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Montana: Choteau, Grass Range and Havre Break Daily Snowfall Records — No End in Sight to May’s Polar Front

Sunday’s snowfall in Montana toppled records in Choteau, Grass Range and Havre.

Choteau and Grass Range each received two inches of powder on May 5, while Havre officially picked up 2.5 inches of new accumulation with some local measurements coming in at 2.75 inches:

Montana’s cold and snowy start to May is forecast to extend into the weekend (at least) as areas of low pressure from the Pacific continue to bump-heads with glacial air from the Arctic:


The snowpack is building.

Our star is continuing its (relative) shutdown — solar cycle 24 was the weakest cycle in over 100 years.

Once the effects of this current El Nino fade, expect global temperatures to drop significantly.

Stay tuned for updates.

Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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