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Japanese City Suffers Coldest Summer Temperature in 128-Years of Records, + Noctilucent Clouds Persist into August as the Atmosphere Continues to Cool

The MSM was keen to promote this year’s Olympic Games as potentially being the “hottest ever!”; but in reality, northern Japan is suffering all-time, never-before seen, record-breaking COLD — and it is going largely unreported.

In Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, the city of Wakkanai registered a daily high of just 51F (10.5C) this week — this was the city’s lowest August reading in 128 years of books, so since 1893 (the Centennial/Gleissberg Minimum).

The mercury plunged even lower overnight, as you’d expect — an astonishing 36.7F (2.61C) was logged early Thursday morning, Aug 11, according to local news station TV Asahi.

Shocked residents spoke of being able see their breath, in the height of summer.

japan hokkaido map
Wakkanai is located on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido. 

Extreme weather and wildly-fluctuating temperatures have been documented across Japan in recent weeks.

At the close of July, Wakkanai actually came close to busting a high temperature record, but fell just short.

Such swings between extremes are fully predicted during times of low solar activity –such as the historically low output we’re experiencing now– as the lower incoming energy weakens the jet streams, reverting them to a wavy (meridional) flow.

These swings are only forecast to intensify as the Grand Solar Minimum fully takes hold (due SC26–or the early-2030s).

For more on the mechanisms, click below:

Elsewhere, hundreds of thousands of Japanese residents have been instructed to evacuate their homes due to flood warnings and landslide risks from torrential rains on Kyushu island.

Authorities issued the highest level of evacuation orders in some central parts of the island on Thursday, reported Reuters.

People were warned to take immediate action to protect their lives.

Click “Cosmic Ray Flux Explained” below for more on increased precipitation:

Noctilucent Clouds Persist into August

Noctilucent clouds (NLCs), or night shining clouds, are spilling out of the Arctic Circle and descending farther south than ever before.

Generally speaking, August is not a good month for NLCs — the silvery clouds, made of frosted meteor smoke, begin to melt away as the mesosphere warms up in late summer. 

This August, however, the clouds are still being spotted.

Nadja Maletzki photographed them on Thursday, Aug 12 over Zürich, Switzerland:

“It was a very nice display,” says Maletzki.

The significance of this picture is not that NLCs exist in August. They often do. Rather, it is the latitude of the display: +47 N, explains Dr. Tony Phillips over at spaceweather.com.

The clouds are usually retreating toward the Arctic Circle by mid-August, not showing up in the middle of Europe.

All summer long, NLCs have been descending farther south than they are “supposed to.”

At one point in June, they were sighted near the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

Why is this Significant?

For NLCs to form, extremely cold temperatures –as low as -150F– are required.

These night shining clouds are always more prevalent during solar minimum conditions when there is less solar energy heating the extreme upper atmosphere (mesosphere). And with the Sun currently struggling to drag itself out of its deepest minimum of the past 100+ years (of SC24), this goes some way to explaining Maletzki’s rare mid-August and low-latitude sightings.

But there is also a long-term upward trend, too:

(a) SBUV merged seasonal average IWC (ice water content) values for three different latitude bands: 50N-64N (purple triangles), 64N-74N (green crosses) and 74N-82N (blue squares). The solid lines show multiple regression fits to the data for the periods 1979-1997 and 1998-2018. (b) SBUV merged seasonal average IWC values for 50S-64S, 64S-74S, and 74S-82S. The solid lines show fits for the periods 1979-1997 and 1998-2018 [source].

Before 2019, no sightings of Noctilucent Clouds at the mid-latitudes existed.

Then, as a result of the growing, record-breaking chill in the mesosphere (caused by low solar output), NLCs are being spotted farther south than ever before: in mid-June 2019, they were observed at Joshua Tree, CA (34 deg. N) and Albuquerque, New Mexico (35 deg. N)–new all-time records:

NLC sighting at +34.1 degrees set the record for low-latitude observations.

But forget about August, continues Dr. Phillips.

Will this be the year that NLCs are seen in September…?

Stay tuned for updates.

