Extreme Weather 

Monsoon Rains Displace Tens Of Thousands In Myanmar

Floodwaters have displaced tens of thousands of people in southeast Myanmar, authorities and volunteers scramble to provide food and aid to the victims.

Heavy monsoon rains have pounded Karen state, Mon state and Bago region in recent days and show no sign of abating, raising fears that the worst might be yet to come.

The summer monsoon has brought record-breaking rain across most of Southeast Asia, the Philippines and Japan.

According to the Myanmar Times, residents of the state capital Hpa-an say that while each year there is flooding, this time things are much worse.

More than 10,000 residents from Hpa-an alone had to leave their homes.

Vast swathes of land are submerged while temporary camps have been set up around the city.

Starvation and waterborne diseases are now major concerns.

The extreme flooding comes just days after a burst dam in Laos flooded several villages resulting in hundreds missing, feared dead.

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