Extreme Weather 

Heavy Snow Blankets Parts of Morocco More Than Two Months Ahead of Schedule

Temperatures throughout Morocco plummeted to near and below freezing over the weekend, leading to first snowfall of the season — more than 2 months ahead of schedule!

Temperatures in Ifrane dropped to -1C (30.2F) on Oct 28, leading to significant snow accumulations of up to 20 inches in just 24 hours.

Similar snow accumulations were also recorded in Imouzzer, Michlifen and El Hajeb.

The High Atlas mountains near Beni Mellal have also received a blanketing over the last few days, as photographed here by Sentinel-2:

The amount of snow surprised locals and meteorologists who say the region doesn’t usually see its first settling snow until January.

The National Meteorological Directorate is predicting more below-average cold and heavy snow to end the week.

Heavy snowfall in Morocco, in October — welcome to the Grand Solar Minimum.



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