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March Snowstorm Sweeps Greece; “Polar Vortex” To Bring Record Low Temps And “Monster” Nor’Easter To U.S.; + Russian Soldiers Expected To Die In -20C (-4F) Cold As Their Tanks Turn Into “Iron-Clad Freezers”

March Snowstorm Sweeps Greece

Unseasonable lows are sweeping much of Greece this week, as the arrival of storm Filippos drops rare and heavy snow over much of southeastern Europe–even over the region’s lower elevations–even over Athens (20m/65ft):

According to the National Observatory of Athens, the freeze is caused by an influx of frigid air from N Europe riding which is riding unusually far south on the back of a weak and wavy jet stream flow. The snow arrived in SE Europe Monday, with nations such as Macedonia, Kosovo and Bulgaria shutting schools as the mercury plunged below zero. The wintry conditions continued south, expanding into Thessaly, central Greece, and also into the mountains of Crete by Wednesday.

On the Greek mountain Pilio, as well as in the nearby city of Volos, drivers have been advised to use snow chains. While in Attica, police have barred trucks from using Greece’s main Athens-Lamia highway due to heavy snow,

Given that the calendar is approaching mid-March, snow, particularly heavy snow, is an incredibly rare phenomenon in this part of the world — and it has many locals completely confuzzled:

“Polar Vortex” To Bring Record Low Temps And “Monster” Nor’Easter To U.S.

Spring is also refusing to spring in Canada and across much of the United States, too. Major winter storm Quinlan is descending south into the CONUS, set to reach the Gulf Coast, Florida, and the East Coast Friday. Heavy snow is forecast to begin across the South before the system becomes the next big Nor’Easter on Saturday.

This winter storm will be extreme for mid-March, and so threatens hundreds of low temperature records from Canada into the Great Plains, and from Florida up to New England. Temperatures in Minnesota, for example, are forecast to hold nearly 40F below normal. While eastern Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and northern Arkansas can all expect lows some 25-35F below the average. Central Texas will suffer around 25F colder than normal, with the Gulf Coast experiencing 20F below average.

Preceding the worst of the record-breaking cold, however –and proving the highest concern for authorities– is the rapidly developing low. The system emerged over the Rockies Thursday, where it began blanketing the central and southern Plains with late-season snow — by the time Friday is done, inches+ are forecast to have hit northern Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and also northern parts of Mississippi and Alabama.

The storm is then set to deepen as it traverses the Southeast, and will rapidly intensify as it turns towards the Northeast on Saturday. The system is expected to become the next bomb cyclone as it nears the East Coast, where a major snowstorm is likely to develop as the front collides with fiercely frigid Arctic air. Severe winds, deep snow and blizzard conditions will likely impact millions across the Northeast over the weekend, reaching New England late Saturday. This is a violent Nor’Easter. Don’t take it lightly. Even the MSM is labeling this “explosive” and “a monster” of a snowstorm.

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) March 10 – March 15 [].

As touched on above, a significant cold blast will follow the storm, putting the central and northern U.S. into a deep freeze while delivering near-freezing temps along the Gulf Coast of Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, before the system ejects farther east.

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) March 9 – March 13 [].

And looking further ahead –and admittedly into the unreliable time frame– the models are also seeing yet another Arctic outbreak as the calendar nears April. The GFS has been gaining confidence over the [ast few days, and is now doubling-down on a mass of polar cold descending deep into the CONUS March 23 – 25 (one to keep an eye on, at least):

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) March 23 – March 25 [].
GFS Total Snowfall (inches) March 15 – March 25 [].

This week’s extreme freeze can likely be tied to events high above the Arctic where a mass of cold air usually locked in place by the stratospheric polar vortex has broken free. This vortex had held strong throughout the entire winter season, but now, and as reported at the end of Feb, it is finally losing strength. The vortex’s impact on lower atmospheric/latitude weather has been cast into doubt recently –a contention supported by the U.S. experiencing a string of Arctic outbreaks this season despite the vortex holding strong– yet it is still widely accepted that there is a connection.

