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Multiple All-Time Low Temperature Records Fall in Far North Queensland, Australia

On the back of the myriad of Aussie sites averaging their coldest-ever August, the month of September has started-off historically nippy too, particularly for FNQ, with report after report emerging of all-time low temperature records being busted.

According to official data from Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), yesterday, Sept 4, was the coldest September morning since records began in Cairns, Queensland — the mercury dipped to just 10.8C (51.4F) at the city’s airport, busting the previous record of 11.1C (52F) set back in 1948.

Innisfail, a town and locality in the Cassowary Coast Region in FNQ, suffered its coldest September morning since 1990 with a reading of 11.3C (52.3F).

And new milestones were also set at various communities in the nearby Mackay region, as the mercury here too recently tumbled to all-time record-low levels for the month of September.

“We expect the cold conditions to continue for the next few days,” said BOM meteorologist Jess Gardner.

In fact, the next ten days look incredibly chilly.

And eyeing further ahead still, latest GFS runs are picking-up on a truly brutal Antarctic Blast which appears set to sweep the entire Australian continent come mid-September:


Stay tuned for updates.

The cold times are returning, in line with historically low solar output.


Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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