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Freezing Iowa Spring Means No Fourth Of July Corn; + Germany Builds ‘Huge Thermos’ To Help Stave Off The Cold This Winter As European Energy Crisis Intensifies

Freezing Iowa Spring Means No Fourth Of July Corn

Thanks to a historically cold spring, Iowa farmers say their initial harvest will be pushed back by at least couple of weeks.

“We would like to have corn for the Fourth,” said Luke Funk, owner of Hilltop Farms Produce in Dallas Center. “The problem was it was cold [this spring]. Now, it just depends on sunshine and how cool it gets at night.”

The shortage is firing prices higher, as are the increasing costs of inputs. According to an Iowa State University report, the cost of fertilizer, for example, is four times higher than in 2020.

And added to that, rising fuel prices and a shortage of labor, equipment and other supplies are upping a farm’s operating costs by thousands of dollars–costs that will passed on to the consumer, said Funk.

Ron Deardorff, who founded Deardorff Sweet Corn in Adel, also won’t have sweet corn by the Fourth of July weekend.

“It was a cool and cloudy April,” he said. “We will start the weekend following the Fourth or around the 11th.”

Michelle Christenson, co-owner of Grimes Sweet Corn in Grange, hopes sweet corn will be available by the second week of July.

“A very challenging, late, persistently cold, and rainy spring means many crops are behind schedule,” she told the “We are too! All of our seasonal tasks related to crop care are pushed back.”

Germany Builds ‘Huge Thermos’ To Help Stave Off The Cold This Winter

Germany’s absurd climate policies are coming home to roost. This isn’t Putin’s fault, or Trump’s fault — this is the German government’s fault, namely its cowardly buckling to green ideologies at the expense of the living standards and energy-security of its citizens.

The rust-colored tower rising from an industrial site near the banks of Berlin’s Spree river is symbolic of the monstrous mess Europe hasn’t gotten itself in.

The 150-foot-high structure can hold 14.8 million gallons of hot water, and is intended to provide Berliners with warmth during the depths of what is on course to be a bleak winter, with industry experts warning of inevitable brownouts and blackouts.

Utility company Vattenfall says the tower is a ‘backup’ in case Russian gas supplies ‘dry up’.

“It’s a huge thermos that helps us to store the heat when we don’t need it,” said Tanja Wielgoss, who heads the Sweden-based company’s heat unit in Germany. “And then we can release it when we need to use it.”

Inside the vast thermal tank in Berlin, Germany, June 30, 2022 [AP Photo/Michael Sohn].

The new facility, unveiled Thursday at Vattenfall’s Reuter power station, will hold water brought to almost boiling temperature using electricity from solar and wind power plants across Germany–so the line goes. During periods when renewable energy exceeds demand –never going to happen– the facility effectively acts as a giant battery, though stores heat instead of electricity.

As reported by the AP, the 50-million-euro facility will have a thermal capacity of 200 Megawatts — enough to meet much of Berlin’s hot water needs during the summer and about 10% of what it requires in the winter–scoff. The vast, insulated tank can keep water hot for up to 13 hours, helping bridge ‘short’ periods when there’s little wind or sun–the three-months of winter then?

Berlin’s top climate official, Bettina Jarasch, said the faster these heat storage systems are built, the better — and many more are planned, including an even larger one in the Netherlands.

“Due to its geographic location the Berlin region is even more dependent on Russian fossil fuels than other parts of Germany,” Jarasch told The Associated Press. “That’s why we’re really in a hurry here. The war in Ukraine and the energy crisis teach us that we need to be faster. First of all to become climate neutral. And secondly, to become independent (of energy imports).”

Figures released Thursday by Germany’s utility industry association BDEW shows that appeals from the government for citizens to reduce natural gas usage are having an effect, with consumption dropping 14.3% during the first five months of the year.

Wielgoss said she was confident that Vattenfall’s customers won’t go cold this winter, despite the looming energy crisis.

Few paragraphs are given to the cause of this crisis, though, and cries of “Putin bad man” are nothing but a cop-out.

In reality, Germany’s energy crises is caused by 1) a pointless transitioning from cheap and abundant fossil fuels to overpriced and unreliable renewables, and 2) an uncritical and shortsighted reliance on Russian gas.

Germany spends more than €100 billion on its defense budget annually; yet, like idiots, runs its economy on Russian gas. This begs the questions: Who are German politicians actually working for? And: Where’s the sense in spending 100 billion on defense while the ‘arteries’ of your economy are controlled by a foreign superpower–not least one with such a checkered past as Russia.

“Consumers in Germany are very well protected, so they for sure will not suffer any shortages,” continued Wielgoss, who then went on to immediately contradicted herself: “But of course, we plead with everybody to really start saving energy. Each kilowatt hour we save is good for the country,” she added.

These are crazy times.

