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Germany’s Lowest Grain Harvest In 24 Years Signals An Import Need For The Country

Germany’s 2018 grain harvest will be the lowest in 24 years after severe drought heavily damaged crops, the German farm cooperatives DRV said Wednesday.

Grain production is down 20.3% to 36.3 million tonnes, the smallest since 1994, the association said in a harvest report.

“The German grain harvest will in this year for the first time in many years be below domestic requirements,” the association said, offering yet another example of a large exporter now having to hold onto its own supplies.

This in fact signals an import need for Germany, the EU’s second biggest grain producer after France.

Among the worst crops hit is the corn harvest which will fall 49.4% to 2.30 million tonnes. On top of that, many farmers are having to use corn for animal feed, instead of selling the crop, as there’s a shortage of fodder.

Germany’s 2018 winter wheat crop will fall 19.9% to 19.2 million tonnes, the wheat crop of all types will fall 18.6% to 19.9 million tonnes, and the rapeseed crop will fall 18.6% on the year to 3.47 million
tonnes — according to the cooperatives association.

France’s farm ministry has sharply cut its estimate of this year’s soft wheat harvest, too, while also forecasting a steep fall in corn production.

Unfortunately 2018 is just the beginning.

As the weather deteriorates further next year, as we plunge deeper into the bleakest solar minimum for over 200 years, almost every nation on the planet will become an importer.

And the maths don’t work out there…

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