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Latest Greenland Ice Sheet Totals Spiking Above 1981-2010 Mean, again

Greenland ice continues to grow with vast areas to the west seeing RECORD LEVELS for this time of year.

Check out the latest measurements, July 14th 2018:


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Left: Map of the surface mass balance today (in mm water equivalent per day). Right: The average surface mass balance for today’s calendar date over the period 1981-2010. Courtesy of DMI.


Top: The total daily contribution to the surface mass balance from the entire ice sheet (blue line, Gt/day). Bottom: The accumulated surface mass balance from September 1st to now (blue line, Gt) and the season 2011-12 (red) which had very high summer melt in Greenland. For comparison, the mean curve from the period 1981-2010 is shown (dark grey). The same calendar day in each of the 30 years (in the period 1981-2010) will have its own value. (DMI)


Ice is extending on Antarctica too, with a recent report from NSIDC reading, “sea ice expanded at a faster-than-average pace in June 2018 in the Southern Hemisphere.”

As ice sheets expand an event called calving occurs.

Check out our article on why this is bad news for the AMOC, here.

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