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Harsh Nighttime Frosts Mean Further Headaches For Aussie Farmers

Overnight temperatures are already plummeting to -6C in large regions of south eastern Australia, with many farmers reporting significant stem frost damage.

The prolonged winter drought meant the end for many grain crops, but for those fortunate enough to have a harvest with some yield potential left, harsh frosts are likely to be the finishing blow.

Long range forecast models, although somewhat unreliable at this stage, are consistently showing brutal cold fronts engulfing the entire country come middle/late September.

Temperatures are predicted to plunge 15C below average for huge areas of Australia:

GFS Temp Anomaly Forecast — Australia Sept 20

Australia’s ABARES will release its September crop report next week.

It is expected to slash wheat and barley production estimates for Queensland and NSW after limited winter rainfall.

The coming cold is likely to cause further extensive losses.

Wheat prices rose sharply in recent days.


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