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Middle Point, Australia records it’s Coldest Ever Temperature — while Icicles form in Alice Springs

The Antarctic Blast currently gripping the Australian continent is continuing to take names, with latest GFS runs revealing there’s yet more anomalous cold to come in early July.

Hobart, the capital of Australia’s island state of Tasmania, registered it’s coldest morning since 2013 on June 24, and third coldest in the past 20 years.

Darwin Airport, which is used to overnight temperatures north of 20C (68F) this time of year, just experienced 12.7C (54.9F), the region’s lowest recorded temperature since 2011.

While Middle Point, west of Darwin and east of Humpty Doo (I just wanted to write Humpty Doo), has just suffered it’s coldest night on record, bottoming out at a nipple-hardening 4.8C (40.6F).

And it was so cold in Alice Springs, located in Australia’s Northern Territory, that icicles formed on tree branches, among other things:

The anomalous cold will stick around for a few more days, before making way for a slight warm-up.

But then the full force of winter returns in early July, according to latest GFS runs:


Global Average Temperatures are falling, as the sun enters it’s next Grand Solar Minimum cycle:

Historical documentation forewarns of the devastating impacts a dramatically cooling climate has on our food production systems — it leads to shortages, skyrocketing prices and eventual famines (research the Maunder Minimum).


Grow your own.

Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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One Thought to “Middle Point, Australia records it’s Coldest Ever Temperature — while Icicles form in Alice Springs”

  1. Robyn Sinclair

    Hi Electroverse team
    We live in Tasmania (the island State south of the Australian mainland) and it was -4C last night and -5C the two previous nights. We live in the upper Derwent valley (an hour or so inland, so we expect cooler nights) but haven’t experienced a string of cold overnights like this in the 7 years we’ve lived here!
    I have a weather App on my phone ‘Weatherzone’ and yesterday morning at 8:40am it said -4.7C but feels like -8.1C !!! I wouldn’t know as I’ve never felt -8C before !!! LOL
    Thanks for your website – it’s great. Cheers, Robyn

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