The Universe continues to deliver signs, pointers that only those with an open mind, unpolluted by the political agenda of the day have any hope of deciphering. People need to block out the fabricated hysteria that surrounds modern life, and instead crane their necks back, and look up: NLCs are visible about 1-2 hours after sunset or before sunrise — happy viewing…

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING, in line with the great conjunction, historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among other forcings).

Both NOAA and NASA appear to agree, if you read between the lines, with NOAA saying we’re entering a ‘full-blown’ Grand Solar Minimum in the late-2020s, and NASA seeing this upcoming solar cycle (25) as “the weakest of the past 200 years”, with the agency correlating previous solar shutdowns to prolonged periods of global cooling here.

Furthermore, we can’t ignore the slew of new scientific papers stating the immense impact The Beaufort Gyre could have on the Gulf Stream, and therefore the climate overall.

Prepare accordingly— learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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32 Thoughts to “Japanese City Suffers Coldest Summer Temperature in 128-Years of Records, + Noctilucent Clouds Persist into August as the Atmosphere Continues to Cool”

    1. P. J. Flanders

      It’s a different game now, old boy, and caution is the watchword of the day, wouldn’t you say?

  1. Kitty

    I live on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, and I MIGHT have seen clouds like these, but how can you really tell if they’re noctilucent, or just garden variety high cirrus clouds.

    1. Frank Pozzi

      In simple terms, it needs to be close to total darkness when you can see nocticulent clouds.

      If it’s just a short while after sunset, then they’re normal high altitude cirrus type clouds which can go as high as 50,000 ft. At the same time as the latter, you can also see aircraft condensation trails light up the sky.

      Nocticulent clouds are much higher in altitude and the sun needs to be much lower to light them up.

      1. Kitty

        Thanks for the explanation! Eyes to the sky!

  2. Jack

    Seriously, look at the radar to the east of Taylor, Arizona.

    At this time of year, around 11 AM, you’ll see the clouds forming around the clear high pressure system.

    Watch it from time to time throughout the day.

    There are your clouds.

    Explore the effects of all of this additional moisture and energy.

    Compare the timeline that I offered in my previous comment to the timeline of the recent severe weather throughout the world-2020, driest monsoon season on record; 2021 wettest monsoon season on record; etc.

    There are your clouds.

    It’s basic grade-school Earth Science.

    I’m not discounting the effects of GSM. I’m offering a very plausible alternative explanation.

    What can we do about GSM, other than to prepare for when SHTF?

    On the other hand, we can take responsibility and start to fix the problems that we have created.

  3. Jack

    34° 26′ 33.7808″ N 109° 56′ 54.2983″ W

    To the west is my neighbor’s two-story dry stack, with the blue roof.

    Up on the ridge, NE of my house, you might be able to make out the humongous canyon to which I referred previously.

    I have photos that document everything that I claimed.

    I have photos of the work that I did at my friend’s driveway and on my 40.

    I have photos of all of the survey markers from my hikes.

    I have photos of Gravel Hill.

    I might even be able to dig up some photos from when I moved here nine years ago.

    It’s all documented.

  4. John Vandervalk

    I saw some a couple of days ago here in Colorado. One state to the north of New Mexico, but I’ve never seen them before in the summer. If you would like me to grab photos next time I will. Let me know!

    1. Kityy

      I’d like to see them! But I’m just a fan…

  5. Jack

    What do we know? What can we observe? What can we measure?

    Okay, we can measure the electromagnetic field. We can measure the cosmic rays.

    In order for the cosmic rays to produce clouds, we still need the mass, so either water vapor or hydrogen and oxygen are required, and that still assumes that enough of these cosmic rays interact with the mass to produce the clouds, either via condensation of the water vapor or via redox reaction.

    That requires way too many assumptions.

    Where do we get all of the additional water vapor or oxygen and hydrogen?

    Solar insolation is approximately 1000 watts per square meter of surface area. Can these cosmic rays compete with that? Can they make up the difference to account for all of this rain and snow?

