Google To Ban All Advertisements on “Climate Denial” Content

It would appear that Electroverse’s advertising days are numbered… again.

Google has announced that it will soon prohibit all advertising on content that “contradicts well-established scientific consensus around the existence and causes of climate change” — in other words, the platform is shutting down scientific debate in order to appease its totalitarian backers.

On the face of it, this is something of a surprising move as it will hurt Google’s profits (climate denial is a hot topic). But as we’ve previously discussed, for a totalitarian regime to be successful power & control will need to take precedence over everything else: this includes the truth, the health of the economy, and the happiness of the people — we see this playing out in China right now with the CCP’s tech and financial crackdown.

Google’s advertisement ban, which will be implemented next month, targets “content referring to climate change as a hoax or a scam, claims denying that long-term trends show the global climate is warming, and claims denying that greenhouse gas emissions or human activity contribute to climate change.”

I think Electroverse might just fit the bill:

Also, where does this announcement place the views of climate scientists such as Dr. Willie Soon?

Google says it will ban ads that promote “climate denial” content, too. 

“In recent years we’ve heard directly from a growing number of our advertising and publisher partners who have expressed concerns about ads that run alongside or promote inaccurate claims about climate change,” Google wrote in a statement.

Enforcement of the new rule will include a combination of both human review and automated tools, Google added, noting it consulted experts from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Assessment Reports and other “authoritative sources” when creating the policy.


We’re screwed!

A healthy debate is the backbone of scientific discovery — if you shutdown discussion, you’re taking the truth down with it.

Modern science has a very basic understanding of our planet’s climate system, and currently disregards many of the powerful forcings involved: according to our controlling elites, CO2 is the only forcing that matters, and with humans considered the sole emitters of said trace gas, this gives them the license to implement whatever policy they see fit: “the fate of the world is at stake,” after all.

This is, frankly, a terrifying position they’ve worked for themselves. And as of next month, anyone contradicting their version of the truth risks losing their advertising and, in many cases, their livelihood.

We’re fast-descending into a Totalitarian nightmare, and very few seem to recognize it, or care. Worse still, the brainwashed masses are actually applauding Goggle’s latest announcement:

Mein Drumpf - Page 16 - Forums
“Heil Google!

The number of conspiracy theories over the past 18-or-so months that have turned out to be factual shows the necessity for open debate. Yes, occasionally you’ll run into the bathroom-wall scribblings of a crazy person, but far be it from Google to be the arbiters of truth, particularly on subjects of science.

Electroverse recently lost its advertising after I suggested COVID may have originated from the Wuhan Lab — a theory everyone and their dog is now discussing due to the sheer weight of evidence behind it. Indeed, one positive to come out of the pandemic debacle was the light it shed on some of modern society’s secretive and shady backdoor dealings. But on the flip-side, the authoritarians are now forcibly slamming that door shut again, and by increasingly totalitarian means.

The key question is, how many other truths are currently being concealed?

Stand up.

EVERYTHING is at stake here.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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46 Thoughts to “Google To Ban All Advertisements on “Climate Denial” Content”

  1. Valentina Zharkova

    Fully support this comment! This is outrageous! They forbid a freedom of research and opinion! Only opinions of the members of AGW supporters are allowed?! This reminds the holly inquisition in the Middle Ages…This is indeed a a Totalitarian nightmare!

    By the way here is a plot proving that human life expectancy follows the abundances of CO2.
    Are these AGW people demanding to reduce COO2 after a reduction of the human population?
    With support,

    1. Free Sciens

      Zharkova, you must consider getting a MEWE account. MEWE is an alternative to Facebook. Seems like free Science must start looking for alternative channels

      Facebook is biggest, but as people are being shutdown, MEWE may grow.

  2. Peter W Watson

    Google is the epitome of Fascism. We will fund you.

  3. Terry Shipman

    As one who has a degree in history, I’ve seen this before. In fact, I believe you could state it as a rule-the side that suppresses debate is ALWAYS wrong. I welcome debate about any topic. Suppressing debate is always wrong.

