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“Historic” Late-Season Snow Headed For The Rockies; Chilly Barbados; + Record Cold Sweeps South America: Brasilia Logs Lowest Temperature In Its History

“Historic” Late-Season Snow Headed For The Rockies

A truly “historic” blast of late-season snow is headed for the Colorado Rockies:

Substantial accumulations will begin building today, Friday, with the rare late-May flakes set to run through the weekend.

The snow band will cover Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and across the border into British Columbia, too.

And looking further ahead, another flurry could hit CO as the calendar flips to June, which would be astonishing.

GFS Total Snowfall (inches) May 20 – June 5 [].

Bone-chilling lows will accompany the late-season snows.

‘Blues’ and ‘purples’ are on course to engulf the majority of the North American continent by the weekend, cold that will extinguish any remaining hopes of a miracle crop-planting recovery:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) May 20 – May 25 [].
Planting figures for corn, soybeans and spring wheat across the U.S. (click for more).

Chilly Barbados

Just a brief word on Barbados:

April 2022 across ‘the land of the flying fish’ ended with an average temperature of 26.4C (79.5F) which is -0.6C below the multidecadal average.

Record Cold Sweeps South America: Brasilia Logs Lowest Temperature In Its History

Unusual, early-season cold is continuing to wreak havoc on South America’s crops, particularly the key corn crops of Brazil and Argentina which have entered a critical growing stage and which global supplies are reliant on–particularly given the failures in the Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, and also the dire predictions coming out of the U.S. due to a poor planting progress.

With a confirmed reading of just 1.4C (34.5F) on Thursday, Brazil’s capital of Brasilia logged its lowest temperature in recorded history–and with more than a month to go until the official start of winter, too.

Brazil’s meteorological agency, Inmet, is the source of the record-breaking reading. The agency also has an official weather map on their website where they have colored the entire southern half of Brazil ‘orange’ indicating “Cold wave (danger).”

Likewise in São Paulo, Brazil’s financial center, the thermometers recently read just 6.6C (43.9F) which was the coldest May temperature since 1990. A windchill of -4C (24.8F) was also logged.

Tragically, the cold is taking lives. Among the perished is a 66-year-old homeless man who died in São Paulo after falling ill in a food line. City Hall has announced the allocation of 2,000 additional shelter beds to help, bringing São Paulo’s total capacity to around 17,000; however, this is still well short of the 32,000 homeless that are estimated to be living on the city’s streets.

The southern state of Santa Catarina has suffered lows of under 2C (35.6F) for several days now, and rare, early-season snowfall has reportedly enthralled locals and tourists alike.

While elsewhere in Brazil, hundreds of low temperature records continue to be slain, including, but not limited to, the new monthly lows set in Minas Gerais, Sete Lagoas, Diamantina, Belo Horizonte, and also in Goias where Thursday’s reading of 2.7C (36.9F) annihilated the previous May record of 5.6C (42.1F).

Of course, South America’s freeze isn’t just confined to Brazil.

Longstanding benchmarks have also been falling in Argentina, Uruguay and Bolivia–to name just three, with the latter seeing records busted in San Jose, San Matias, and Ascension de Guarayos–again, to name just three.

According to Estael Sias, of the Metsul meteorological agency, the “atypical cold wave” was due to Cyclone Yakecan pushing unusually-far north: “This cyclone is an anomaly, which certainly fits in with extreme events related to climate change,” she said, blindly attempting to jam a square peg (record-breaking cold) into a round hole (global warming). Sias is nothing but a narrative pushing parrot. A buzz-phrase repeater. ‘Experts’ like her need ignoring.

Inmet has warned of “possible consequences” of the cold snap and frost on agriculture in one of the world’s biggest food producers. And looking ahead, a few more days of anomalous, historic polar cold are on the cards:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) May 17 – May 22 [].

