Volcanic & Seismic Activity 

Mayotte’s Seismo-Volcanic Crises the result of a Newly Forming Underwater Volcano

The mysterious earthquake swarms observed in Mayotte for the past year finally have an explanation — the birth of a new submarine volcano.

The volcano was discovered some 50 km (31 miles) east of the Petite-Terre island at a depth of 3,500 m (11,482 feet) according to a statement from BGRM, the France-based geological agency.

Its current height is estimated at 800 m (2,624 feet), with the base thought to be between 4 and 5 km (2.5 – 3.1 miles) in diameter.

The volcano is “recent” and could have been formed “in the summer or last autumn,” said Nathalie Feuillet, a physicist working with the geological agency.

The discovery explains the mysterious sulfur smell and fisherman reports of large numbers of dead fish to the ESE of the island.

The BRGM insists that the government and the scientific community is fully mobilized to continue analyzing this exceptional geological phenomenon, adding that their next order of business is to evaluate seismic, volcanic and tsunami risks and put appropriate anticipation measures in place.


Seismic and Volcanic activity has been correlated to changes in our sun.

The recent global uptick in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions is likely attributed to the drop-off in solar activity, coronal holes, a waning magnetosphere, and the increase in Galactic Cosmic Rays penetrating silica-rich magma.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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