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Large ‘Ice Pancake’ Forms on Cold River in Braemar, Scotland

An unusual circle of ice has been spotted in Aberdeenshire, Scotland amid sub-zero temperatures.

The phenomenon, known as an ice pancake, was seen last week at the River Dee near Braemar — where temperatures plunged to a cousin-hugging -10.5C (13F).

The Met Office called them a rare occurrence in Scotland, adding they were mostly found in the Baltic Sea and around Antarctica, as well as colder parts of the US and Canada.

BBC Scotland weather forecaster and presenter Anne Lundon said: “Ice circles are slowly rotating discs of ice that look almost like frozen lily pads.

“They aren’t all that common in Scotland – they are most frequently observed in colder climates. I suspect the temperature drop in Braemar would have had something to do with this.”

Thanks Anne.

For the full article from BBC Scotland, click here.

The cold times are upon us — the pancakes are forming.

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