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Greenland Gains Record Volumes Of Snow And Ice For The Time Of Year; Official Estimates Lower Argentinian Wheat Exports Amid Cold Weather Woes; Cold Taiwan; + Australian’s Instructed NOT To Charge Their EVs Due To Energy Crunch

Greenland Gains Record Volumes Of Snow And Ice For The Time Of Year

Greenland continues to defy AGW Party orders, refusing to melt as prophesied. Data from the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) reveals that the island’s ice melt slowed significantly during the past decade, and that the trend has now swung to one of growth — media tizzies of ‘mass ice loss’ are wildly unfounded.

The Greenland ice sheet has been faring increasingly well in recent years. Since 2016, a sharp uptick in the Surface Mass Balance (SMB) –a calculation used to determine the ‘health’ of a glacier– has been detected, and daily/monthly records have routinely been broken.

Decades of reliable satellite measurements have allowed trends to be detected. And while it is true that the world’s largest island lost mass from around 1995 to 2012, that trend of loss has now reversed, almost completely, and like the gradual turning of a vast ship, from the year’s 2010 to 2015 Greenland’s SMB changed course and has been on an upward trajectory ever since.

This is clearly visible on the below chart which plots the total mass balance since 1985:

And most recently, the 2021/2022 season is continuing that trend of growth.

Impressive spikes have been posted across the Greenland ice sheet all season.

And on Tuesday, June 14 a record-breaking SMB gain –for the month of June– of over 4 Gigatons was posted:


Even more impressively, Tuesday’s gains push this season’s SMB totals above the 1981-2010 mean:


If you seek proof of mainstream media lies then you need look no further than their reporting of the Greenland ice sheet.

The above data very clearly outlines the reality, yet here is how the Western corporate media –whose job it is to instill fear and forward agendas, not to impart truth– has been misinforming the masses: “Phenomenally high rates of melting have been discovered at the base of the Greenland Ice Sheet”, reports Cambridge Independent“Melting Ice Sheet in Greenland Becomes the Largest Contributor to Global Sea Level Rise”, reads a Nature World News headline from earlier in the year.

The science, in all fields, has been hijacked by vested interests. And that quote from Dr. Paul Reiter again rings true: “As far as the science being ‘settled,’ I think that is an obscenity. The fact is the science is being distorted by people who are not scientists.”

Official Estimates Peg-Back Argentinian Wheat Exports Amid Cold Weather And Inflation Woes

There were some early, optimistic expectations that Argentina would be able to capitalize on the Black Sea debacle, but these hopes are fading fast as a combination of early-season frosts and freezes, spiraling inflation, and political uncertainty combine to thwart the country’s Agricultural sector.

The 2022/23 winter wheat crop, which is going in the ground now, is the first of Argentina’s main crops to be sown since the Russia invaded the Ukraine. But a myriad of issues are being reported. According to, South American farmers are planting under the lingering impact of a second-consecutive La Nina, and amid fears of an extremely rare third-consecutive La Nina in the months ahead, dry conditions and intense freezes have slowed the planting progress.

A total of just 30% of the area has been planted with wheat as of June 8, down 6.2% from the same levels of a year ago, according to the latest estimates from the Buenos Aires Grains Exchange (BAGE), with further delays expected.

Also, and as is the case across globe right now, record-high prices and shortages for key inputs, such as fertilizers, are seeing growers even more reliant on the elements being favorable. 

“This year there are going to be less hectares planted with wheat and less use in fertilizers this season,” said Jeremias Battistoni, Market Analyst from AZ Group.

 A lack of inputs also drastically reduces the end yield, particularly in wheat and corn which require the highest application.

Battistoni also fears that farmers could scrap their wheat area and migrate to barely instead which is cheaper to grow.

“But wheat export dynamics are surging this year, with around 90% of the exportable quota filled already,” he points out. “However, only 30% of the crop has been planted … so there is a risk there.”

It is looking as if Argentina won’t be able to fulfill its export quota this year, which, more than likely, will have catastrophic knock-on effects for import nations. Domestic supply is likely to suffer, too. Interventionist measures have been a key theme for global agricultural markets this year. And the Argentinian government is no different, with President Alberto Fernandez imposing a series of protective measures to tackle ever-rising domestic inflation levels in the country, warning of increases in export taxes and potential additional measures to protect the domestic market, which is bringing further uncertainty into the farming sector.