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29 Thoughts to ““Historic” Late-Season Snow Headed For The Rockies; Chilly Barbados; + Record Cold Sweeps South America: Brasilia Logs Lowest Temperature In Its History”

  1. METSUL was one of the Brazilian institutes most opposed to Global Warming under human responsibility for years. It produced a good texts and articles about it and published it in his social media and in the press. METSUL looked at the natural cycles, the ocean, the poles and the Sun, until her honored founder, Eugene Jaeckel Hackbarth retired and died in 2020. From then on this institute became, with Estael, more of the same.

  2. RAFO

    Really strange isn’t it how the weather and political problems have “cooperated” to bring about the Globalists mass depopulation and starvation plans for the world! A blind man could see far from being just a result of the Sun’s activities, weather manipulation is alive and well and is actively being pursued. Gates, Bezos, et. al. have deep financial interests in the control and distribution of food. Food equals control over the dumbed down masses. It’s all designed to get you to get the kill shot with the coming Beast system. Be aware of what this is all about.

    1. .

      Dig It! #143: NEW Global Food System – MUST WATCH!

    2. Deb

      Not coincidental. They knew the ice age was coming, planned political events et al around it.

  3. Wizard

    While I agree with the overall statement, I think this exceeds human-induced weather manipulation

    Would it be plausible that TPTB simply knew in advance there would be a major climate shift, something that couldn’t be interfered or countered with any known human weather manipulation? That’s where I lean in analyzing things. They planted a war only in UA since there conditions aren’t at all that terrible for the seeding of crops this year. Or better said, conditions wouldn’t be terrible if it weren’t for the shooting; I won’t use either “war”/”invasion” or “special military operation”, since they are both inaccurate.

    1. .

      … perhaps psyop(s) and just another part of the planned agenda as per RAFO.

    2. Al

      It’s not just plausible but certain that they are fully aware of impending and cataclysmic events that are coming to this earth in the next few years until around 2030. These events are like clockwork andhave come before…7500 years ago ws the last big one which wiped out a lot of life. This is why Covid is the lie to jab to depopulate and control before the proverbial hits the fan. There is massive cliamte change coming due to nature…cooling and climate resets together with biblical events to come. This is written and done before…so get good with God.

    3. David

      Was in Colorado Sprimgs over the weekend. I lived there for 20 years. My mother had 14 inches on the deck in the Northern end of town. Barely broke freezing for 2 days.

  4. MonkeyPox

    In March, 2021, the “Nuclear Threat Initiative” Held a “Drill” for MonkeyPox Terror Attack — May 15, 2022 . . . now we have one
    World Hal Turner 20 May 2022
    COVID-19 Was a Planned ATTACK, TOO
    By the end of the exercise[in 2023], the “fictional pandemic” resulted in more than three billion cases and 270 million fatalities worldwide.

  5. Ranch Ghost

    CRP – 2022.05.20 I No Longer Trust Scott Ritter [for good reason] -May 20, 2022
    …. “false/extreme reports of his torture and death… was a funny and weird out of body experience”… no kidding, eh? [a double agent alt media/MSM psyop shill… the chickens always come home to roost.]

    CRP – 2022.05.20 Dad Joke

    CRP – 2022.05.20 The West’s Hysterical Decisions

  6. FYI


    1. .

      Courts Overturn COVID – #NewWorldNextWeek

      Story #1: Courts Overturn Covid – India’s Supreme Court Overturns Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccination Policy

      Crown Drops Another 24 Tickets Against Three BC Pastors Who Refused to Shutter Churches

      Court Finds COVID Restrictions for Tokyo Restaurant Chain Illegal

      Indian Supreme Court Judgement Against Vaccine Mandates

      False Claims About Indian Supreme Court Judgement Against Vaccine Mandates Debunked

      World Bank to Receive $450 Million to Start Pandemic Preparedness Fund

      PDF: “Strengthening WHO Preparedness For and Response to Health Emergencies”

      Overview of FDA’s Planned June Blitzkrieg to Authorize Useless Toxic Shots Now and Forevermore

      CBDCs: A Country-By-Country Guide
      Way back in 2017 James Corbett created a country-by-country guide to the biometric ID control grid that was coming into view even then. In that editorial he noted that “it doesn’t take a Nostradamus to understand where this is all heading: From the cashless society and the biometric ID grid to the cashless biometric grid.”

