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Iran: Severe Blizzards Batter 14 Provinces, 1,800 Rescued

IRAN — Whiteout conditions spanning 14 provinces have led to more than 1,800 people needing rescuing, according the Chairman of the Iranian Aid and Rescue Authority, Morteza Salimi.

Salimi said 14 provinces have been hit with heavy, debilitating snowfall over the past 48 hours. He names the provinces as Hamedan, Mazandaran, Lorestan, Kurdistan, Qazvin, Semnan, Zanjan, Khuzestan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Alborz, Isfahan, Ardebil, and East Azarbaijan.

Many roads have been closed, while schools and health care facilities in the majority of the affected regions have been suspended.

Salimi adds that more than 1,800 people needed rescuing in the worst hit areas, and that as a result local emergency shelters were quickly overrun.

So far 300 drivers have been rescued, according to Salimi.
Recovery efforts continue in whiteout conditions.

Severe weather was also the likely cause of a Boeing 707 Cargo plane crashing near Tehran on Monday, Jan 14. Of the 16 crew members, 15 are reported to have died:


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