    The atmosphere is composed of roughly 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen. That’s 99% of the atmosphere right there. Now we need hydrogen. Methane? Anything else in the remaining 1% of the atmosphere? Is it enough? Is it dense enough?

    The gases in the atmosphere just aren’t dense enough. The water vapor in the atmosphere isn’t dense enough.

    What are the chances that any quantum of these cosmic rays interacts with either the water vapor or molecules of oxygen and wherever the hydrogen atoms are supposed to be?

    Too many assumptions.

    What is the source of all of this water vapor?

    It comes from bodies of water or the ground, via direct evaporation from the surface, evapotranspiration from trees and other plant life, burning fuel, wildfires, respiration, etc.

    Has the surface area of the ground increased enough to account for all of the extreme weather? Nah. And you’d still need water in the ground.

    Have we burned that much more fuel, during the lockdowns? I doubt it.

    Are there enough more people and animals to produce enough more water vapor via respiration, to explain the sudden increase in severe storms? Well, I don’t know, but that’s another big assumption.

    There have been quite a few wildfires recently. MSM tells us about these pyroclastic storms, but those are local to the wildfires. Hmmm…

    But what about living trees?

    Depending on species, age and health of the tree, a tree can transpire maybe 150 times more water vapor than will evaporate directly from the same ground surface area as occupied by the tree. 99% of the water that a tree drinks is transpired as water vapor. These things have been measured.

    However, the water must be in the ground to be slurped up by the tree.

    Back to wildfires. You can only burn the tree once to get the water from the complete destruction of the tree.

    However, a living tree can drink water from the ground continuously, day after day.

    Occam’s Razor. The simplest explanation that requires the fewest assumption tends to be the correct one, to paraphrase.

    I keep pointing to this specific region with a lot of water in the ground and plenty of trees. The water tables have been measured. The trees can be counted-Tonto National Forest, Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, White Mountains, etc. The clouds and the rain are right there on the radar.

    All of the pieces are there. It doesn’t require any assumptions. It really is the simplest explanation.

  6. Harold Patrick

    I’m fairly noncommittal on this website as long as the media can still claim that we are in the hottest year ever recorded, and that we are having recording breaking heatwaves all over the earth. If what you claim is true, at some point they will have to admit that it’s not that hot. When do we think that will happen?

    You are talking frozen planet and they are saying it’s cooking like never before. At some point it should be obvious who is right.

    1. prioris

      we already know global warming is totally wrong and a monumental fraud

      >In order for the cosmic rays to produce clouds, we still need the mass, so either water vapor or hydrogen and oxygen are required

      there is no mystery

      electricity/charged particles and water naturally attract each other

      it’s also why low pressure systems turn into dark clouds. electricity goes to ionosphere dragging water particles with it

      our weather is at it’s most fundamental level electric

      1. Jack

        >there is no mystery

        >electricity/charged particles and water naturally attract each other

        >it’s also why low pressure systems turn into dark clouds. electricity goes to ionosphere dragging water particles with it

        I’m not sure how your assertion answers the mystery.

        I’ve studied the chemistry of water in depth and specifically related to electrolysis of water, so I’m familiar with the dipole structure of water.

        There is still the question of the densities of both the water vapor and the cosmic rays (electromagnetic waves-x-rays, gamma rays, charged particles and whatnot), so you’re still dealing with distances, planes, volumes and vectors. The water vapor isn’t in a vacuum, and the cosmic rays have direction and magnitude. The water vapor and the cosmic rays arent just sitting at a bar and flirting with each other and waiting to see who makes the first move or make the first mistake to turn the other on or off. And between the distance there are all of these other molecules, so you have a volume of atmosphere with a specific portion of water vapor and a specific portion of other gases, depending on the relative humidity within the volume.

        Recently, I have read a lot about cloud formation. Though I’m no expert, I understand cloud formation fairly well.

        Cloud formation usually requires a particle for nucleation (usually clay dust) and certain temperature and pressure ranges. If it’s too hot or the barometric pressure is too high cloud formation fails to happen or an existing cloud will be vaporized until the conditions are right again for cloud formation, and if the air is saturated the water falls out of the sky, cloud or no cloud, due to gravity.

