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Multiple Minnesota Cities Bust All-Time Low Temperature Records + Grand Solar Minimum Planting Concerns

MINNESOTA — The cities of International Falls and Hibbing set new daily low temperature records Sunday morning as anomalously cold air continues to grip vast swathes of the CONUS.

The mercury at International Falls tumbled to -1.7C (29F) at 5:55AM Sunday morning, June 02 — nippy enough to break the previous all-time low of -1.1C (30F) from 2013, in records dating back well-over 100 years.

The story was similar in Hibbing, too, located some 100 miles to the south in Saint Louis County. There the temperature plunged to an even colder -2.2C (28F) which smashed the previous record low of -0.56C (31F) set back in 1986 (solar minimum of cycle 21).

Forecasts are calling for a very cold Sunday night into Monday morning for north-central and northeastern Minnesota, with lows in the 20s expected for some spots — further records could fall.

A freeze warning is in place for Lake and Cook counties of northeastern Minnesota overnight Sunday. While a frost advisory covers much of St. Louis county, plus north-central Minnesota.

Stay tuned for updates.

Grand Solar Minimum Planting Concerns

The sun is shutting down (relatively).

This allows more Cosmic Rays to enter our atmosphere.

Cosmic Rays have been proven to nucleate clouds (Svensmark et al).

And the upshot of increased cloud cover is higher localised precipitation plus an overall cooling effect on the planet (see the link below for more).

The cold and historically wet spring of 2019 is wreaking havoc on US agriculture — the small percentage of crops that have been planted, simply aren’t emerging:

Grain futures are currently on the march as traders catch-on.

Still, even with this warning, I think 2019’s final harvest numbers will come as a shock to the global commodity markets, sending food prices up, and equities down.

And then we’re into 2020 — the year Professor Valentina Zharkova’s analysis suggests the real fun begins, as all four of the sun’s magnetic fields go out of phase.

It’s time to prepare.

Grow your own.

Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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