Russian Soldiers Expected To Die In -20C (-4F) Cold As Their Tanks Turn Into “Iron-Clad Freezers”

The war in Ukraine is a geopolitical affair. It is the inevitable –and gamed out– upshot of years of U.S. vs Russian corporate and political maneuvering within the country. ‘Putin bad man’ is an oversimplification that the Western corporate media is successfully selling to an ever benumbed public–a public merrily lapping it all up with the gusto of horse at a Yew tree, thanks, in no small part, to a factory-modeled schooling system bent on producing compliant drones rather than free-thinking spirits. The suffering of civilians and soldiers alike is disgusting and needless, and once again, humans are considered cannon fodder in a larger politicized game, the largest ever played: The Great Reset.

Russian troops within that infamous 40-mile convoy just outside Kyiv are facing lows of -20C (-4F), and beyond, as polar cold grips much of the European continent, particularly Central, Southern and Eastern regions.

Sub zero lows are expected to see troops freeze to death in their tanks, so says one former UK army chief. The vehicles will become “40-ton freezers” for those still inside, which will destroy morale, claims former British Army Major Kevin Price. And a number of MSM outlets have run with Price’s claims, reporting that tanks will be “icy tombs for the Russian soldiers in the coming days” as record low temperatures grip the region (AGW fears on hold then? Also, no chance of the soldiers contracting and dying of COVID in the tanks? The narrative has moved on, clearly). Whereas Glen Grant, senior defense expert at the Baltic Security Foundation, expects the Russians to surrender so as to avoid freezing to death, telling Newsweek, “They are not stupid.”

The 40-mile convoy has been stuck on roads located around 30 miles from Ukraine’s capital for almost a week amid claims of mechanical issues and empty fuel tanks. However, such reports should be read with a healthy skepticism as they are written by the very same corporate Western media outlets whose backers are directly involved in fighting for ownership of the Ukraine.

Case in point, we’re expected to believe British military sources when they say “Vladimir Putin’s Moscow fighters are not equipped for cold war fighting.” Where is it they’ve been training to fight then…? The Caribbean…? Everyone’s an idiot.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activity, cloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre). Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be and grow your own.

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Also, is it true the U.S. government has approved the release of Bill Gates’ GMO mosquitoes in Florida? If so, then that’s it — we’ve lost ALL control.

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37 Thoughts to “March Snowstorm Sweeps Greece; “Polar Vortex” To Bring Record Low Temps And “Monster” Nor’Easter To U.S.; + Russian Soldiers Expected To Die In -20C (-4F) Cold As Their Tanks Turn Into “Iron-Clad Freezers””

  1. Wizard

    No word on the humidity of those -20C areas? If it’s as dry as average american’s gas tank nowadays, then no sweat. People oft lose sight of the fact that a European winter condition of 70% humidity and -20C is lengths and bounds worse than a 5% humid -50C

  2. Bill Hankin

    Cap if you wan to be credible on issues that matter, stay away from the issues you know little about -such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    Now what exactly did Grant say about the 49 mile long column of Russian trucks & tanks etc ?

    Well here ya go :
    “Russian troops heading to Kyiv in a 40-mile convoy could freeze to death, experts claim.

    According to reports, the temperature in Kyiv and other parts of Ukraine has already dropped to minus 10 degrees Celsius

    With temperatures expected to drop in Ukraine in the following days, Russian soldiers could suffer and die in the 40-mile tank convoy. Glen Grant, a senior defense expert at the Baltic Security Foundation, told Newsweek that the tanks will turn into giant refrigerators for the Russian army IF THEY DON’T KEEP THE ENGINE RUNNING.
    He said: “The guys will not wait, they will get out, go into the forest and surrender, so as not to freeze to death.” Concerns have already been expressed on the Ukrainian side, since the convoy was on its way to Kyiv, but according to the satellite image it was movement has slowed. According to The Independent, it is now 19 miles from the city center.

