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Minor-to-Moderate Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) Inbound: Impact on April 25

The Sun is stirring as we continue the climb toward Solar Maximum of Cycle 25. Over the past 24-hours, multiple C-flares have escaped its surface:


Earth-facing sunspot AR2816 exploded into life on April 22, producing a C3.8-class solar flare.

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a dramatic shock wave rippling away from the blast site:

This is a “solar tsunami.” It is a wave of hot plasma and magnetism, about 100,000 km tall, racing outward at approximately 250 km/s (560,000 mph). Such waves are usually associated with the launch of coronal mass ejections (CMEs)–and indeed, one has been observed.

Coronagraphs onboard the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) detected a CME billowing away from the sun hours after the flare — it is faint, but definitely Earth-directed:

NOAA forecasters say that G2-class geomagnetic storms are possible on April 25 as the CME hits Earth’s magnetic field.

This is visualized in the ISWA model below:

“If the geomagnetic storm occurs as predicted, auroras could dip into northern-tier US states from Maine to Washington,” writes Dr Tony Phillips over at

Additionally, given the weakened state of our ever-waning magnetosphere (due to the ever-intensifying pole shift/magnetic excursion), even a minor-to-moderate impact –such as is forecast here– could produce some noticeable perturbations to communications, satellites and even the electrical grid on the ground.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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5 Thoughts to “Minor-to-Moderate Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) Inbound: Impact on April 25”

  1. JaKo

    Oh my goodness, another one!
    Scientific Facts:
    All magnetic metals refined by humans since the Iron Age and non-magnetic structures such as sheet, mesh and wire produced since the Bronze Age contribute to systemic weakening of the magnetic field protection of all life on Earth.
    We shall immediately stop refining all metals and expedite destruction of all major metal structures (e.g. railway-tracks, metal buildings, bridges and even corrugated roofs and all metal vehicles) to alleviate the human induced weakening of Earth magnetic field.
    Breaking News:
    To reduce the impact of this AMFD (Anthropogenic Magnetic Field Depletion) Canada pledges 89% reduction of this evil metal use by Saturday , while the White House promised 95% reduction by Midnight Friday!
    We have only N days to follow the science and act accordingly!
    Scientific Note:
    Dr Mann pledges he will never use metal shaft hockey-stick again!
    Activist Response:
    16-year-old Geert Strudelbach threw away all nickels, when he learned they’re magnetic and he is now rebuilding his BMX bike with bamboo, reeds and twine.

    1. accordionsrule

      JaKo haha
      Oh noo! CAGD! (catastrophic anthropogenic global demagnetism). The science is settled, the doomsday clock is ticking. We’d better grind up all our cars and spray them into the upper atmosphere, it’s our only hope.

    2. Matt

      Do you have any sources for these claims?

      1. JaKo

        OK Matt,
        Here is the first link:
        I will fill you in with the rest as soon as IPMFD (Intergovernmental Panel on Magnetic Field Depletion) approves them.

    3. TW

      I like it, JaKo. Very good – you could write for the man-made CO2 global warming lot!

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