        Energy evaporates water from a surface. Convection lifts the water vapor, due to it’s lower density. Usually, at higher altitude the atmosphere is cooler, so the density of the water vapor increases, weighing down the atmosphere below it and increasing the pressure and the temperature of the lower atmosphere. Under the right conditions of temperature, pressure and the presence of a nucleation site, the water vapor condenses or deposits on the nucleation site, forming part of a cloud as liquid water or ice. Seperate water droplets coalesce, or ice crystals grow. When The water droplet or ice crystal is big and heavy enough, it falls out of the sky as raindrop or snowflake.

        Then there’s the question of energy density. Solar insolation orthogonal to a surface at sea level on Earth is roughly 1000 watts per square meter. What is the density of these cosmic rays?

        Combining the energy density and the water vapor density, is it enough to account for this sudden increase in severe storms that are flooding cities enough to bury cars and even houses in water?

        This isn’t MSM propaganda. It’s simple fourth or fifth grade Earth Science.

        Unless you’re saying that all scientific textbooks are incorrect.

        Your reply is essentially a lot of hand-waving, without explaining or refuting anything.

      2. Jack

        When I said energy density, I was grasping for the word flux.

        And if we’re using the common definition of cosmic rays, we are talking about naked protons that are traveling at the speed of light.

        Particle flux of these cosmic rays depends on various factors.

        *At the upper atmosphere* depending on the energy level of the particle, particle flux is somewhere between roughly once a century per square meter and 10,000 particles per square meter per second.

        This naked proton has no electron. It is a charged particle. If it is going to interact with a molecule of water vapor at all, it’s going to strip the molecule of an electron. That isn’t going to condense the water vapor into liquid. If anything, it’s going to oxidise it.

        Since a naked proton is basically the nucleus of a hydrogen atom (in the majority of cases), it is a sum-zero game, and you end up with a naked proton and a molecule of water vapor.

        Water vapor is just water in the gaseous state. How do you propose to cool it down to condense it by slamming a mass into it at warp speed.

        But it’s not going to happen, because that flux we’re talking about is the flux in the upper atmosphere, where the atmosphere is getting very thin. What is the relative humidity up there?

        This naked proton is zipping along at tremendous speed. There’s not a water molecule within spitting distance, and it doesn’t have enough energy to drag a water molecule anywhere.

        “Hey, ozone, get out of my way, cause I want to hook up with that H2O babe.”

        Yes, cosmic rays can bang into other particles and ionize them, but it’s not going to happen enough to produce enough water to bury cities in Central China or even Flagstaff in rain up to their necks several times a week.

        Way too many assumptions.

        > it’s also why low pressure systems turn into dark clouds. electricity goes to ionosphere dragging water particles with it

        Say what? Huh?

        Dragging who where?

        I don’t even know what you’re trying to say.

      3. Jack

        Starting back in the last week of May, without any recent rain or irrigation, I built up roughly 20 of my 40 acres with thick natural growth in three or four weeks, just by walking around and covering every square foot of ground possible, by observing and recognizing that the conditions were right. (See my comment in the IPCC thread for more. ) I knew that just by walking around under the right conditions I would press seed into the ready ground and let it germinate and grow. I knew that the seed was there and that it just needed some help, and I knew that from experience, because I had done the same thing in the past under less optimal conditions.

        I didn’t need to work much on the other 20 acres, because I had already gotten it into good shape in the previous two or three years.

        In roughly the last four years, I intentionally applied knowledge, experience and sound reasoning to restore an entire neighborhood from an arid, fallow and abused land into a thriving natural wonder.

        education + experience + observation + practical application + experimentation -> success

        I’m not too far off target with my observations here. I’m offering a very plausible explanation for what we’re seeing with the recent severe weather, in my opinion.

      4. Jack

        > ionisphere…

        > weather… electric

        Okay, so you’re talking about atmospheric electricity.

        From between your thigh and the top of your head might be about a meter. Between the two is an electric potential of about 100 volts.

