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Monroe, WA breaks its all-Time September Low Temperature Record TWICE in two days

Even before the forecast Arctic blast brings plunging temps and early season snow to the Northwest this weekend, towns and cities in the region have already been busy busting all-time cold records, much to the MSM’s chagrin. We’ve reported on a few of late, now here’s another:

According to official NOAA data, a new Lowest Minimum Temperature for the month of September was set at Monroe, WA on Tues, Sept 17. The mercury dipped to -1.7C (29F) which busted the previous record low of -1.1C (30F) set back in 1970.

Furthermore, that previous record low was broken for a second time just a day later, when the temperature again hit the -1.7C (29F) mark on Wed, Sept 18.

Those two readings of -1.7C are now in the books as the coldest September temperatures ever recorded in the city of Monroe, WA since it began keeping official records back in 1929.

In addition, a new daily Minimum Low Temperature record was set at Monroe on Fri, Sept 20 in 90 years of data. Last week’s -1.1C (30F) comfortably toppled the old record of 1.7C (35F) set back in 1983 (and would of tied the previous monthly record low from 1970, too).

The cold times are returning, in line with historically low solar activity:

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