The measure that has greatest impact for the grains trade is the so-called “equilibrium volumes” imposed for the first time for wheat in December 2021, whereby an automatic ban on exports and other restrictions are triggered when a threshold volume determined by the Government are achieved. 

For wheat, the export quota for has been set at 10 million mt for 2022/23, some 4.5 million mt below the exports achieved in 2021/22.

“There is a lack of responsibility from the Argentine government, that instead of encouraging the sowing of wheat so that we reach 20 or 22 million mt, they have stopped exports at ten million tonnes,” Luis Miguel Etchevehere, from the Rural Society of Argentina (SRA), said at a global conference at the end of last week.

“The world should not expect Argentina to contribute significantly to export volumes this year,” said an Argentina-based grain analyst. And the same can be said for the key export nations of Brazil, which is also suffering from cold weather woes, inut shortages, political pressures and global supply chains breakdowns.

Cold Taiwan

May 2022 in Taiwan finished markedly cooler than the norm.

An average temperature of 21.93C (71.5F) was noted for the month, which is -1.37C below the multidecadal norm.

The below anomaly map comes courtesy of the CWB:


Australian’s Instructed NOT To Charge Their EVs Due To Energy Crunch

This is where an unchecked spread of ill-informed ideologies gets you. It’s where spineless politicians, bowing to a crazed mob of placard brandishing hippies, have led us. And the world is suffering. Big time.

There is no data to back-up catastrophic anthropogenic global warming: global deaths from natural disasters (including heatwaves and wildfires) are at all-time lows; Earth’s average temperature isn’t increasing inline with CO2 emissions (it’s actually fallen quiet substantially since 2016); and the planet’s glaciers are refusing to melt (as highlighted above re. Greenland).

I call on every person believing in the AGW Party doctrine to stop ingesting the propaganda, to instead open your eyes to the data, to the world around you. You have been misled by a powerful racket hellbent on destroying our civilization so to allow them to rebuild it in their name and vested interest alone. They call it The Great Reset. I call it a technocratic tyranny. And it is behind every single crisis of the past few years: that’s global warming, COVID-19, and the war in Ukraine–to name the ‘biggies’.

The warnings have been sounding for years. And now Australians, despite living in the world’s largest coal exporting nation, are being warned by their pandering, weak-kneed, timorous, placating and cowardly government that they need to conserve power in order to avoid blackouts, steps which include not charging their electric vehicles (a laughable request that has also just been asked of Texans in the U.S., too).

Australia’s energy crisis is showing no signs of abating, either. And earlier today the nation’s Energy Market Operator made an unprecedented intervention by suspending the whole east-coast electricity market until further notice.

One Aussie told me via email today: “Here in South Australia we have had two warnings this week to reduce energy consumption to avoid blackouts. Today, Friday, and earlier in the week. All this and the Federal Government has an 80% renewable target by 2030.”

The world is going to hell; and tragically, the indoctrinated greenies, buoyed by the support of a corrupt establishment, are merrily hopping aboard the handbasket. And they’re taking us all with them. But where’s the democracy? Where’s my vote?


The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING in line with historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among many other forcings, including the impending release of the Beaufort Gyre).

Prepare accordingly — learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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12 Thoughts to “Greenland Gains Record Volumes Of Snow And Ice For The Time Of Year; Official Estimates Lower Argentinian Wheat Exports Amid Cold Weather Woes; Cold Taiwan; + Australian’s Instructed NOT To Charge Their EVs Due To Energy Crunch”

  1. Ragnar Ravn

    If you are gifted with a sense of black humour, then it’s hard not to laugh when reading the above. It’s mind bending insanity on full display. I figure it’s better for one’s mental health to laugh than cry.

    Revolution is in progress, but from the 85% of the planets population, not belonging to the brainwashed “golden billion” in NATO, Japan, South Korea and Oceania.

    I read a forbidden explanation, for why you will have look a long way for any insurrection in the west. “Men has become women and women children”. Nudging and systemic narrative cultivation has morally outlawed deviation from the consensus.

    It’s quite surreal to hope for economic and social implosion of the west and a shift of world power to the east, to save some fraction of sanity and rationality. But I am getting to that point.

    My take is that the “elites” planning is imploding and fear is spreading like metastasis in the upper echelon’s. Things are not going to plan and instead of an economic implosion and fragmentation of Russia into small weak states, the opposite is happening.