        Put on some sneakers to insulate your body from the ground.

        Can you find a way to shock yourself?

        Can you find a way to electrically connect an electric fan to your thigh and your head and get a nice breeze from the fan?

        Are you going to get a nice zap when an airplane flies 5,000 feet directly over your head?

        Are you afraid of walking under clouds? Why not?

        The atmosphere is dielectric.

        Thunder only happens when it’s raining, to quote a pop song.

        For lightning to discharge from a storm cloud, you’ll need a large enough potential to break down the dielectric.

        Otherwise there is a very, very large impedance between the cloud and the ground.

        Nothing is dragging a water molecule anywhere.

        1. prioris

          Water is impure has particles in it. those particles can be charged. Electricity and impure water can certainly attract each other. those combined can certainly help form clouds. Observation in Billy’s lab clearly shows interaction of electricity and water.

          Svensmark experiments clearly show increased cloud formation by cosmic rays.

          If you ask the academia institutions whether Dogman (a very massive bipedal wolf ) exists, virtually most would deny it and claim there is no proof.

          The eyewitness reports in US and all around world would say otherwise. Most of academia has been a highly censored institution maintaining the government propaganda.

          It’s easy to understand why. Our world is overwhelmingly dominated by sociopaths from above and below.

  7. Anonymous

    we are all going to die!!!!!!

    1. P. J. Flanders

      I wanted to say the same thing after I spent the last two days reading past articles here and watching videos at ClimateCraze on Youtube.com. It seems I had a lot of catching up to do. Right now I have the distinct impression that my world has been turned upside down. Or perhaps for the first time, it has turned right side up. Disturbing, to say the least.

      I’m afraid I’ve been a bit of a fool and wasted a great deal of time. Hard to believe I could be so blind.

      But these pieces fit nicely into the puzzle that has been forming in my mind, with strident voices claiming global warming while we are in actuality freezing our extremities off, and of course the whole Covid-19 scare, was it engineered and so on.

      The first thing that comes to mind is to somehow escape this masquerade, but I’m afraid the world has grown awfully small in the last fifty years.

      Do “they” really have as much reach and power as these articles and videos indicate? This knowledge induces a sense of powerlessness and futility. What is one to do? And who can be trusted?

      Still, as they say, the show must go on.

  8. Jack

    I’ve noticed a couple of factors that your GSM Ice Age theory seems to miss.

    Water has a relatively high heat capacity. If I recall correctly, it has the highest heat capacity of any substance at room temperature.

    The high heat capacity means that it requires more energy to change the temperature of a given volume of water than it does for a substance that has a lower heat capacity, so water will be heated and cooled more slowly for a given amount of energy.

    Therefore, with more water in the ground and in the atmosphere, it won’t be heated as much by the sun, so it will be cooler. This can explain why we’ve been seeing so many record LOW temperatures. It’s just not getting as hot, because there is more water in the environment, which keeps it COOLER.

    Also, with more water, since it cools more slowly, it won’t cool down so much at night OR with less energy from the sun because of a GSM, which should lead to more moderate temperatures. In other words, with all of these severe storms putting so much water into the ground, there’s no new Ice Age. Makes sense?

    Also, the water cycle itself has a cooling effect. Melting, evaporation and sublimation require latent heat FROM THE ENVIRONMENT.

    Conversely, when clouds form by condensation, freezing or sublimation, the latent heat is released into the upper atmosphere, which gets rid of the latent heat that was taken from the ground. Therefore, with more rain and snow, of course it will be cooler, so GSM isn’t necessary to explain the recent lower temperatures, because we can see that it’s raining and snowing.

    Liquid water is also a great heat conductor, so it absorbs heat very efficiently. Liquid water is fluid, so when the water moves it takes the heat with it. When it rains and when snow melts, it infiltrates and percolates deeper into the ground, which takes the heat from the surface into the deep into the ground, which cools the surface.

    The cooling can all be explained by the water cycle. And we know that it’s responsible because we know that it is RAINING and SNOWING.

    One other thing. The magnetic field shields the planet from radiation and other threats. Without it, solar radiation would cook the planet.

