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Largest Summer Sea Ice Extent Since 2008 Traps Arctic Ships; + Coldest July Airmass In 70 Years Blows Through The Bering Strait

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The mainstream are heat-chasers. They report only on stories that fit the AGW Party agenda. This cherry-picking leads to a painfully misinformed public when it comes to the climate–which is exactly where they want us.

It usually stands, however, that if the MSM goes silent on a particular locale then it’s probably because that particular locale isn’t ‘behaving’ as they would like.

ase in point today: we have the Arctic and Greenland refusing to play ball.

Earth’s most-northern reaches are actually experiencing persistent and long-lasting COOLING, which is far more telling than a brief burst of heat in, for example, Western Europe, which, 1) is forecast to be over before it’s even really begun, and 2) can be tied to entirely natural forcings–namely low solar activity and a violently ‘buckling’ jet stream flow (more on that below).

Largest Summer Sea Ice Extent Since 2008 Traps Arctic Ships

The mainstream’s silence re. the Arctic this year is deafening. Why is it that ice loss is newsworthy yet substantial GAINS are deemed irrelevant? What we see from the likes of the BBC and CNN isn’t a honest account of worldly events, it’s selective programming.

These corporate-backed agencies never question vaccine safety issues, either, let alone efficacy — and it’s the same thing: their masters, those financial backers on high, are paying for the delivery of a narrative; and although the truth is forever circling the peripheral of said agenda, these backers have the wealth and influence to prevent it from ever infiltrating — truth is treated like a nuisance, like a swarm of flies that need swatting, constantly, forever –‘firehosing’– and they’re very good at it.

The Svaytoy Petr set sail from the far eastern Russian port of Petropavlovsk on June 23, on course for Arctic waters. Two weeks later, the oil tanker had reached the Bering Strait, but it encountered an issue — unusually thick summer ice.

The ship, built in 1992, with only limited ice-protection, called for assistance to break through an ice sheet that, even in mid-July, still covers major parts of the Arctic shipping route.

Help was quickly dispatched, and on July 12 nuclear-powered icebreaker Sibir busted its way through the East Siberian Sea and met the Svaytoy Petr.

On Sibir’s tail was another old oil tanker, Ice Eagle, on its way from Murmansk to Pevek.

These two aging oil tankers are among the first ships to tackle the Northern Sea Route this year.

So far, only LNG carrier Nikolai Yevgenov has managed to transit the route. The natural gas carrier sailed eastwards towards Asian markets in mid-June; and while It managed to traverse most of the route independently, the powerful vessel still required an icebreaker escort on some particularly thick stretches.

As reported by, it is mid-summer, but major parts of the waters that connect the eastern Bering Strait with the Barents Sea remain covered by sea-ice.

Ice maps from Russian meteorological service Roshydromet (shown below) reveal that ice layers in late June were most comprehensive in the area of the Vilkitsky Strait, the New Siberian Islands and in the Chukchi Sea.

Sea-ice in the Arctic in late June 2022. Map by Russian Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute.

Russia’s Arctic shipping ambitions have been increasing, in part spurred by the sever sanctions imposed on it.

The Russian government argues that the sanction regime will only make shipping on the Northern Sea Route more important. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev underlined that better transport corridors to Asian markets are needed as western markets close.

However, and as revealed above, stubbornly thick Arctic sea ice has proved an issue this year.

Looking at NASA’s Seasonal Cycle of Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice chart, which extends back to 2011, this summer has seen Arctic sea ice area fire above all previous years:


Moving on to the NSIDC’s chart, it shows that Arctic sea ice extent is sitting at its highest level since 2008:

Likewise with the Danish Meteorological Institute’s Arctic sea ice volume (thickness) chart –which mysteriously ‘disappeared’ large volumes of ice last year– here we have another data point giving out noteworthy readings:


And while we’re up north, let’s also take a look at Greenland — the poster child for anthropogenic global warming.

Unfortunately for the AGW Party, and the reason you’re hearing nothing about Greenland in the press either, is because the ice sheet is refusing to melt as scheduled, even as we approach the height of summer.

Acc. SMB is trending well-above the 1981-2010 mean (bottom chart):


More on that here.

Coldest July Airmass In 70 Years Blows Through The Bering Strait

In related news, an unusually frigid mass of air is currently spinning through the Bering Strait region, bringing rare July snowfall and high surf advisories.

