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Major Crop Damage Reported as Severe Frosts Ravage Argentina

Severe and long-lasting frosts have torn-through Argentina’s fruit and vegetable crops which at this time of the year are still in their early fragile stages and just beginning their flowering season.

Almonds, peaches, and plums were the crops worst hit, with the popular growing regions of Cipolletti, Cinco Saltos and Ingeniero Huergo recording lows of -6C (21.2F), -9C (15.8F), and -8C (17.6F), respectively.

Farmers across the country were forced to light frost fires in an attempt to protect their stone-fruits from the cold.

“We’ll know the actual damage in the next few days,” explained Martin Cavagnaro from the Directorate of Agriculture and Climate Contingencies (DACC). “There’s probably some damage that we’ll be unable to see until it manifests on the plant, such as tissue death or necrosis.” 

Albert Diomedi, the provincial Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries, said that a ‘severe weather warning’ was given five days prior to the frosts, giving farmers plenty of time to prepare.

And in addition, the government delivered water through supply canals as a way to combat the frosts.

Looking ahead, Argentina will face further frost this week, with temps set to tumble some 16C below-average for large swathes of the country, according to latest GFS runs:


The cold times are returning, in line with historically low solar activity.


Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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