    Stronger currency, falling inflation and interest rate. A population (83%) that rallies around their leadership, because they realise they are under attack from a deceitful west, that habitually ignore all agreements.

    They now have the power, to attack the dollar hegemony, without which, the west is toast and any hope of controlling a world currency and future policy is fading.

    Fantasy money will be replaced by hard commodity backed currencies. Experts predict it will take decades for that to happen, but like everything today, evolution is happening much faster than anyone predict.

    I hate to use our chief vaccine sponsors words, but it’s true, “we tend to overestimate, what will happen in two years and underestimate what will happen in ten years”

    History is the perfect lesson to how elites behave, when their power and economy is crumbling. War and the limited “Special Operation” in Ukraine will probably be ramped up and expanded to the east ie. Taiwan, which means a nuclear confrontation is a 50/50 odds.

    Previously I could not imagine that possibility, but lately I am not so sure. With the western elites insane ambitions for a new society, they need to destroy as much of the existing as possible, to keep the power and blame the values of the past for the disaster.

    A development that gives me a little hope, is the 14% increase in hydrocarbon use in the west post corona. UN lunatics held a green insanity meeting in Wien where they decried the development.

    The fact that the west actually prioritised to save or postpone the implosion by ramping up the use of hydrocarbon gives me a little hope there are still a lot, in the upper layers that prefers to pay lip service to the ambitions of the demolition cult.

    We live in interesting times. Let’s hope the brain fog will subside.

    1. Al

      Russia is certainly not affected by the West sanctions and is propering through higher oil and gas prices, plus wheat etc. Their currency is stronger now than before their “war”. Don’t be fooled by thinking Putin is the good guy in all this debacle…he is a graduate from the WEF. He is playing his part in ALL of this agenda…that completely changes what you believe about good and bad countries…they are ALL in this together…a cartel or cabal of deceit. There is nowhere on earth to esacpe this colluded evil…just mirror Cap and get self sufficient and prepared.

  2. Mystic’s Mystic

    If there are only electric cars they better be four wheel drive. Most roads are made from a petroleum byproduct called bitumen. Without fizzle fuels, no road taxes and no economical road building product. Does that matter when you can’t charge them?

  3. Michael Peinsipp

    And when it happens, the AGW/Politicians/’Elite” will know true fear just like they did on January 6, 2020.
    AND in America, We were born free and live with Inherent Rights.
    Those Rights are why they are attempting to control the 2nd Amendment.
    It will only take one small incident (Think WW1 and it’s start) and the Storm will destroy everything in its path…may God help us.

    1. Ballistic Logos

      “It will only take one small incident”… the only “incidents” that are broadcast are the “intended or fabricated out of whole cloth” incidents intended for prime-time. See any UN mercenary troops and horses trampling the peaceful protesters in Ottawa or in AUS or recent WEF tyrannical “vee vill hack your brain and cull your ass vis technology” speeches/”incidents” reported on MSM? The only incident that might make a diff is if MSM was to be taken over by fictitious “Stormy” white hats riding in to save the town. The last of the world’s testosterone “stormers” went the way of the average sperm counts long ago. This “Storm Pride Klown Kar” is already on its roof sliding over the edge of the cliff… but keep pressing on the brake pedal if you think it helps. News Benders. Be Prepared – Boy Scouts.
      Things will always work out even when they don’t work out too good.

      1. Deb

        You sure know how to make a person laugh and cry at the same time!

      2. Dallas Schneider

        Right – my motto – Just because it looks bad doesn’t mean it is going to work out bad!

  4. Leonard Ackler

    you are right on all counts the greenies are a brain dead mob

  5. Jayme Hatfield

    Would someone please tell the copy set person how difficult it is to read headlines in all caps yeesh

  6. Dallas Schneider

    Looking at the Greenland Mass Balance one should note the trend difference between 2010 and 2021. Why? These are the frozen years after solar lows with no sunspot activity for 30+ day periods.
    Prior year to Jan 2010 had 2 such periods, with resultant 1,000,000 Fish Frozen
    dead in the Everglades.
    Prior year 2021 had 3 such periods, with resultant 702 Texans frozen to death.
    Now you can look at the graph to see the trends, looking forward to 2032 sunspot activity, with resultant WHAT?

