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Grand Solar Minimum Comes to The Town of La Veta, Colorado

It’s been the ‘summer of things to come’ for the small town of La Veta.  First, extreme drought struck the region, then the Spring Fire forced people to flee, and now, what many long-time locals are calling the worst hail storm in living memory has left significant damage throughout the town.

The storm hit around 7pm Tuesday evening, dropping baseball-size hail throughout the community, lasting about ten minutes and pummelling any surface the hail stones came in contact with.

Vehicles across town were battered by the storm — dents, broken mirrors and brake lights, and cracked windshields were all reported. Even the school buses have been put out of service.

“It’s about the fiercest storm I’ve seen here,” said Adrienne Berkon, a La Veta resident since the 1970s.

“It was freaky, really scary,” said La Veta resident Katherine Stuart.

“We had such a terrible drought, the terrible fire, and now this,” Stuart said. “It’s like everything is happening in La Veta at once.  It’s been very hard on the town.”


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