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Half of Russia is Buried in Snow

Russia has been bone-chillingly cold of late, particularly it’s Eastern Regions.

On October 15, Yakutia province, located in the far Northeast, recorded a minimum low of -32C (-25.6F) and a maximum high of -13C (8.6F) — “severe frosts” have resulted, according to gismeteo.ru.

In addition, it would appear that HALF of the transcontinental country is currently buried under astonishing levels of early season snow. Turning to data from the Rutgers Snow Lab, the pack even descends as far south as China, and as far west as Scandinavia:

Northern Hemisphere Daily Snow (GSL) — Oct 18

Lifted from an Oct 17 gismeteo.com article: “Chukotka, Yakutia, the northern Baikal and Transbaikal Regions, Evenkia, and Taymyr are covered in snow. Thus, a huge territory (entire Eastern Russia) is under the snow cover. The deepest snowdrifts are observed in Magadan and Yakutia.

Severe snowstorms blew through Magadan on ‘Pokrov Day’ (Oct 14), burying the province under half a meter (20 inches) of snow. The neighboring province of Yakutia didn’t fair much better, with accumulations of 46cm (18.1 inches) reported by hmn.ru.

Early-season-snow doesn’t fit the AGW narrative, it simply shouldn’t be happening in a warming world — and that’s exactly why this story won’t be covered by the world’s mainstream media.

The cold times are returning in line with historically low solar activity.

This is how glaciers form.

This is also how ice ages begin.

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One Thought to “Half of Russia is Buried in Snow”

  1. Bill In Oz

    Meanwhile here in Australia it’s been a fantastic snow season this past Winter. Here is what happened at Perisher :https://www.perisher.com.au/perisher-news/perisher-now/1435-2019-season-wrap

    And some idiots think the world is warming !

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