“These kinds of things spin around the higher latitudes all year long,” said Rick Thoman, Alaska climate specialist at the International Arctic Research Center at UAF. “Usually, this cold would stay farther north. If this was happening on the North Slope, it would be chilly but nothing particularly to write home about. The fact that it’s moved so far south is really the news here.”

Flicking through the climate records, Thoman notes that this is coldest July airmass of the past 70 years.

“I would chalk this particular storm up to one of those random variabilities that are going to happen from time to time, even in a warming climate,” added Thoman–which serves as another example of a so-called expert being led by a narrative rather than the data in front of them.

The low-pressure area saw the wind at the Nome Airport reached 48 mph on Monday. Such a speed might be expected for a November storm, but gusts of that force have not been seen in the month of July since such records began in the mid-1980s.

Just as obscure, summer snow has fallen on the Diomede islands, Ear Mountain near Shishmaref and the mountains near Dexter and Banner Creek, too. Thoman said he would not be surprised if downtown Nome saw snow overnight Monday, which he said would be an unprecedented event after failing to find documented July snow in Nome’s entire climate record, which stretches back more than a century.

Thoman closed with a note on wildfires, which he said are likely to be over in Alaska now, given the early onset of Fall.

“The Nome area could see smoke aloft from fires in Siberia … [but] it’s been comparatively quiet over central Siberia as far as wildfires this summer”–which, again, is why media mentions of this region are lacking.

The media are heat-chasers.

And cherry-pickers.

They are frauds.

Yet the gullible masses continue to fall for it.

However, when the penny finally does drop, which it inevitably will, the mass disillusion and confusion that will follow as the framework that so many have had their reality built upon crumbles before their eyes will shake the foundations of our modern civilization.

Picture the distrust and chaos that will ensue as decades of damaging lies are exposed.

Many of us are already there, of course, but imagine the scene when the remaining 80-90% cotton on. It will bring carnage and destruction, it will see a level of anger rarely witnessed throughout human history.

Moreover, that anger will be directed at the right place, too: at ‘the system’.

This our best hope of defeating the elites.

Their day of reckoning is approaching, and they know it.

They are preparing for war.

And so should we.

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  1. Merri J Michaels

    Daily posts, please. I forward to over 55 people across Texas.

  2. Anonymous


    Your analysis is excellent, however in my opinion it would be even better if you just stuck to the facts, took out the emotion, and the conspiracy theories.

    As time has show, crypto currencies were not your area of expertise.

    Kind regards and thanks for your research.

    1. Cap Allon

      I’m still betting that cryptos are the future.
      What’s changed is that I now believe they’ll be abused by government and used to further enslave us.

      I take your point re. emotion — but I can’t shake the feeling that this is “it” — the fight of our lives — for freedom.


      1. FOMO Ponzi Speculation Economics

        Yikes… just like the stock market, Vegas, WEF/UN/WHO/MSM…it’s all under the “rigged” control of the money printer/globalists. Really good luck, timing or better yet an “insider” running the latest ponzi is all it takes to get rich or even break even.

        Drawing the lines on the log scale it’s bust the up trend, could likely make a bunch shorting this scam down to $3K as the smart money converts to tangibles, edibles, burnables.

        This next gen of graphenated/compromised newbie META [MULTI-LETTERED] investors may be more manipulable than ever. With trillions at stake it will be managed for optimal profits… per usual.

  3. Deb

    We could use some of that here. In the 7 day forecast, 5 days are expected to be over 100F. We are having an exceptionally hot summer.

    At this point, that is weather, not climate.

    I hate it just the same.

    1. Michael Peinsipp

      Pffft…we call it Summer here in SC KY…nothing more nothing less.
      NOW when we get frosts in Summer…than worry!

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  4. FYI

    China to build third [global warming] icebreaker

    About the Arctic – Major Resources

    Arktika is one of the latest nuclear-powered of Russia under the Project 22220 icebreakers. IT is currently the largest and most powerful icebreaker ship in the world.
    Arktika is 570 feet long and is around 168 feet tall at its highest point, giving excellent visibility of the surroundings and the ice below the ship the crew.
    The ship displaces around 33,000 tons of water with a draft of 10.5 m. Its Nuclear turbo-electric propulsion is capable of producing a maximum speed of 22knots and at least 1.5–2 knots while breaking 9ft thick ice.

