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Met Office Warns of Severe Blizzards and Freezing Rain for Britain over next 24 Hours

Snow blizzards, freezing rain and sheet ice threaten to cause “serious problems” for Britons over the next 24 hours as wet and wild westerlies clash with cold arctic easterlies.

The Met Office has issued amber and yellow warnings from Saturday morning, adding that a large part of the nation faces “very dangerous travelling conditions”. 

Ice cold winds originating from Russia will impact with a wet and wild weather front sweeping in from the Atlantic from around midday on Saturday. 

More than 50cm (20 inches) of snow is expected to settle in the Scottish highlands. Heavy accumulating snow is also likely as far south as southern Wales and central England.

The Met Office has placed the majority of the country under amber and yellow warnings 

Ferocious 70mph winds are forecast to accompany the snow, which could lead to drifting. Power and other services, such as telephone and mobile phone coverage, are likely to be interrupted or cut. 

Temperatures are expected to drop to bone-chilling -8C (18F) on Saturday night. 

The cold times are here.


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