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Multiple April Cold-Records Ousted in Grand Forks, North Dakota

Grand Forks, ND broke multiple all-time daily snowfall records in April 2019, with the month overall holding much colder than average, according to a National Weather Service report.

The first daily snowfall record to tumble was on April 11, when 4.4 inches surpassed 2008’s total of 3.6 inches, and the second came the following day, April 12, when 2.4 inches exceeded the previous record of 2 inches set way back in 1924 (both 2008 and 1924 fell within deep solar minimums).

Overall, April saw 6.9 inches of snow accumulate in Grand Forks, significantly above the average of 1 inch. The snowiest April on record belongs to 1894, when 12.6 inches accumulated.

Grand Forks’ cold and snowy April comes on the heels of a record-breaking winter.

The NWS report also said that 1.95 inches of rain fell last month, which is above the norm of 1.01 inch.

The frigid weather looks set to continue into at least the first half of May.

Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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