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Mount Etna Roars Back into Volcanic Action

Mount Etna has roared back into volcanic action this week, sending up plumes of ash and spewing lava into the Sicilian sky. 

The volcano, the most active in Europe, initially ‘re-awoke’ in late July but sprang into fuller action on Thursday evening, Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Vulcanology said.

The eruption began after the seismic network detected a sharp increase in seismicity under the volcano at around 18:30 UTC (20:30 local time).

The tremor was accompanied by mild strombolian activity from the new cone between the Northeast Crater (NEC) and New Southeast Crater (NSEC).

Short lava flows were observed a couple of hours later along the southeast flank in the summit area.

Previous Major Historic Eruptions:



(during the Maunder Minimum)

A devastating VEI 3 flank eruption that destroyed 15 villages and part of Catania.


(at the start of the Dalton Minimum)

A subplinian VEI 4 eruption and one of the most spectacular summit eruptions on record resulting in lava fountains up to 3000m high.


Live streaming of Mount Etna is available here

GSM = influx of Cosmic Rays = Volcanic Uptick

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