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Heavy Snow and Hard Frosts Shock Turkey Residents — Video

Much of Europe will experience a surprise return to winter this week, as a vast trough of bitter Arctic air plunges into the continent. Turkey has had an early taster of what’s to come as government departments tackle major disruption to transport and the danger of avalanches.

According to Turkey’s department of Meteorology, temperatures will hold well below average these next few week, bringing hard frosts and heavy, debilitating snowfall.

Many regions, including Hakkari, Bitlis, and Muş, are expecting as much as half a meter (19.7 inches) of accumulating snow.

Farmers are being warned to take necessary precautions to limit the affects of the unseasonably cold weather. Particularly growers with young fruit and vegetable crops — almonds, apricots and plums are most under threat.

Storms bringing winds of 50-80km are forecast to accompany the cold — power outages are likely.

The cold times are here.


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