    1. Logos Dialectic

      You’ve got the helm Herr Shipman, well spoken.
      Dialectic or dialectics (Greek: διαλεκτική, dialektikḗ; related to dialogue; German: Dialektik), also known as the dialectical method, is a discourse between two or more people holding different points of view about a subject but wishing to establish the truth through reasoned argumentation. Dialectic resembles debate, but the concept excludes subjective elements such as emotional appeal and the modern pejorative sense of rhetoric.[1][2]

    2. prioris

      There is only one side – the entire establishment that controls virtually every political position in the US. You can say that about other countries too.. Still many people in this community in a contradiction still cling to them.

      The other side has virtually never had any representation.

      Google is essentially run by the government and is the establishment. Google is the fake private sector. Google is just fronting and doing the dirty work for the politicians in Congress. Trump and Biden both supported the global warming hoax whether they promote the anthropogenic or natural. The same for the Covid containment hoax and 911 attack lies / mass murder.

      The entire critical race theory is just another manufactured issue staged by mass media and intel agencies just like creationism vs evolution. Naive people get manipulated and sucked in also. The official history as a monumental lie that never gets mentioned.

      Big tech is a creature of the establishment which provides deniability by the politicians. This is no different than a mandate by the government especially congress.

  4. mystic’s mystic

    I’m no lawyer but if some entity openly and deliberately decides to suppress information that may have life & death consequences. Law suits and other legal remedies may be unfolding.

    1. Walnutter

      Remember that everything nasty that was done in Germany and S Africa and Rumania, USSR, etc ……..was done under the full force of the law in that country. All the leaders do is get the law changed, and justice doesn’t get a chance. The lawyers still get paid, and the prisons and firing squads get to work overtime rates. The process is simply to pass a law that targets a genuine “undesirable” group; and then a few years later change the list of target groups to include whichever happens to be holding out for truth and justice. Start with hate speech, self defence, social equity, equal opportunity, child protection. Create their own definition of “climate change” and twist old words into opposite meanings in the recent usage. Doublespeak forever.
      Meanwhile, as Pontius Pilate said “What is truth ?” even while looking Truth in the face.

  5. DIrk Pitt

    Street view Lenin statue Seattle:,-122.3511286,3a,90y,91.75h,109.03t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sfQy3lEt50BdRLRUmnVtU1Q!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

    They decorate it on holidays. It’s a tourist attraction, They want no borders under one blue UN flag which is now being run by Chicoms. And you’re surprised they’re going to silence climate deniers ? It was never about climate. It was about maximizing profits by transferring energy to the largest slave labor pool to manufacture goods. Worked well for a while, they made a lot of money. and now they own everything. Now what? Crash and rebuild under one blue UN flag. What country is not signed on? Who’s gonna save us from these evil idiots ? Enjoy your freedom while it lasts .
    Good vis today:

  6. The Mronz

    This is only to be expected, the worst high handed tactics from the AGW fraternity. They know the foundation of the sham climate agenda is crumbling by the day. It’s now or never and their panic is palpable.

    Agreed it’s the inquisition all over again.

    If the likes of Electroverse were benign then they would let it be. But the threat to the AGW platform means they have to act and being holier than thou are allowed to act.

  7. Maclura

    Brave browser/search engine could be an advertising alternative. All their current advertising is only crypto currency related.

  8. Carla

    I’ve switched to the DuckDuckGo search engine.

  9. TW

    Doubleplus ungood
    Eff Google.

    1. Kitty

      Haha haha…ahahahaha…hehee…snort*

  10. JF

    Google will make up in lost ad revenue with back-door payments or contracts. The gravy train and crony capitalism/fascism will not be stopped.

  11. upcountrywater

    Dump gaggle.
    Resulthunter it the only search engine, that doesn’t use a edited version of gaggle…Maybe you can snag some value over there?

  12. David A Nichols

    Need I remind the AGW crowd that the scientific consensus at the time of Galileo was that the Sun went around the Earth. Other then this site, I read this site and a few other like it. If all or them are shut down that only leaves with my email and porn sites. Don’t get me wrong, I like porn, but I like science, real science better.

    1. prioris

      This is never talked about but I’d be careful of any porn site. It could appear benign on surface but be a booby trap. There is entrapment schemes and legal consequences.