    Grant added: “The essence of the battlegroup concept is that supplies should be an integral part of the battlegroup. In other words, if you take a wheeled battle group and it has its own fuel, it can go a long way before being resupplied. ……….

    BUT “You can’t just sit and wait because when you’re in the vehicle you’re waiting to be killed. They’re not dumb. If you’ve got all your trucks behind you and the road is blocked that’s all, there’s no way you can take them to the front. It was relatively cold there anyway, so they kept the vehicles running to keep warm,”……

    Now that is a very different take on the situation isn’t.

    The Russians are suiting in their tanks & trucks with the engines running to stay warm because outside it’s freezing. But the roads are narrow and poorly made. So the refuelling tanker trucks can’t get to the tanks further up the column.

    Now that means the tans WILL rub out of fuel. And their crews will freeze sitting in them. So yes they will indeed abandon their tanks and other vehicles…As they are also sitting ducks for Ukrainian attacks…..

    I think Cap you should get back out in the garden mate. It might be cold there in Portugal but ya should be getting some beds ready for spring sowing and planting….

    PS I know ya will not allow this to be actually shown here. You will suppress it. And for that ya will will lose respect.. And it damages your own integrity.


    1. Linda

      My money is on Cap’s assessment of the situation, the Russians know how to deal with cold.

    2. William

      Road is not blocked as they are parked up on one side of the road, and Army trucks can go off road if needed. There is woodland nearby for fuel, so they don’t need to stay in the trucks. Ukrainians and Russians are far more resourceful than your average Brit or American in these conditions and have experience of living in -20c, plus they train in these conditions. The idea that the Russian army cannot cope with -20c is just pure speculation by Grant. Canadian Truckers and their supporters had to contend with -25c + wind chill at night and in the mornings.

    3. Doktor seltsame Liebe

      I think somebody might have flicked the switch on “you wan to be credible” Bill.
      AT A FLICK OF A (5G) SWITCH HUMAN BEHAVIOUR CAN BE ALTERED BY INJECTED GRAPHENE!!! [now over 6410 graphene related vids on BitChute]

      The wreck of Endurance, Ernest Shackleton’s ship, is found in the Antarctic [and it’s almost as good as new]
      Explorers and researchers have located Endurance, Ernest Shackleton’s ship that sank in the Antarctic in 1915.

    4. Michael Peinsipp

      Son you said the exact same thing as Cap.
      Go REREAD what he said and than what you said…they are identical.

      1. Deb

        Gee, I thought it was just me, lol.

    5. bearman

      You are just spewing talking points of the old neo-cons that are despertly afraid of loosing their cash cow in Ukraine. The US bio-labs will also be exposed by the Russian army. Russia has been planing this war for a long time and are exacuting just like they did in Syra. They are slowly surrounding the military and keeping the bureaucracy of the country running because they do not want chaos. They Don’t do regime change like the Americans, killing everyone and blowing up all the buildings. No, Russia wants to keep the county running and just get rid of all the war lords and Western installed mobsters. When they have cleared out all the elements that they consider ant- Russian they will install pro Russian or at least neutral leaders and leave the country. Putin has spelled out this very clearly for mounths. The West is to stupid to understand that not everyone just wants to bomb a nation into the stone age and them leave it in ruins. A thinking leader has goals that they slowly and patiently work through them and don’t care that the “experts” are out to lunch about what is really going on.

  3. Anonino

    “Everyone’s an idiot.”

    Well put!

  4. RonnieB

    ‘Even the MSM is labeling this “explosive” and “a monster” of a snowstorm.’

    EVERY event of any type, is ALWAYS the absolute worst ever seen in 4 billion years. I used to believe half of what I saw and little of what was reported. Now, I don’t believe the Fake Media about anything, video or reports.

