seen the most ice coverage on their streets and sidewalks in many a moon this week.

As reported by themoscowtimes.com, hundreds of people have landed in hospital after slipping and falling, while local authorities face criticism for failing to deal with the situation.

Exceptionally cold conditions gripped St. Petersburg back in December, too.

As meteorologist Mikhail Leus documented at the time, the chill was so severe that all-time records were broken: “Today (Dec 6), St. Petersburg set a new daily cold weather record. Temperatures in the Northern Capital fell to minus 20.9 degrees, which is 0.4 degrees lower than on the same day back in 1893,” Leus wrote in a Facebook post.

Three-Quarters Of Japan Below Freezing

And finally, it was cold day in Japan yesterday, Jan 20, with ≈75% of the nation’s weather stations below 0C (32F) at 7AM.

As noted by Thierry Goose on Twitter, the coldest station was that at Sumarinai, Hokkaido with its low of -27.7C.

The widespread freeze comes as national power usage records were already falling as heating demand soars.

The cold also follows rounds of unprecedented snowfall in recent weeks, particularly in northern parts where snow records from 1893 have been falling:

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be and grow your own.

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32 Thoughts to “Nashville’s Snowiest Jan Since 1985; Mississauga Records Most Snow Since 1944; Four Die In Rare Canada To U.S. Border Crossing Attempt; Ice-Covered Streets In St. Petersburg; + Three-Quarters Of Japan Below Freezing”

  1. Deb

    A dramatic beginning to the migration southward. They won’t be the last to die. God rest their souls.

    1. Ian

      I hope the IPCC hangs for their stupidity!
      I must be closed down!

      1. Deb

        Good luck. Our leaders are mostly criminals.

        1. Ice Age Eugenics and Biodigital-convergence Now.Info

          Coronavirus, Mass Murder
          BLOOD CEMENT: Why we can’t expect the Corona Fascists to Back Down – January 19, 2022

          1. DIrk Pitt

            DC vax protest today:

        2. DIrk Pitt

          Defeat the Mandate March on DC full vid:

          1. Deb

            Thank you for providing a glimpse into the courage of everyday people to tackle the evil juggernaut comprised of billionaires, bankers, politicians, big Pharma, the government and millions of clueless stooges.

            Humans can sometimes be SO noble, and SO inspiring, even though they are mostly just stupid.

            I’m just going to sit here and cry for awhile.

          2. DIrk Pitt

            I watchttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3X4WeCzuPMhed

  2. Andrew Stone

    Speaking of mass migration …

    I’m reluctantly including the following link re current military/political activity. Hal Turner seems like an overly excitable person but the factual data he presents speaks for itself.

    Please don’t panic upon reading the article linked to.
    I remain optimistic that cooler heads will prevail, however something unpleasant seems to be brewing.
    My hope is that the readers here will see this and rationally consider the variables. I’m sending this out as general information that may prove useful to some people. Hopefully this will blow over.

    At the very least, a lot of Europeans will be very cold as it becomes difficult to warm their homes during this time of solar slumber and fuel shortages.


  3. Deb

    “the factual data he presents speaks for itself”. He makes a lot of categorical statements but offers no sources for his so- called factual statements. How are we to know whether or not they are factual or made of thin air?

    If we were on the brink of war with Russia, doesn’t it seem like someone else would have noticed it? What do you think is going on?

    1. Deb

      I’m going to have to retract that. Apparently the MSM is talking this up, but I never follow the MSM anymore. Alternative news sources seem quiet on this.
      So I wonder if war is our next manufactured crisis now that the Covid one has run its course? Leading, of course, to tighter controls on the populace.

      1. Andrew Stone

        Hal Turner previously worked in some capacity with (not for) people in the FBI. Wikipedia states he was an FBI informant. Consider the source on that one however. I’m sure it ran a little deeper than that (informant) but he has repeatedly demonstrated his distaste and distrust of “The Swamp” and anything left of center. My sense is that he has run afoul of the current security honchos but maintains contact with old drinking buddies from previous security escapades.

        I personally know a retired Marine Lt. Colonel, a decorated and distinguished Desert Storm combat veteran who was given a nice position at the Pentagon when the hostilities “ended”. He took the job, worked there for a while, then took his honorable discharge and retired in disgust.

        When I asked him about why he decided to leave such a cushy job, he paused, thought for a moment, then said; “His boss, a general, was an asshole, and he (himself) refused to spy on the American public and treat them as though they were the enemy!” And that was the end of that conversation. I have great respect and admiration for him as an outstanding human being. I’m sure he still has contact with old friends and fellow soldiers who feel the same way. These days that’s a dangerous opinion to express publicly.

        Mr. Turner seems to have similar sentiments for similar reasons. I don’t personally know Hal Turner or his sources so I take his words with a grain of salt and give him the benefit of the doubt. I think his sources are probably pretty good but I do wonder about some of the conclusions he comes up with based on info from those sources. It’s his conclusions that give me some concern for his apparent tendency to just go off on a tangent. All considered, I believe his communications are valuable to some extent, which remains to be seen, and may well vindicate everything he has said about current events. I take his words as well intentioned warnings, and food for thought.

        All of that is an aspect of what most of us sense as something wrong “brewing” and is basically what I was referring to.

        Hal Turner’s statements about the severity of the situation based on the usage of top level nuclear code language for example may be a little over the top. Those messages could just as well, and probably are, being relayed as part of precise preparations to be ready in case all hell breaks loose. Knowing how the military leaves as little as possible up to chance (very practical and sensible) that is what I’d put my money on, while staying alert.