      1. Homo Erectus

        So says prioris priapism… coincidence… I think not.

  13. Ragnar .ravn

    Everybody in Europe talks about a cold winter this year.

    Google AI probably knows how many sheep, will look for an explanation on alternative sites like Caps impressive ditto. So the purpose is to deny these doubters looking for an explanation becoming true heretics, when they get real information instead of the MSM and IPCC propaganda.

    Again, all done in the name of Platos “Noble Lie”. The goal justifies the means.

    By the way, I read a very interesting article on Notrickzone explaining how much CO2 is absorbed to build corals and that it’s not included in IPCCs scam calculations. That’s why islands like Seychelles and Maldives is not disappearing, but growing.

    We have already passed the point of ordinary peoples imagination when it comes to narrative and perception management, by TPTB.

    With enough data and computer power it’s easy to know what people will think about certain events and actions and design the perfect explanation pacifying people.

    Next step will be a purge of the internet, removing all inconvenient material and design the past to fit the bpnarrative. It happening already, just the soft start, nudging nuisances like
    Cap and deny them an income until they give up.

    Electroverse may be impossible to find in a google search next year, or later, but it will happen.

    The internet will be transformed from a place you find facts to a place that will only contain what .TPTB wants you to know.

    WEF s agenda is moving much faster than what our intellect can fathom. This is much worse than any Science
    Fiction horror, as only reality surpasses fantasy.

  14. Peter

    Nothing has changed but only intensifying.
    The same lot have been doing this for an age.
    Any hint of real truth gets their attention.
    Theyve adjusted their method of deciet to suit the times.
    Theyre called the “Vatican”.
    Esoteric definition of Vatican is “Divine Serpents”.
    Nothing much has changed.
    They still get their “Cut” no matter what.

    1. Buffett's Brain Altered Boy Plato

      Don’t sweat it Peter, according to the propaganda, solar and wind will soon produce all the “green hydrogen” … in the future …besides that, the “Divine Serpents” say that the “Science is Settled”. Submit to Romans 13 brother… remember Galileo was “Cap’n Obvious” too back in the day… this just isn’t the “time of season” to be “right/correct”. Nothing is new under the Vatican sun.
      Galileo getting Vatican ‘splained the physics.
      Zombies – Time Of The Season

  15. Ballistic Logos

    Bombshells in NSW case: Govt & expert admit jabs not mandatory, dangerous and ineffective – Oct 8
    THE bully-boy bluffing tactics of NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard have been exposed in the ongoing case in the NSW Supreme Court because his barrister has been forced to admit the government “is not forcing” key workers to get mandatory vaccination.
    And a top professor pushing vaccination has been forced to admit in the court that COVID vaccines are dangerous for pregnant women or those planning pregnancy, and those who get vaccinated are 13 times more likely to catch and spread the virus than an unvaccinated person. Boom! Boom!
    This high-flying, pro-vaccine professor has made some stunning admissions about how dangerous and ineffective COVID vaccines are.
    All the while, Hazzard, Chant and company and their media cheer squad have been telling the people of NSW “the government is making vaccines mandatory”. But that is one big con and one big lie. No, they are “not forcing mandatory vaccinations” because they can’t. They don’t have any such lawful right, except in the most extreme, individual circumstances.
    What Hazzard’s lawyer told the court is a defacto admission that our right at common law to informed consent to medical treatment prevails over the so-called “orders” and “directions” of chief health officers over the general population. [expect this kind of info to be censored too]
    Also fighting the fight against tyrannical censorship.

  16. Winston Smith [Mr]

    Google To Ban All Advertisements on “Climate Denial” Content – October 8, 2021
    Modern science has a very basic understanding of our planet’s climate system, and currently disregards many of the powerful forcings involved: according to our controlling elites, CO2 is the only forcing that matters, and with humans considered the sole emitters of said trace gas, this gives them the license to implement whatever policy they see fit: “the fate of the world is at stake,” after all.
    This is, frankly, a terrifying position they’ve worked for themselves. And as of next month, anyone contradicting their version of the truth risks losing their advertising and, in many cases, their livelihood.

