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How Baseball-Sized Hailstones Form

Hailstones form within an unusually unstable air mass — an air mass in which the temperature falloff with height is much greater than normal.

The unstable air is necessary to produce large updraft speeds, fast enough to keep a developing hailstone from falling to the ground.

Some of these updrafts can reach 60 mph or more — the faster the updraft, the bigger the hail.

Hail Formation

The largest recorded hailstone in the U.S. was in South Dakota on June 23rd 2010 which had a circumference of 18.62 inches.

largest hailstone

Monster hail is responsible for scaring vast swathes of land and destroying crops.

Such as that which fell in South Dakota late June 2018:

south dakota hail scaring

As we descend into the Grand Solar Minimum and cosmic rays increase, we’ll witness a dramatic uptick in the power of storm fronts.

Giant hailstones will fall more regularly and mighty lightening displays will tear up the skies.

Like those documented by early American settlers during the Maunder Minimum, and their resulting struggles at colonisation due to the extreme intensification of the weather.

One of the deadliest recorded hailstorms occurred as the summer monsoon season approached India in 1888, at the start of the Centennial Minimum, where some 250 people were killed by the falling hail along with 1600 sheep and goats.

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