  7. Dallas Schneider

    Thought Experiment for Global Warmists!
    Planet Earth – 400 PPM CO2 – WARM
    Mars – 960,000 PPM – CO2 – DRY ICE COLD!
    PPM – Parts Per Million Atmospheric Gases

    Could Fossil Fuels be taking us into an Ice Age?

    Where did the Green House Gas Effect go?
    Are you saying that the 96% CO2 Atmosphere of Mars
    is DRY ICE COLD because it lacks water vapor (a GHG) and N2?
    Good as reason as any for the answer to the ???

    on Mars!

  8. Jörg

    – Short introduction to concept and movement – Matthias Schmelzer Hamburg 2016.

    The most remarkable quotes from the video:

    1:04 / 33:49 What is Degrowth?
    Degrowth, decroissance, post-growth or even growth reversal are the buzzwords of a relatively new and growing European social movement of activists and scholars who question the prevailing development model of continuous capitalist economic growth.

    2:05 / 33:49
    The core idea is a socio-ecological transformation of the way of production and life, aiming at the well-being of all.
    … and this is what makes it specific now, but from a degrowth perspective this means for the countries of the global north a democratically organized reduction of production and consumption to a globally equitable and sustainable level.

    4:06 / 33:49
    … ecological justice and sustainability, it concludes, therefore requires an end to growth in rich countries.

    10:32 / 33:49
    To halt man-made climate change, with its dramatic and potentially catastrophic consequences that threaten the survival of large segments of future humanity, action must be swift and drastic. For example, to achieve the 1.5 degree target agreed at the UN conference in Paris last November, fossil fuel emissions from energy production and consumption, as well as from agriculture and forestry, must be reduced to zero by 2035.

    19:36 / 33:49
    Is degrowth actually about shrinking the economy?
    And I would like to answer this question with a clear “no”, because on the one hand, the basic consensus of the degrowth movement based, for example, on the largest empirical study to date on this can be summarized as follows …

    19:58 / 33:49
    … Growth without destruction of nature is an illusion, therefore shrinkage will be necessary in the industrialized countries. This also means that we will have to do without conveniences to which we have become accustomed.

    22:30 / 33:49
    Degrowth, on the contrary, is fundamentally about a democratically negotiated shrinking of production and consumption to a certain level, with the goal of enabling social rights.
    Here and everywhere, now and in the future.

    24:14 / 33:49
    The general orientation in all these alternative proposals is, I think it has already been mentioned, that of a good life for all.

    24:41 / 33:49
    Of course, degrowth is not about shrinking everything and criticizing all growth across the board, just to anticipate one of the very frequently mentioned counter-arguments. Rather, it is about selective growth and shrinkage in certain areas of society. Thus, on the one hand, it must be a matter of drastically shrinking certain areas of society that are particularly problematic, and here, above all, exit from fossil fuels belongs, they must remain in the ground …

    25:16 / 33:49
    …and in the longer term also the individual traffic which in principle must be shrunk away.

    25:55 / 33:49
    Together with a fair world economic order and …

    26:54 / 33:49
    … and in essence, it is about something as an alternative or as a supplement to a paid unconditional basic income that all also have a claim and social right to a certain amount of basic goods such as a certain amount of housing, a certain amount of energy, mobility, etc. that is provided collectively and does not have to be organized individually.

    27:44 / 33:49
    … makes the social situation of the worst off even more precarious.

    30:09 / 33:49
    … and an obvious and much discussed entry project is a radical reduction of working hours for all.

    And here
    Degrowth: Life and Economy beyond Growth – (Conference Leipzig 2014)

    you will hear from the professor of finance at the University of Erfurt, Helge Peukert, that you are far too productive and therefore can destroy the world.
    And: “…a vacation by plane is then simply no longer possible”.

    In summary:

    1- Shrinkage of the economy, here and everywhere, now and in the future = reduction of growth = reduction of production and consumption = de-growth.

    2- Radical reduction of working hours for all

    3- Reduce fossil fuel emissions from energy production and consumption, and from agriculture and forestry, to zero (decarbonization)

    4- Phase out fossil fuels, they must stay in the ground.

    5- Shrink away individual transport

    6- Only a certain amount of living space, a certain amount of energy, mobility, etc. is available.

    7- Situation of those who are the worst off anyway becomes even worse.

    Who would be so stupid as to drive the economy and thus prosperity against the wall?
    No one.
    So it can only be one thing: Intention.

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