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Minnesota’s Latest ‘Ice-Outs’ On Record; Intense Cold To Blast Southern Africa; + Fierce Freeze Grips South America

Minnesota’s Latest ‘Ice-Outs’ On Record

Minnesota’s ‘year with out a spring’ has resulted in some of the latest ice-out dates on record (ice-out: the disappearance of ice from the surface of a body of water, such as a lake, as a result of thawing).

According to Minnesota DNR, and as reported by, ice-out on many northern MN lakes has neared/broken records.

White Iron lake, for example, is reporting an ice-out date of May 10 — the latest in record books dating to 2003; while at Sawbill Lake, ice-out was reported as May 14 — just a day shy of the latest ice-out date in books extending back to 1990.

Much of Minnesota received over 100 inches of snowfall during the winter just gone. Heavy snow was still coming down well into April, too, which busted many long-standing records. That deep snowpack and frigid weather patterns helped keep the region historically cold ALL spring, which, in turn, helped keep lake ice in place far longer than usual.

Intense Cold To Blast Southern Africa

South Africa is on course for a “shocking” temperature drop this week.

An intense punch of Antarctic cold is quickening the autumnal transition: it’s summer to winter in 24-hours this Thursday/Friday.

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) May 19 – May 22 [].

Could South Africa be setting up for a repeat of the historically cold and snowy winter of 2021, when a myriad of all-time benchmarks were toppled?

Fierce Freeze Grips South America

The approaching polar chill I highlighted yesterday has now arrived: South America is shivering.

Antarctic air has begun invading the mid-latitudes and is forecast to advance north towards the tropics over the coming days. delivering record-threatening cold even to low elevations, particularly in northern Argentina, Paraguay and southern Brazil.

I don’t mean to sound like a broken record here, but crop loss…crop loss…crop loss…

This is crucial time of the growing season across South America. For a successful harvest, a lot hinges on the weather in April through July. However, and as occurred last year, deep, early-season freezes are looking set to throw a spanner in the works.

According to local analysts, Brazil’s center-south areas, including the states of Parana and Minas Gerais, will likely be hit by frosts in coming days, raising concern about corn, coffee and sugarcane crops. Freezes are also expected in the key coffee growing regions of Alta Paulista and Mogiana, in Sao Paulo state, where there are also sugarcane crops. These areas were among those strongly hit by frosts last year, a scenario that drove coffee prices to 11-year highs.

During the past two decades, Brazilian farmers have gotten used to “double-cropping” soybeans and corn. This is the main reason Brazil has risen to become the main competitor to U.S. exports for both crops — double-cropping has allowed the country to efficiently use its unique climate to increase annual yields.

However, the window is tight.

And, as you’d expect, the Grand Solar Minimum appears to be closing that window.

Like most tropical locales, Brazil has a distinct wet and dry season. Over the past few decades, the wet season has lasted roughly September to May, allowing a good soybean crop in the spring and summer, followed by a good front-half to the corn season before turning drier. If the season does not go as planned for any reason, catastrophe can easily strike; and cold is the threat this season, and was the reality last year as record-breaking chills routinely buffeted the South American continent.

Data just in reveals that April 2022 was a colder-than-average across Argentina, overall.

Anomalies dipped as low as -2C below the multidecadal average in the Tierra del Fuego:


April was unusually cold in nearby Uruguay, too.

Averages ranged from -0.5C below the 1981-2010 norm in the Montevideo area, down to -1.5C below in the NW and NE:


And now, the month of May is also proving anomalously-cold across much of the continent.

Lows of -12C (10.4F) were registered in Maquinchao, Argentina yesterday, May 16 (see tweet above); but looking ahead, there’s much more where that came from as the month progresses:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) May 16 – May 22 [].

Heed the warnings handed down by the elites: prepare for spiraling food prices, and shortages.

Shortfalls in South America would be manageable if they were an anomaly, but with the missing yields in the Ukraine, Russia, the U.S., Kazakhstan, and elsewhere–name your nation, this is a cause for great concern, and TPTB are sounding the alarm.

Most recently, Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey said surging food prices/shortages could have “apocalyptic” consequences for the poorest people in society and the global economy.

