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Meteorologist Reveals his 2018 Winter Weather Outlook for North America

Meteorologist Mike Hoffman has revealed his 2018 Winter Weather Outlook, and he’s predicting a “cold and snowy” one for North America.

The process that has served Hoffman well over the years is to look at the overall ocean temperature patterns, and to come up with a handful of years that are close to what is going on right now.

The years that looked most similar to 2018 from the past were 1977/78 (solar minimum of weak cycle 20). Hoffman says that was a HUGE winter, with 172″ of snow recorded in South Bend alone!

Turning back to this year, a weak El Nino is currently building in the Pacific Ocean, but one that appears to be different from the norm in that it’s centred farther west.

Many El Ninos have the warmest water off the South American coast but this one is pushed much farther west — these types of El Ninos give the US a very different weather pattern.

We also have warmer than normal water in the northern Pacific, which tends to take weather patterns in Alaska farther north.

When this happens, the pattern then dips south across North America, bringing the Arctic Air with it.

Overall, Hoffman is forecasting temperatures to be about 3F colder than normal, meaning an average high of 31F and an average low of 17F.

He predicts total snow in South Bend to be 75″ — about 8.4″ more snow than normal.

Hoffman admits that these are potentially rather conservative estimates, and that only time will tell.

Another blizzard of ’78 on the cards?

Our sun is shutting down, welcome to the next Grand Solar Minimum.


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