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Korean Peninsula: Heatwave Causes “Unprecedented Natural Disaster” — Heavy Crop Damage

South Korea has battled intense heat in recent weeks as temperatures hit a record high of 40.3C on Wednesday in Hongcheon, a town in the northeastern province of Gangwon.

According to authorities, more than 28 people have died due to the heat and 2266 have suffered heat-related conditions.

More than three million deaths of livestock and a fivefold increase in deaths from heat-related illnesses were also reported, while vegetable prices have doubled due to supplies being affected.

Meanwhile in North Korea, the temperature in Pyongyang climbed to a record high of 37.8C on Wednesday, with state TV warning that it was “taking a toll on the economy”.

The North’s state-run Rodong newspaper on Thursday said that curbing further damage to the agriculture sector was an “extremely important and urgent task”.

“Rural areas across the country… are reporting damages to crops including rice and corn due to extremely high temperatures and drought,” it said in an editorial.

“Today’s reality is calling for every single individual across the country to join the struggle to contain the damages stemming from high temperature and drought,” it said, urging citizens to “display their patriotic zeal” and “save every single dollop of water”.

“This year’s high temperature is an unprecedented natural disaster but it is not an insurmountable difficulty,” it added.


[Featured Photo: Stephen Shaver/UPI]

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