  17. Dennis Williams

    Another reason I do not use Google, but instead, DuckDuckGo.


    My dear friend
    Thank you so much

  19. Anonymous

    It is “Game Over” time! We all need to be aware that we live in a world governed by Fake News, which therefore by definition in fact are no news at all.
    We deal only with propaganda.
    Google talks about “scientific consensus”!!!
    The term “Consensus” is alien to science which is simply based on facts. Any time we read the word consensus we know it is fake, therefore pseudo science.
    And “Game Over” means we will not play with them any longer, we pretend knowledge, facts, truth everything else is irrelevant!


    It is “GAME OVER” Time, we need to stop completely to play any kind of role in their game.
    We pretend information, truth, facts and science.
    Google talks about “consensus” but that it is an alien term in science.
    The scam they are presenting has absolutely nothing to do with climate, covid or anything else since all they are doing as sad as it might sound, is producing fake news in industrial quantities.
    It takes them Artificial Intelligence to cope and keep up with all the lies they are producing.

  21. Mr Reynard

    I’m using DuckDuckGo… Don’t give a rat arse about Joogle …

    1. prioris

      google owns DuckDuckGo

      1. JaKo

        Hi Prioris,
        Where did you get that insight?
        Cheers, JaKo

      2. Homo Erectus

        DuckDuckGo is owned by Duck Duck Go, Inc. which was started by Gabriel Weinberg [last name might indicate that he’s likely not a Philistine]. Anyone who wants to use DuckDuckGo can be assured they’re not using a Google product in doing so. [but likely still run under the influence of the “ruling” tribe] Expect prioris is likely a sock puppet with permanent priapism operating out of his mom’s basement and likely not a Philistine either.

      3. Mr Reynard

        Then use YANDEX …

        1. prioris

          Google sold domain to DuckDuckgo in 2018

          Yandex is russian isn’t it

          1. Mr Reynard

            Yupp.. Yandex is.. As is Kapersky…

    2. Reynard Canard [Mr]

      So when I DuckDuckGo: Reynard Canard [Mr] it comes up with results that indicate that it’s a “foxy duck”… with a YouTube example… guess that means it’s working Herr Fox.
      Des canards et un renard

      1. Pandora

        So are these the ducks you are feeding, lol?

      2. Mr Reynard

        Ce que vous appelez des fake news nous les français appelons ça un canard… A vous de faire le tri entre le canard et le renard

        1. Pandora

          Merci beaucoup, Monsieur le Soleil.

        2. Pandora

          J’aime le renard.

  22. Nick

    The IPCC doesn’t practice science. Changing facts to fit a hypothesis is not science. Change the hypothesis to fit the facts is genuine science. The UN is way past its use by date and time it went the way of the League Of Nations.

  23. Roland

    Nobody denies that climate is changing and always has. Nobody denies that it has got warmer unevenly since the little ice age. The relevance of carbon dioxide as a driver of surface temperature is what’s in question. The terms scam and hoax are perfectly acceptable when applied to the carpet baggers who are destroying the electricity grid with highly subsidised intermittent generators whilst shutting down dispatchable fossil fueled plants.

  24. greatrighthope

    Under the new regime, will daily, weekly and monthly weather reports, that don’t support the AGW narrative, be altered or simply suppressed by Gugle?

    Asking for a friend.

  25. MD

    Hi Cap,

    At least Google doesn’t dissapoint in showing what it is truly all about. Just a tool to get the sheeple to act like lemmings and stay in fairyland while the leaders of choice lead you to the abyss.

    I’m sure you have not much to fear. Just keep telling the truth, show what is already public but remains unfound by so many, and explain what we need to be looking at. I know that NASA, NOAA do show the truth. But it is hard to find. And that is where people like you step come in.

    The only thing this message from Google will do, is make those fighting for truth fight harder.

  26. Dallas Schneider

    Game Over! They had to get this out before this winter started.
    Just snowed 7 inches in Wyoming 12 Oct 2021 and we still have November to go!
    Egg on their face big time, as they freeze in the dark winter, saying
    “Where is that Global Warming when we need it?”

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