And this is where delegation of power to a centralized cabal of globalist elites gets you.

We’ve tried it their way, and all it did was bring the biggest wealth transfer in human history, from us to them.

We need to reclaim autonomy for individual cities, towns and even villages.

We need to dismantle the current political system — voting red or voting blue changes NOTHING.

We need a revolution, but I just don’t see how that can be achieved right now. We still have the masses believing in a phony climate crisis, even four+ decades on; we have the majority thinking that the Ukraine/Russian war is a simple case of good vs evil; and we have 80+% wholeheartedly trusting that a fifth COVID vaccination is a smart idea, worst still that young kids should be jabbed.

A takedown of the mainstream media would go someway to awake the masses from their manufactured psychosis. But this isn’t an easy task. Electroverse used to achieve 800,000+ page-views a month a few years ago, and was well on its way to making a meaningful impact, but since being banned from Facebook, shadow-banned on Twitter, and blacklisted by Google, this number has more than halved.

The elite’s modus operandi appears to be: “make people’s living standards so awful that –through food shortages and hyperinflation– that they have no choice but to accept our version of future”–that is to say: central bank digital currencies, a universal basic income for the well-behaved, and digital IDs/ration cards.

It is imperative that when these draconian measures are proposed that we are all in a strong enough position to reject them. An autonomous local community is our greatest weapon in that regard, as is being off-grid and growing our own food.

And with the latter in mind, I’m about to head out to harvest our potato crop, and tend to our goats.

We –my young family and I– have no prior experience when it comes farming or even growing basic vegetables. We simply saw what might be coming down the pike and felt we needed to sell-up in the UK and buy 8 acres of rural land in Central Portugal.

And I will say, even if the crisis we’re preparing for were to never materialize, and my read on worldly developments is completely wrong, this is still the most content I have ever been, and I know that this life is far closer to what we humans are intended for; whereas being chained to a desk in an office cubical, on the other hand, is a form of imprisonment in my mind.

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51 Thoughts to “Freezing Iowa Spring Means No Fourth Of July Corn; + Germany Builds ‘Huge Thermos’ To Help Stave Off The Cold This Winter As European Energy Crisis Intensifies”

  1. Michael Peinsipp

    “And I will say, even if the crisis we’re preparing for were to never materialize, and my read on worldly developments is completely wrong, this is still the most content I have ever been, and I know that this life is far closer to what we humans are intended for; whereas being chained to a desk in an office cubical, on the other hand, is a form of imprisonment in my mind.”
    BRAVO Cap!
    This is the reason We, My Wife and I, moved from a deteriorating big city and bought 75 acres in a very rural county in SCKY!!!
    My health became better and We are happier than ever.
    As to tators, I have two successive planting with the first +- 2 weeks away from digging up and the 2nd just now breaking the surface! Been dry here so we water them every other day…good luck and give your Family a HUG & KISS for all of US who read and understand LIFE!!!

    1. Dallas Schneider

      Bravo! i lived in SCKY for a year back in the 80s.
      It is beautiful country, beautiful people!!!
      Love it.
      I now have 2.5 Acres in SW Florida.
      Growing here is different, seasons reversed, monsoonal rains,
      tropical downpours beating seedlings to death.
      So far, grain sorghum and Daikon radishes did best.
      Brassicas look great then insects wipe them out in a day!
      Anything else seems to grow slower than is on the package.
      Sun seems too hot, so a big question is shade or no shade.
      Fava beans two feet tall leaves turned totally black/burned in one day.
      Just drilled a water well hitting the water sand at 7 feet, going to 22 feet plus. So Water is not really a problem. I learned to dowese so I have perhaps 40% of the land area with shallow water on it.
      Just getting going though. The learning process on gardening
      is not so quick!

      1. Deb

        Very true! Don’t wait til the last minute.

  2. Anonymous

    Wonder how they keep the water from freezing in winter. Maybe the insulation is good enough. And they can always use them for fuel if needed.

  3. Robert C

    And they’ll have to keep it warm enough to not freeze in winter. Maybe the insulation is good enough. They can also use them for storing fuel….may have to.

  4. Brendan Mallon

    Sadly the Germans have been spending nowhere near €100 billion on defence. They are upping their annual spend but that €100 billion is a one off allocation to attempt to repair the thoroughly moribund German forces that have been neglected for three decades. But I agree, they need to spend on real energy security too.

  5. Deb

    What is a woman? (This WILL not leave me alone, and remember YOU asked for it.)

    I have realized that at least part of a definitive definition lies in the relationship between woman/female and man/ male. Without man, there is no woman and vice versa. Woman takes her identity from the differentiation of the human species.

    In other words, without yin, there is no yang, and vice versa. If there were only yin, there would not be a squiggly line and two small circles and we would not call it yin. We would call it a circle. Likewise, if there were no men, we would not call ourselves women, we would call ourselves people.

