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“Hunger Stones” Emerge in Drought-Parched Europe With Etched Warnings of Impending Famine

More than a dozen “hunger stones” have been found in the Elbe River. The stones recorded low water levels dating back to the 1600s and warn of impending hardships.

Due to scorching temperatures, the water in the Czech river has dropped, revealing boulders that were once used to record low water levels.

The rocks are etched with dates going back to the 1600s — the Maunder Minimum.

The carvings serve as haunting documentation of past climatic shifts.

One of the rocks expressed that, “Drought has brought a bad harvest, lack of food, high prices and hunger for poor people.”

A German inscription on the same rock reads, “When you see me, weep.”

A later Czech message says, “Don’t cry, girl, don’t fret. When it’s dry, just spray your field wet.”

In centuries gone by, if you saw carved rocks emerge from the Elbe River you had a very tough time ahead of you.

They have reappeared once again this summer.

Heed the ancient warning.


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2 Thoughts to ““Hunger Stones” Emerge in Drought-Parched Europe With Etched Warnings of Impending Famine”

  1. Roy Wagner

    An interesting bit of history that somehow I had never seen as History books focused on wars rather than on lives of real people as they were impacted by the cycles of the Sun, our planet and the Universe.
    The Eddy Grand Solar Minimum is upon us.

  2. The farmers in Western Australia are begging the Government for bullets to kill starving livestock.
    They ran out of bullets after having to shoot nearly 200,000 cattle!
    They have no Grain to feed them.
    This is more serious than most people know.
    Famine is very very close.

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