      Well, here we are. It’s 2022, and the merger of the cashless society and the biometric ID grid is nearing completion. In fact, the current iteration of this control grid agenda is even worse than predicted. Now known as Central Bank Digital Currency, or CBDC, this programmable digital money offers the banksters numerous options, including the ability to combine the cashless society with the biometric ID grid and even a social credit system. If and when CBDCs replace other payment methods, the banksters’ control over society will be unprecedented.

  7. Rocket Scientist

    Study suggests boosting testosterone makes leftist men more conservative
    Friday, May 20, 2022… no kidding. eh?

    1. Deb

      Time to start dosing the reservoirs with testosterone. So the women turn into biker chicks. It all evens out.

        1. Deb

          Okay, you got me with “priapismic” (so to speak). Hadda look it up. But I was pretty sure I knew what you meant by “dicklet”, lol.

      1. Father Mulcahy

        … or bull dike feminist “church lady” biker chicks with heaters on a mission.
        Born-Again Biker Babes

          1. Deb

            Are you talkin’ Mafia style heaters, or is that another slap at my mini cubic woodstove?

          2. George

            … the slap was “church lady”… and don’t be so sensitive Martha.

  8. Documenting the Ice Age Gallows Humour...

    Luxembourg in the NEWS
    Space Mining Is Here, Led by Luxembourg, one of the smallest companies in the world, with more than 70 companies in the space sector and largest space budget per capita [pop 645,000 of which 18.1% are Portuguese rocket scientists] Luxembourg, a member of the European Space Agency, entered the space race in 2016. Though the population (at just over 600,000) is the smallest to make this list, its space mining money laundering industry has the highest per capita ratio in the world.

    “It is not clear whether international space law allows for a country to grant property rights to natural resources extracted in space,” a study by Allen and Overy, a Luxembourg-based law firm, found. After the US approved the world’s first space mining law in 2015, Russia was one of the countries to raise objections.

    To understand the ambiguity of space, we have to go back to the 1967 Outer Space Treaty (OST), a Cold War-era accord prohibiting the national appropriation of celestial bodies. Essentially, space is treated as common ground, not unlike Antarctica. Military development is extremely limited in space by the OST, which was signed by 105 countries. In order to pull off President Trump’s recently trumpeted Space Force, Washington would have to exit the OST, further isolating the US.

    But the OST noticeably overlooks any reference to the ownership of resources, an omission that the US and Luxembourg have chosen to define. They’re unlikely to be the only ones; the UAE recently signed an agreement to learn from Luxembourg’s legal finesse.

    Luxembourg’s law does not have the objective, purpose or effect of paving the way for any national appropriation of celestial bodies – Paul Zenners

    “Luxembourg’s law on the exploration and use of space resources addresses this [omission] and gives clarity on a national level, as a first step to enable space resources activities,” says Zenners. “Luxembourg’s law does not have the objective, purpose or effect of paving the way for any national appropriation of celestial bodies. Only the ownership of space resources is addressed in the legal framework, which also lays down the regulations for the authorisation and the supervision of missions.”

    Luxembourg’s small size may help it take the lead in this new goldrush for the riches of space. “Along with the United States, Luxembourg has proven to be a forward-thinking country, and their success will enable private companies to conduct deep space missions,” says Bill Miller, CEO of US-based Deep Space Industries, which uses Luxembourg as its European headquarters.

    The debate may not hit fever pitch for some time: space-mining companies have had a habit of touting overambitious launch schedules. But if the profits start rolling in one day in the near future, it’s probably a prudent bet that Luxembourg will be somewhere in the picture.
    With a decades-long track record of making space a profitable business, Luxembourg is betting big on everything from space resources, satellites and training the next generation of space entrepreneurs. – Dec 16, 2021

    … but now with all the pandemic/war/famine/supply chain theatre going on… space mining news is on the front page again… so expect that the price of rare off-planet outer space minerals must be about to “sky-rocket” again. Invest early in Luxembourg space mining industries while the gettin’ is still cheap. [another one of those edge of oblivion links]