This after Rockefellers, the World Bank, the IMF and the WEF all recently broadcast similar warnings:

Also, China is buying everything up at the minute. Reports suggest the regime has stockpiled a whopping 62% of the world’s grain. Why? What do they know? What are they preparing for? War? A Grand Solar Minimum? Both? Neither? Speculation is speculation — only China knows for sure. Bottom line, however: GROW YOUR OWN to mitigate the risk.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre). Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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  1. DIrk Pitt

    WW3 will cause the ice age you cannot mitigate with growing you’re own. They are leading us into WW3 and WE CAN’T ALLOW THEM TO DO THAT!! I’LL SHUT UP AND GO AWAY BEFORE YOU CRASH MY PUTE BUT I HAVE TO SAY TO THE WORLD RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW- STOP THIS WAR!!! NO WW3!!! NO WAR !!!

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      Bangor subbase is across the canal from me, there’s Boomers out front on standby to launch. Keyport subbase is across the way, Bremerton Navy Base just over there, Indian Island munitions station over there, Everett Navy base over there, Whidbey Navy air station over there, Ft Lewis Army- Mccord Air Force right over there Boeing plants all around, all on standby ready to launch.
      Growing a little garden won’t thwart the mele which is about to ensue and I get vaporized ‘ere in Boomerviille. Can you say extinction event? GSM is my LEAST WORRY RIGHT NOW as we’re due for X flares and WW3. Take to the streets and say NO MORE WAR!

      1. LocoLogos

        I’d be a bit spooked too if I lived at the original definition of “ground zero”… on the upside though it should [hopefully] be fairly quick and painless. You can likely all bring your cars too, no worries. It always seems like what you worry the most about happening, never does and the stuff you didn’t even think of [like the mousse] usually does. Cheers.
        Monty Python-The Meaning of Life-Death

    2. Cap Allon

      Suggestions — how do we “stop this war”?

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    What an asshole!

    Wars happen for a reason!
    It’s the REASON you have to fix.

    Like Joe Slow Blow Up America, and his libtard army…

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      I can see why your mother gave you that name… a good guess or maybe just serendipity.

  3. Martin Siebert

    April 2022 was the 5th coldest April in 143 years of record, with 0.85°C above the 20th century average (13.7°C).

    👉🏻Tied with Apr 2010
    👉🏻The 10 coldest months of April will occur between 2014 and 2022.
    👉🏻 The period Jan-Apr 2022 was the 5th coldest on record.
    -And it will get colder when winter comes.
    Today it has snowed a little and it will snow this night again in the high mountains (SC State).
    The snow arrived 1 month earlier than
    standard = 2 months less harvest.
    It’s the hottest year on Earth! Lol

  4. Mystic’s Mystic

    Summer Massacre

    The government’s subliminal massage in the mass shooting in Buffalo. Bring guns when you go to the grocery store. When the food shortages hit and the shelves look like the missing baby formula shelves, let the peasant massacre begin. It’s by design. Create a food shortage then send the message to bring guns when you shop. All part of the plan? We could’ve been in an intense effort to move farming to the south but the government elected to build toys like wind generation & solar panels with flaws like the batteries
    never happened and they never built some form of flash generation to fill that gap.
    Guess there is more kickbacks in toys.

  5. Melo Gardener

    HEED THE WARNING HANDED DOWN BY THE ELITE WHORES… WHORES TELLING US OR ARE YOU SAYING HEED THE WARNING HANDED DOWN BY CLOTSHOT KILLER ELITES WANTING US ALL DEAD. They spray the skies with evil poisons determined to freeze us all out of existence. Filthy globalist whores of Babylon determined to kill us all and bring on their filthy war against Russia and normal humanity! America of the globalist will is being destroyed for the elitist greed and hatred and when we see the rich rulers of the earth in hell we shall turn from their screams and Praisek the God of Heaven for stopping their monstrous hell bent slaughter and help the Lord and King Jesus replant the earth the elitist tried to destroy!
    Minnesota’s Latest ‘Ice-Outs’ On Record; Intense Cold To Blast Southern Africa; + Fierce Freeze Grips South America
    Heed the warnings handed down by the elites: prepare for spiraling food prices, and shortages.

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