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Lassen Volcanic National Park still Covered in Snow, in Summer

The main road through Lassen Volcanic National Park may have finally reopened last Saturday, but much of the park is still buried under thick snow on the back of a record-breaking winter.

Several feet of powder are still being reported at the southwest entrance to the park, while snow banks are towering as high as 28 feet above the road near Lake Helen and Lassen Peak (see featured image).

Many of the trails in the park are still covered with snow, but the majority are now open. Sunday there were reportedly climbers headed for the Lassen Peak summit, but mountaineering gear was required.

The Summit Lake campgrounds were scheduled to open Friday, but no water will be available for the time-being due to heavy snow levels.

Juniper Lake will remain closed until July 19, due to thick snow on the road.

Sunday, June 23 — Vehicles along the Lassen Park highway near Lake Helen. (Steve Schoonover)

Snowpack is rising.

Global Average Temperatures are falling.

The sun is entering its next Grand Solar Minimum cycle:


Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

[Feature Image: Bruce Johnston — Lassen Par, Highway 89 — click for more]

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