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Heavy snowfall in Bolivia kills 18,000 livestock

Bolivian authorities report that heavy snowfall has killed thousands of livestock, and have requested outside help with the recovery.

Heavy snowfall in the Bolivian municipality of Catacora reached 30 cm (12 inches), said mayor Absalón Conurana.

He added that there are roughly 70,000 head of cattle (80% alpaca and 20% of llamas) in his territory, of which 20% (or some 18,000) were lost to the extreme weather event.

In Santiago de Machaca, mayor Lizardo Condori said snowfall reached 60 cm (2 ft) and that the animals died from either the cold or from suffocation as a result of being trapped under the heavy snow load.

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Although the snow has stopped, for now, the surviving livestock are still in danger of starvation as deep snow blankets the vegetation.

But The World’s On Fire… right?


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