  9. Ice Age Eugenics and Bioelectrical Graphenation/5G War/Famine Theatre Now.Info

    Situation Update, May 20, 2022 – The world’s largest slave labour camp China [home psyop/theatre planning] is preparing for [a pre-ice age] “D-Day” INVASION [theatre/psyop/depop/reset ww “attack” on] the continental United States – After the well planned “WWIII” is finished expect that the 24/7 mostly coloured human factory worker/robot/slaves ww will soon come to see “today” as the good ‘ol days…. as the majority of white middle class/I.Q. /libtard problem class and elderly ww are eugenically high-graded.
    The coming post-apocalypse theatre WAR between [the out of sight] underworlders [DUMBs and tropical yacht/mansion dwellers et al] and the [surplus] SURFACE DWELLERS
    We are in the middle of the LARGEST planned/engineered stock market BUBBLE/CRASH theatre show in history

    Will a Failing China Attack America?
    “That’s an especially disturbing possibility now that belligerent Chinese officers are convincing themselves they can launch surprise attacks on the U.S. Navy and kill thousands of Americans.”

    search: yuval harari useless classes

    Why Global Supply Chains May Never Be the Same [last one minute of this vid barely portends as to where we’re going – a good documentary of what the current blended robotic human/machine slavery looks like]

    How China Plans to “Win” the Future of Energy, Net Zero Psyops and Enhanced Slavery Wars [Globalists have no plans to throw a major wrench into the well/newly developed behaving/beehive/infrastructure. The China “beehive” has “survived” numerous previous ice ages along with their mostly Aryan apiarists. It’s just a timely eugenical cull/reset/refresh of the ww beehive.

    How China May Soon Lead the World-wide Soft-Kill Bio-Revolution With the Drug Approval Process Streamlined Down to Just Two Months

    “Like no other force on the planet, ice ages have shaped the global environment and thereby determined the development of human civilization,” Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, then-director of PIK and a co-author of one of those studies, said in a statement in 2016. “For instance, we owe our fertile soil to the last ice age that also carved out today’s landscapes, leaving glaciers and rivers behind, forming fjords, moraines and lakes. However, today it is humankind with its CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels that determines the future development of the planet.”

    Dynasty/Empire Chaos, Population Decline and The Little Ice Ages

  10. Ice Age Eugenics and Bioelectrical Graphenation/5G War/Famine Theatre Now.Info

    Shanghai & Beijing locked down because China has been moving to a wartime economy AT FULL SPEED!!!
    Posted on May 21, 2022 by State of the Nation

    From Jim Stone:
    RED ALERT: The most credible name in Chinese news (Jennifer Zheng) got proof via a smuggled recording, as I have said in the past, that China is going to a wartime economy
    About a month ago I was talking a lot about how the lockdowns in China were being done so that the general population would not notice that the factories were being switched over to wartime production.

    UPDATE: ALL TIME FRAMES REFERRED TO ARE APRIL 18, WHICH MEANS WHEN I WAS SAYING THEY DID THE LOCKDOWNS AS A PRELUDE TO WAR, I WAS RIGHT. It took a while for this to get smuggled out of China and Jennifer got it posted at least a month after I concluded what I did. Everyone ought to remember me saying the lock downs were for war preps and here we have it, they even say the Covid protocols will work for this.

    Once again I say it and it gets confirmed a long time later. If Jennifer says China is now moving to a wartime economy, China is and that’s all there is to it. She has all the connections in China that anyone could ever want.

  11. Gerry, England

    Wow! What a change in the conditions at the US PGA in Oklahoma. Sweating in the sun and heat on Friday and then wrapped up to combat the cold and north wind yesterday and contending with a course that had 2 inches of rain overnight.

  12. FYI

    CCP Issues ‘National Mobilization Order” Instructing “Switch to Wartime Operations” – World Hal Turner 21 May 2022

  13. Ice Age Eugenics and Bioelectrical Graphenation/5G War/Famine Theatre Now.Info

    Q. Who died and made these folks [all feel like] king(s) again?
    A. Do not ask for whom the bell tolls. Pilgrims/British Monarchy like the Old World Order.

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