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Monster Hail Hammers Aussie Wheatbelt — Kills Cows in SA — Blankets Desert in Saudi Arabia

Farmers are counting the cost of hail storms, heavy rain and strong winds that tore through the central Aussie Wheatbelt Monday afternoon.

More than 40mm of rain was dumped in places, while crops were pelted with 3cm hailstones and lightning strikes caused spot fires.

WAFarmers president Tony York said of his family’s 1300ha wheat crop, about 300ha was destroyed.

“It’s very disappointing. Although we are protected financially through insurance, we are not getting the reward of delivering what could have been a very promising crop after watching it grow all year.”

Crop destroying hail in Aussie Wheatbelt

York said neighbours had reported even worse destruction.

At Bolgart, Trevor Syme returned from fighting fires caused by lightning on a neighbouring property to find more 1000ha of his crop had been hit by hail, 60% of which is expected to have been destroyed.

In addition, Syme has had 500ha of his canola and lupins crop wiped out.

“We need to wait for the crop to dry out and the insurance assessor to come to determine whether we’ll put the header through the wheat,” he said.

Mr Syme added that he had hail damage in the past but nowhere near this extensive.

At Southern Cross, farmer Gary Guerini said hailstones pelted a strip 5km to 10km long and 3km wide, but that others in the district had far more severe damage.

“At this stage everyone is still driving around trying to work out just how bad the damage has been,” Guerini said.


Monster Hail Kills at least 18 Cows in SA

Meanwhile, a biblical hailstorm in South Africa on Tues, Dec 4, is thought to be responsible for the deaths of at least 18 cows.

Mhlambanyatsi, Lundzi, Siphocosini and Mbabane were the districts worst affected.

Swaziland, South Africa: 18 cows killed by hail
Swaziland, South Africa: monster hail stones


Rivers of Hail Rampage through Saudi Streets

And heavy rain and hail hit Saudi Arabia’s northern province of al-Jawf, December 4.

Teaching was suspended in some schools due to the extreme weather in the city of Sakakah.

Rivers of hail rampaged down streets:

The severe hailstorm also blanketed the deserts:


GSM = Atmospheric Compression Events

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