    If GSM leads to a weaker magnetic field, wouldn’t the two factors balance, leading to less extreme cooling?

  9. Jack


    I hope I haven’t been out of line. I don’t mean to rub anyone the wrong way.

    I appreciate your allowing me to tell my story, because something made me think that your forum might be an appropriate venue to expose the fraud that was committed against my neighbors, friends and the world at large.

    A friend of mine recently mentioned GSM, and when I asked about it she directed me here.

    After reading several of your articles I decided to share. Maybe it’s your rage against the machine, or maybe it was your apparent curiosity about how things really are. I keep coming back for more, even if I don’t see exactly what you see.

    When I have questions, I ask. If I’m confused about the response, I share what I have learned or what I *think* I know in the hope of understanding the question.

    I’m no Captain America, but when I perceive that something isn’t right I will challenge and perhaps even fight it.

    Thanks again for allowing me to share my epic battle with your readers and whoever happens to find what you are sharing.

    1. Cap Allon

      I’m coming from a genuine place of skepticism — that’s how I’m able to sleep at night.
      I have no agenda. No priors (I used to ‘accept’ the AGW theory). I’m simply searching for the truth, and I think -finally- that I may have stumbled across it–or at least something far more closely resembling it.
      Thank you for your support Jack,

  10. Jack


    This is the land of confusion.

    The fearmongerers on the one side scream, “Look out! CO2 is going to cook us!”

    The boogeymen over on the other end yell, “Boo! GSM! GSM! Stock up on parkas and snow shoes because it’s going to get cold last night!”

    Well, it looks to me like everyone is out to get me.

    I can find a page online that says anything that I want to hear.

    But you know what? None of it is true, and all of it is true. So pick your poison carefully.

    How many YouTube videos demonstrate experiments that you can repeat to make a cloud in a jar? Which aisle in the hardware store has the cosmic rays I’ll need for the experiment?

    One day a few years ago, after it had rained recently and the sun was low, I noticed a cloud sitting in the neighbor’s yard, where it had formed from the ridge. The sunlight evaporated moisture from the side of the ridge, and due to the angles of incidence and reflection, the temperature, pressure and the presence of dust, the conditions were right to form a fog in the alcove where my grand canyon comes down to the east on the neighbor’s parcel.

    I was all out of cosmic rays and too high on labgrown chocolate rocks to go to the store the previous year to get more, so I was very confused.

    How many acre feet of water is necessary to bury a city up to your nostrils? How long is a string?

    Any idea how much dust is in the atmosphere? Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire. They had to count them all, but now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall.

    The dust in the atmosphere would dwarf the cosmic rays, and the cosmic rays just aren’t necessary, because there are just so many trees drunk on that shipload of non-alcoholic H2O!

    It makes no sense, exactly because this world isn’t real, but the contract says that we are obligated to pretend that it is or get our butts kicked.

    Does that make any sense?

    1. Kitty


      Off your meds or self medicating?

      Peyote, LSD or shrooms?
      Or simply too much strong weed?

      In the dark, in the weeds, out of luck and luckless we
      Holding hands like the lost children

      We are

      We are

      looking for answers to questions no one should have to ask

      Is there such evil in the world that murder for profit
      (murdering the prophets)
      is the new business formula?

      Lambs to the slaughter we are muzzled
      Choking on spike proteins as we are forced into the pens to get the next jab
      (Surely THIS one will work! And then I can go to the coast
      And swim in the warm surf and drink beer with my friends and laugh.
      And then we will go dancing.)

      But impossible stretches into months, and hope sprouts mold and withers in the crisper bin next to a wrinkled carrot.

      And the pale green horse carries his rider
      Through the silent streets.

      1. Jack

        Hello, Kitty! Meow! *wink, wink*

        None of the above. Just lack of sleep. And I was amusing myself by being silly.

        Have you ever seen a dustdevil kick up the earth from the desert and carry it away?

        Seed and heavy particles fall to the ground as far away as the wind can take them. The smaller dust particles go a bit higher, stay aloft longer and travel greater distances and maybe fall in love with a water molecule.

