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Moose Jaw Hits the Floor As 122-Year-Old Temperature Record Broken

Temperatures plunged to levels never before recorded on Sept 5 across large areas of Saskatchewan yesterday.

A 122-year-old low temperature record in Moose Jaw of -2.2C was broken when the mercury dipped to -2.8C Wednesday morning.

According to Environment Canada, the following places also woke up to record-breaking temps:

Saskatoon at -1.3C broke the 1903 record of -1.1C

Indian Head at -3.3C also broke its 1903 record of -1.7C

Coronach at -2.6C broke 1965 record of -2.2C

Elbow at -1.3C broke record of -1.1C set in 1965

Lucky Lake at -0.9C smashed a 1972 record of +1.1C

And Rockglen at +2.6C broke a record of +3.3C set back in 1975

The reason for the record-breaking conditions was the combination of a high pressure system, clear skies, northerly winds and, of course, the Grand Solar Minimum.

Every date on that list correlates with a solar minimum — just saying…


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