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Lake Superior to hit Record High Water Levels this Month + Climate Scandal

Snowmelt after a punishingly snowy winter plus high spring precipitation are pushing Lake Superior to what will likely be record-breaking water levels for the month of May.

Water levels on the great lake increased by 5+ inches last month, according to the International Lake Superior Board of Control — 62% more than the average water level increase for April.

“The high levels coupled with potentially strong winds and waves are likely to continue to result in an increased risk of shoreline erosion and coastal damages across the upper Great Lakes system,” the board wrote in a statement.

Lake Superior is sitting approximately 15 inches higher than historical averages for May, and 9 inches higher than it was this time last year.

However, recent studies (from those sponsored by the climate change cabal) suggest the effects of a warming world should in fact be water loss due to greater evaporation. These guys just can’t get their story straight, can they? Or is that the idea, to leave every eventuality on the table so they can never be wrong and assume people are just too stupid/busy to notice?

Scientists know best, after all — even those blatantly contradicting one-another.


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