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Heavy Rains Affect 226,000 In Yunnan, China

Torrential rains and the ensuing floods have affected around 226,000 people in southwest China’s Yunnan province, local authorities said.

So far six people have been killed and 226,000 from fifteen prefectures and cities across the province affected, according to the disaster reduction committee.

Floods have also destroyed an estimated 12,040 hectares of crops and 1,686 houses, causing direct economic loss of 228 million yuan (33 million US dollars).

In the southern prefectures of Honghe, Pu’er, Xishuangbanna and Yuxi, mudslides remain a concern for authorities.

In Pu’er’s Jinggu County, 11 centimeters of rain fell in under 24 hours, exacerbating already soaked conditions and forcing the closure of many mountainside roads.

The local weather bureau forecast heavy rainfall would continue over the next week, bringing thunder, strong winds, and large hail with it.

The agency has warned local authorities and residents to take precautions.

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