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Jaw-Dropping October Snow Totals for Northern Ireland this Weekend

Northern Ireland is on track for a white weekend with runs showing the entire country blanketed in snow, particularly on Saturday Oct 27.

According to the Met Office, snow rarely lies on the ground before December or after March, and the average annual number of days with snow lying in Northern Ireland varies from less than 5 around the coasts to over 30 in the mountains.

Looking at the chart below, low-lying regions simply shouldn’t be seeing snow in October:

Yet look at what’s in store for Saturday morning.

Anomalous cold and settling snow sweeping across the entire breadth of the nation, including the coasts:

Scotland is also in for shock October totals on Saturday:

Later on into the evening and through Saturday night, widespread snow for Wales and England is also probable, particularly in the south where 100+ year old October snow records could come under threat.

Greenland blocking is allowing brutal Arctic air to get pulled south from the pole.

Temperatures are forecast to be at least 8C below average for the time of year:

Click below to find out why blocking persistence increases during low solar activity:

‘Blocking High’ to Bring Heavy Snow to the UK — Grand Solar Minimum

Stay tuned for updates.


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