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Mound of Snow Discovered in Northern Michigan — in Late July!

Don’t tell Al Gore, because not only is the Arctic not melting, but ice is actually lingering in the Upper Peninsula in mid-summer.

Buried underneath eight inches of sawdust, Michigan’s winter of 2018/19 was just about holding on.

The incredible discovery appeared in a Facebook video posted on July 24 — Keweenaw resident Mark Mezydlo narrates the find, with his girlfriend Sandra Turnquist behind the camera:

“What is this?

Holy cow.

It’s the last plow mound of Keweenaw.

This has got to be a record,” exclaimed Mezydlo, in the endearing am-dram reenactment.

And, with the NWS in Marquette, MI reportedly onto it, this accumulation may well turn out be a record.

Mezydlo recalls the brutal winter of 2014 which left floating icebergs into June, but in his almost-two-decades of living in Keewenaw, he had never seen snow so late into the year.

“I was looking for kindling and when I was standing on it, I bent down and thought ‘why is this so solid?” Mezydlo said in an interview. “I brushed away like eight inches of shavings and there it was.”

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