    The Arctic shipping route no one is talking about
    By mid-century – and perhaps by 2035 – a Transpolar Passage will open across the Arctic Ocean via the North Pole. Few countries are preparing for this reality except China.
    Arktika’s trip to the North Pole was deliberately timed to coincide with the sixtieth anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution. Ominously, it may also coincide with sixty years before the time when ships could sail directly across an ice-free North Pole. By one estimate, when the Arctic becomes ice-free – and this is almost surely to happen within the next few decades, if only in summer – this will mark the first time in 2.6 million years that the Arctic Ocean has lacked any sea cover.¹
    At the stage when all the ice disappears, icebreaking will become a technology that, invented in its modern variant in 1897, was only really necessary for 150 to 200 years. Like the zeppelin and the Concorde before it, icebreakers will become a futuristic technology lost to history. Their early demise won’t be due to technological or financial failures, however, but rather because humankind made the surfaces it traversed obsolete.

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    The collective west has told Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelensky that if his troops lose Slovyansk, all western weapons shipments and aid to Ukraine, will be cut off.

    World Hal Turner 19 July 2022 Hits: 19821
    Russia’s state-owned Gazprom does not plan to resume natural gas supplies via Nord Stream 1 after the planned maintenance of the pipeline is completed on July 22. No more natural gas for Germany or most of Europe. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Game over. Details to follow . . .

    SPECIAL REPORT: ‘On thin ice: Rising tensions in the Arctic’ – Jul 8, 2022

  5. FYI

    From COVID to Global Control: bait and switch
    by Jon Rappoport – July 19, 2022

  6. Jack Panella

    Houston, we have a problem, and I know what not is.

    Tonight, sometime between midnight and 1:00AM, I noted measurements and crunched the numbers.

    At the time, I calculated a density altitude of 2419m.

    However, my true altitude is approximately 1839m, according to the GPSMAP 64st.

    That’s a difference of 580m (1902ft)!

    My neighbor’s high pressure system is lowering the pressure of the surroundings and turbocharging the ventilation of heat from planet Earth!

    Lowering the pressure at this vent for Phoenix-Vegas, lowers the pressure of the other vents-globally!

    We saw the exact opposite when there was an inversion, which increased the pressure globally and caused overheating of Earth.

    Welcome to the new Ice Age.

  7. Guido Fawkes

    So true, it is cherry picking to fit a global warming/AGW propaganda agenda. We have had one or two days of records highs (upto 40.3 deg C) and overnight minima here in the UK. It has been replaced by a much cooler Atlantic air mass now. No recognition of the actual cause of an unusually far south low pressure system to the west of Iberia and increased buckling of the polar jet stream, giving us a strong Spanish plume! Overall the Summer so far has been nothing special, a little warmer than normal, with some good warm spells. We actually had unusually low temps in late Augusts of in 2011, 2012 and 2020. No one talking about global cooling in the MSM!

  8. Timmy

    So is CRP also really controlled opposition and a FTM tranny like Trump?

    Short ring fingers, no adam’s apple, pudgy dimply cheeks/face, no squared off jawline, small teeth, wide hips, short shoulder to elbow bones, sloped shoulders, beady eyes, curly fine hair, treated like teflon [by nazi Ukes] behind “enemy lines” in a “war zone”… an entertaining and interesting/slick/convincing “insider” tranny actor.
    Just now noticed when I saw the coach’s hands around the 03:50 min. mark and then back right from the beginning – wide hips being covered by her moo-moo T-shirt. Lotsa [too many] tranny/COINTELPRO check-marks… drats^2, eh?

  9. Dallas Schneider

    We have two economies in the money system.
    1) The Wall Street “Store of Value” where money just sits and accumulates one hopes for its own sake.
    2) The Main Street economy where money used to purchase and sell goods and services for production and consumption.

    Cryptos are moving from #1 to #2
    They are here now. Just two weeks ago I find at the local gas station the “normal” ATM. 3 feet to the left sits the Bitcoin+ ATM.
    Even the Iconic name BOA has been co-opted. It now means——wait for it—–drum roll——Bitcoin Of America!!!

    The insider news from the bank teller says they are being trained to transition to complete digital by Feb 2023, with dollar cash collapse then. Of course the predicted solar flare Jan 2023 may have something to say about that also. Also Bitcoin is now being accepted by Fidelity for 401k, just to give the Wall Street system a boost.
    So crypto does seem very much embedded into the system like a slow growing cancer, uninhibited by attempts to apply chemo therapy!!!

    Now if we can just avoid the oncoming nuclear winter that disguises the natural onset of the coming ice age we will be alright!!!

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