        That is the function of the wind.

        Regarding ugly and stupid people, if that’s the world that you want to live in, we just aren’t compatible and probably shouldn’t get married or even hook up, no matter how tempting..

        I prefer to look at it all as a Rubik’s Cube.

        Pick it up. Turn it around. Look at it from every angle. Try every combination. And if that fails, just buy the book by a kid genius and memorize just enough patterns and moves to solve it in under two minutes and impress your friends.

        1. Kitty

          Boy, do I get the whole sleep deprivation thing… normally I don’t go full blown nihilist poet until at least the third date. (It tends to be off-putting!) And I was crabby from said lack of sleep.
          I did solve the Rubik’s cube in about ten minutes…by peeling off the color stickers and putting them back on by color!
          I guess some of us just think differently….

  11. James Charles

    “July 2021 officially the hottest month ever recorded on Earth
    Global land and sea temperatures were 1.67F above the average for July, making it thhttps://www.independent.co.uk/climate-change/news/july-weather-hottest-month-earth-b1902356.htmle hottest month since records began 142 years ago”

  12. Jack

    I just came up with the clincher to put the scale into perspective.

    It has been established that every rock, vegetable and mineral and every square picometer of every surface of this land of confusion is continuously pelted with cosmic rays, with or without any ongoing grand solar minimum.

    So how is a 20-year drought going to happen if all of these naked protons are seeding clouds?

    The shields are down, and the sun has taken a break and grabbed a Margarita to cool down. Balance.

    It’s all about perspective. What story do we want to buy? Where do you want to go today and why?

  13. Jack

    Back in November 2019, when I was fixing my elderly neighbors road, I predicted a positive change in the local climate. I knew how it would affect the weather, the vegetation and wildlife.

    Around the same time, after an almost immediate heavy rain, when I was looking at the ground where I had slowed down the runoff from my canyon, I predicted the problems that the neighbor with the blue roof would have, and it was then that I realized what he had been doing and why.

    In June 2020 when I was working on one more erosion control project at my place and in August when my neighbor made the gravel hill, I noticed the red ground when there hadn’t been recent rain. I knew that the water tables were higher and why the neighbor was having the problems.

    In late May 2021, when I saw new growth spring up from the ground without any rain or irrigation, I predicted a very wet monsoon.

    In early June 2021 when I started to watch the weather radar very closely, I saw the prominent high pressure system and the very prominent clouds and rain forming around it as the solstice was near, and I predicted exactly how the weather systems would develop to ameliorate the southwest drought.

    I told people what would happen.

    It all came to pass.

    I was familiar with how winter snowmelt affected the environment, and when I thought about it I reasoned that the summer rains would lead to healthy winter snow.

    I started looking at snow on the weather radar.

    Snow in Australia in July. Snow in South Africa. Snow in South America.

    Summer snow in Norway, the European Alps, China, Alaska, Yukon, BC, Edmonton, Mexico, COLORADO, WYOMING, WASHINGTON, MONTANA…

    Yes, I realized that it’ll snow wherever it will snow in higher elevations. I am not an expert. I didn’t know what was normal. I’d research it but didn’t always find enough information about what was considered normal.

    When I saw the news about the harsh winter and heavy snow across the southern United States last winter, immediately I made the connection to the high local water tables.

    None of these observations or predictions required a theory about carbon dioxide (a.k.a. plant food!), horror stories about Climate Change (as the phrase is used by MSM) or Grand Solar Minimum. It wasn’t necessary, because it was all plain and simple to me. I knew how it would balance.

    1. LocoLogos

      When I saw the news about the harsh winter and heavy snow across the southern United States last winter, immediately I made the connection to the high local water tables.

      None of these observations or predictions required a theory about carbon dioxide (a.k.a. plant food!), horror stories about Climate Change (as the phrase is used by MSM) or Grand Solar Minimum. It wasn’t necessary, because it was all plain and simple to me. I knew how it would balance.

      … because… magical thinking and/or correlation/causation SWAG figurin’?

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