    1. Martin Siebert

      It’s very likely that now they blame Putin for global warming.
      Cold… plagues and wars… and the cycle repeats.
      Yeap…Snow is a thing of the past…lol

  5. Mystic’s Mystic

    There seems to be the stench of an unholy alliance between the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. That would be Russia, Europe, the USA, and China. If the GSM actually lasts three or more decades and solar activity flatlines like it has been forecasted to do. You can’t expect these super military forces to stay put. Ukraine my be an important stepping stone to a much larger ambition. President Zelenskyy needs to understand the resolve of the Russians. This war is about moving further south.

    1. Deb

      Yes, and so much more.

  6. Thanks for the thoughts and insight!

  7. Robert Cannon

    One thing about diesel engines is they don’t start in such cold weather. You need heaters. And if they were kept running, and ran out of fuel, it requires priming the fuel system to get the air out. This is not something the operator can do. So they are probably stuck for weeks. Not to mention staying warm and fed.

    1. Deb

      Think of the irony if Russia’s invasion fails because of Old Man Winter!

      For Pete’s sake, that’s what defeated both Napoleon and Hitler when they tried to invade Russia.

      So Putin couldn’t figure out it was advisable to wait another month? What is wrong with this picture?

      This whole thing, like everything else lately, stinks to high heaven.

      If every single person in the world carried their TV sets to the trash dumps, I’ll bet all the BS would come to a screeching halt.

      Not going to happen. But wouldn’t it be neat if TV-free communities started sptinging up?

      I can dream.

      1. Deb


        Cap, why can’t we edit?

      2. Wizard

        If you take a closer look, you’ll see that tv-free communities aren’t just a pipe dream. Guess it depends on where in the world you live

        1. Deb

          When I search, all I get is “free tv” and certain programs “banned”. It’s as if they cannot conceive of whole communities with no tv sets.

          Wanna give me a hint? (We’re not talking Amish here, are we?)

          1. Deb

            I was talking about communities in technologically advanced countries, not the Amazonian rainforest, etc.

    2. Voland

      I have lived in the north for 35 years. – 20 degrees for a diesel engine in Russia is normal. In – 30 degrees in logging simply does not turn off the engines. Or pour boiling water into the radiator and heat the crankcase with a soldering lamp. This is a common thing for Russia!

  8. DIrk Pitt

    24F last night here NW US at sea level average 38F, last year same date 25F. Record for date 21F 2019. State snowpack is a bit below normal but there is lots of snow in the forecast which would put snowpack above average. Last year snowpack was record and 170% above average until June when they lit everything on fire with HAARP and it all melted in two days.
    The forecast here is for below temps the rest of the month and all next month.

    Cones looking GREAT today:

    I’m going to make clam chowder, clam fritters, and corn bread today. Low tide this afternoon, I might go get some oysters, because why not?

    1. Michael Peinsipp

      While you do that I’ll eat Bambi fried in butter with tater soup as my dinner!

    2. Deb

      Because you’re probably going to eat them live, which is cruelty to animals?

      1. DIrk Pitt

        No, they dove into the clam chowder. They’re rich in zinc, better than the jab.

        1. Deb

          The oysters, lol, which you well know!

          Btw, why aren’t you all over Ernest Shackleton’s ship? Clive would be disappointed in you.

  9. Deb

    The oysters, lol, which you well know!

    Btw, why aren’t you all over Ernest Shackleton’s ship? Clive would be disappointed in you.

  10. Shane

    Gives new meaning to Cold War.

    1. Cap Allon

      That would be Jupiter.

  11. EM

    I would be shocked if Russian soldiers freeze – THEY ARE FROM RUSSIA!! We know how to deal with cold, our equipment is built for cold and our fuel is adjusted for freezing temperatures. The western msm is going beyond fake. It is a sad joke

  12. Dmitry

    Whole Russian army is able to fight in cold climate.
    The most common temperature in siberia at winter is -20…-40 Celsius.

  13. Dmitry

    It is warmer in Ukraine than in Russia

  14. Bruce Parr

    I think the frozen ground will allow the Russians more mobility off road. The Russians know the terraign better than the Brits.

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