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German Farmers Warning of Crippling Harvest Losses, Imminent Food Shortages

Farmers fear for their livelihoods as Germany braces itself for another week of ​epochal drought, with temperatures set to reach up to 39C.

​The farmlands ​of ​Germany have ​borne the brunt ​of this ​year’s ​extreme heat ​and record-low ​rainfall, with many farmers warning of crippling harvest losses.

“We expect ​billions in ​losses,” DBV ​president ​Joachim Rukwied ​told German ​media last week.​

The grain crop ​alone has ​shrunk by up to ​eight million ​tonnes, or ​around 18%, this year.

The BOGK says that at least 25% of this year’s potato crops will fail, and that number could easily climb to 40% if the arid conditions continue.

With many other EU nations experiencing similar potato losses, and strict limitations in place for imports from non-EU countries — a serious EU potato shortage looks possible.

“If the weather doesn’t change, the crops will fail,” BOGK director Horst-Peter Karos told news agency DPA.

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The crippling harvest losses will see food prices soar, with the Federal Association of Dairy Farmers claiming that milk prices could rise by up to 41 cents a litre, due to lower supplies of fodder and very little grass in the fields for cattle to eat.

A natural ​disaster is ​declared by ​German ​authorities when at ​least 30% of the ​average annual ​harvest is ​destroyed. ​

Given the ​massive losses ​feared by the ​sector this ​year, the ​German ​Farmers’ ​Association (​DBV) has called ​crisis talks on ​Tuesday to ​discuss urgent ​state aid. ​

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