        Do not doubt for a moment that both China and Russia are terrified by the thought of engaging a thoroughly pissed off, no holds barred, US military machine in high gear. They sincerely want nothing to do with that ultimate nightmare. Their nations brag about their capabilities. The US does not need to. In fact our government and media downplay it all if anything.
        If you have such doubts you are not aware of our nation’s capabilities.
        Just pray that this military might is on the side of justice. That should be your main concern. There is good reason for such concern.

        Again, the one thing you can count on in an adversary is their instinct for survival.

        1. Andrew Stone

          Without fear, governments are unable to control their people.

        2. Deb

          Thank you for that detailed explanation. From things I have learned which mesh together, the leaders of all the countries on this planet are in cahoots to further Satan’s agenda for world domination through a one-world govt and one-world religion. All the posturing of world leaders is scripted to meet that end. So war or no war, they will do what they have already decided to do to depopulate the earth and lock down the remnants of humanity under firm control.

          The main outlines are written down in The Book, but not the day to day details or exact timeline, so it behooves each of us to do what we can further the cause of good in this world, for who knows what effect we may have on the lives of others, and that’s what it is all about.

          1. Andrew Stone

            We are on the same page.

          2. Andrew Stone

            The Marine colonel told me;
            “There are three kinds of people
            1.) Sheep
            2.) Wolves
            3.) Sheep dogs”.

      2. Atom man

        “Alternative news sources seem quiet on this.” Not Rense.com. That is the main Alt News site – he has some controversial content but mostly it is “mainstream” alternate news from various sources – he was Drudge b4 Drudge in terms of organization. I do believe he has been copied widely but organization cannot be copyrighted.

        About our “enemies”, they should not be underestimated – ground based lasers can wipe out spy satellites and jamming stations can defeat over the horizon radar. Want to fight a war blind? Want a ground war? How about against millions of men with AK-47 type weapons spread over a large front plus tanks and air support? Just like Korea except much, much worse. Do not be surprised if they too have secret weapons . Years of espionage and the training of their “personnel” in universities here will have led to that – along with native ingenuity. The idiots in charge of the “West” should be careful what they wish for.

        1. Deb

          Thank you. I’ll check Jeff Rense.

        2. Andrew Stone

          Thanks for the Jeff Rense link.
          Listened to the chat with Jeff and his friend in East Ukraine. Very informative and confirming.
          Eisenhower’s prophetic final speech comes to mind.

          Events over the last couple days have tarnished my optimism.

          One could come to the conclusion that Marxists are in power behind the scenes and traditional Americans are in their crosshairs. The minds running this nation (into the ground) are apparently full of worms.

          Threshing and winnowing up next.
          False flag incoming. Buckle up.

  4. Deborah Dunn

    I was so glad to find an organization that knows and promotes the solar effect on our climate! Please subscribe me to your updates.

    1. Deb

      Deborah (nice name, lol!)-

      Cap is certainly doing his bit to further the cause of good-and truth- in this world.

      This is a rare site. It’s unique in its laser focus on global cooling and the Grand Solar Minimum (GSM).

      Some other sites you might like are on youtube: Adapt 2030, Ice Age Farmer, Suspicious Observers, Oppenheimer Ranch Project and Climate Craze. Also Tony Heller’s website ( can’t remember the name of it). Each site has a unique slant on global cooling and other subjects and support one another as part of the global cooling community. And all are very nice, very caring people. Well, unless you happen to mention Al Gore, lol!

      Lots of great info on all these sites.


      1. m

        ironically algor in latin means chill.cold or a sense of chillness..

      2. Matt Dalby

        If like me you suspect that the covid “epidemic” was hyped up/manipulated by sinister forces, big pharma and or governments who want to become more authoritarian, check out http://www.lockdownsceptics.org
        In terms of bad science/modelling, censorship in the MSM and attempts to silence dissenting voices there are too many similarities between the covid scare and the AGW scare for them to be coincidental.

        1. Matt Dalby

          Sorry, the link above is an old one.
          The new one is

          1. Ray

            Right. It was initially a site where a few dissident experts in Public Health, who were completely shut out of the decision making process in the United Kingdom, could point out that lockdowns do not work. They completely failed of course to change anything, because reason and expertise count for nothing in a country with a truly stupid Establishment, a malign, extremely Left-Wing, Twitterati, and emotional, superficially-educated, citizens. Still, it was a rallying point which became quite a thorn in the side of the Government. Now that “Lock-down!” has been abandoned as a policy and “Universal Vaccination!” taken its place the name has been changed.

            One criticism of the stance taken by journalists writing articles for the site is that they have portrayed the course of events as simply, “Mad Scientists” spook “Idiot Government.” An alternative is, “Public Sector Unions” threaten “Idiot Government,” who cave in and ask “Mad Scientists” to come up with frightening scenarios, to cover up the fact that they are actually deathly afraid of their own teachers, civil servants, etc. going on strike.

        2. Deb

          I totally agree with your assessment. I wish more people would open their eyes, but it seems that by the time they do, the PTB have moved on to new deceptions.

  5. renevers

    Did anyone see the low rainfall in the strip from Liberia to Ethiopia, so Africa beneath the Sahara, almost 3 months bone dry. This must have impact on the food situation there.

    1. Deb

      Followed by famine and more pestilence, no doubt. And more people freezing to death. Fun, fun, fun.

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