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Major US Spring Blizzard turns Deadly — Farmer Headaches, Flooding Fears + Rare Thundersnow

The record-breaking spring snowstorm continues to wreak havoc across the northern Plains and upper Midwest of the United States. One person was killed in Colorado when their car slammed into a snowplow, and a state of emergency has been declared in Minnesota.

Reports are in of snow drifts reaching as high as six feet with residents only now just starting to dig out.

Many major roads aren’t yet safe to travel and thousands are still without power across the region.

However the blizzards are impacting far more than just traffic with farmers in cattle country scrambling to keep their livestock alive.

“When you get 12 inches or more on the ground, it’s just tough … to work … make sure they’re alright,” one cattle farmer told CBS News.

Farmers have had to stay up all night in shifts checking on their cattle, especially the baby calves.

Many are also worried about potential flooding once the thaw sets in. Last month’s severe floods wiped out entire farms in other parts of the region.

The storm is expected to finally weaken late Friday.


The major storm battering much of the US also produced a relatively rare weather phenomenon over central South Dakota — thundersnow.

“It’s essentially a thunderstorm, but it’s cold enough for snow,” said Mike Connely, a weather service meteorologist in Aberdeen, South Dakota:

Welcome to the next Grand Solar Minimum.

As Solar Activity snowballs its multidecadal decline, into what is the deepest solar minimum for over 100 years (cycle 24), global average temperatures are sliding with it, and fast.


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