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Kabini Dam Sets New Discharge Record — 82,000 Cusecs

The Kabini dam in Beechanahalli, India, has set a new discharge record of 82,000 cusecs of water — the highest outflow from the dam since it was commissioned in 1974.

The previous record was set in 1992, when a 70,100 cusecs outflow was discharged.

Executive Engineer C P Jagadeesh said the inflow to the dam began rising Aug 8 with torrential downpours in Kerala. “It is inevitable to release large quantities of water as the inflow is very high and the dam has reached it’s full reservoir level (FRL).”

In just one month the dam has reached FRL three times.

The engineer insisted that all precautionary measures had been taken before increasing the outflow. “Flood alerts were issued to the people on the river banks and they are being shifted to safety.”

According to officials, 100 homes are under floodwater and standing crops on hundreds of acres have been destroyed.

Many farmers in the region were preparing for paddy cultivation, but due to the sudden rise in the water levels, agriculture fields have been submerged, forcing the farmers to postpone.

Devaraj, a banana farmer, said vast tracts of his land had been destroyed. “The officials had issued a warning but we never thought such a huge quantity of water would be released to the river.”


An historic number of dams have been opened this monsoon season in India

Rising water levels due to record amounts of rain have pushed dams to near capacity, according to Hindustan Times.

As a result, shutters of at least 24 reservoirs in Kerala alone have been opened to release the excess water. Never before have so many dams been open, the Times of India reported.

All five shutters of the Idukki reservoir’s Cheruthoni Dam were opened for the first time in 40 years on Friday.

The extremes are intensifying.

Flooding and drought.

The increasing cosmic rays are nucleating more clouds, India’s 2018 monsoon season is already the worst in terms of rainfall volume in history.

For more on GCRs: www.nature.com/articles/s41467-017-02082-2

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