    Which brings us to an interesting question: before God created Eve, was Adam a man, or was he a person? Since the Bible does not record that Adam did anything stupid until Eve was created, I plump for “person”. (We all know that otherwise intelligent male people start acting like idiots when a female is introduced into the equation. And of course we get the credit for that, starting with that wimp Adam. A real man would take responsibility for his failings.)

    By the way, here’s another interesting Biblical fact:
    Eve was the only earthly creature, including Adam, that was not made out of dirt! So when we refer to you guys as “dogs”, or “animals”, I guess we’re just remarking on the similarities of your origins, lol!

    Exit, stage left.

    1. Mystic’s Mystic

      The true story of Adam & Eve.
      Actually God created the women first. God would not create a line that ended with just one. Creating a women on the other hand gives you options like immaculate conception for one. Anyway because Eve was so very lonely God finally had pity for her and after a deep sleep removed her penis and created a man with it. She has been trying hard to get it back ever since.

        1. Deb

          The only reason a woman could have for wanting one of those thangs is because it would be so nice to be able to pee standing up.

          BUT…you have to pay for that convenience by having your genitalia on the outside of your body where they are excruciatingly vulnerable.

          I think I’ll stick with my original equipment, thank you very much!

    2. Church Ladies are Usually Women with Biblical Facts

      Biblical facts and oxymorons.

      Q. Can a person be an oxymoron?

      A. While we are loath to place restrictions on language use, oxymoron usually refers to a set of contradictory words (such as bittersweet) rather than to a contradictory person. We must also inform you that an oxymoron and a moron have little in common except that both words come from the Greek word for “foolish” (mōros).

      1. Deb

        Yes, a person can, as you should know quite well!

    3. Dallas Schneider

      So as a Human being is composed of Spirit, Mind and Body I give a more technical definition of “What is a woman?”, if you please.
      On a scale of 1-6.5 we have both ends of the scale, a circular scale if you please registering physical dead matter. Plants are closest to this at 5-6.0.
      A female dead body reads 2, equivalent to 5,000 ohm average electrical resistance.
      A male dead body reads 3, equivalent to 12,500 ohm average resistance.
      A female with a male personality will read 3.
      A male with a female personality will read 2.
      So a proper woman is a person (Spirit) with a female body and a female personality.
      A Man is a person with a male body and a male personality.
      In between at 2.5 we have a Doll, robots, a machine mixed.

      LRH 3 January 1961 Lecture “E-Meter” from the
      22nd Advanced Clinical Course

      Politicians are interesting!
      “Up here at 4.5 is a mob. You find most politicians probably register up there. Now there – it’s fear of a mob, being overwhelmed by the mob, the mob, the mob, the mob, the masses. Probably everybody in Russia reads at 4.5, except those that read at 1.5, which is probably the bulk of them.
      I’m not being sarcastic. They’re so fixated on “the masses” and “the mob,” and it’s everybody is so important and the individual is so unimportant. I bet you that 4.5 would be a rather dominant read in Russia.”

      Does this help? Where would you read on this scale?

      1. Timmy

        Well Dallas, if you’re not pulling our middle leg on this one, I’d say that it at least helps us to figure out just how smart you are.

        1. Deb


          Didn’t your mom ever caution you not to fall in with a bad crowd?

      2. Deb


        I suspect someone (who shall remain nameless because he has too many names already) has hijacked your name for this comment. It doesn’t sound like you at all. You usually make some kind of sense.

  6. CG

    I confess that I usually skim the weather and geography, because I know, as you do, what is happening. And my mind glazes over at all the place names. I find myself hoping that, like today, you will pull the trigger and just talk story. Fears and hopes and the discovery of contentment. There is SO MUCH that will not, cannot be fixed. Crumbling self-destruction with re-birth is inevitable. Cold and our star are the true reality we cannot avoid. But our leaders and institutions are the “crumbling” part. Our only help will come from ourselves. From potatoes and children and community. Aloha.

  7. Ken

    I know Russia has had a checkered past but Germany has had just as bad a past. Russia is now a nation that 85 percent of the people belive in God and since the fall of the USSR the nation claims to be a Christian nation. Much of what the MSM is pushing about Putin is lies and the Ukraine has been going down the path of Ukraine ultra-Nationalism. The Government has made speaking the Russian Langage against the law and teaching it in schools will get you jailed. More than a third of the people are Russian and it is the only langage they speek. Since 2014 the Ukraine army has been shelling its own people in the Donbass in direct violation of an agreement they signed for peace and semi-independance in the Donbass. It is funny how so many will belive that the MSM lies about almost everything but when it is somthing they go along with it is the Gospel. Russia is not the bad guy in this mess it is the West. The US and the EU has been using Ukraine as their money laundrying plant for years and are mad that Russia has ended it.

    1. Heraclitus

      God spell evolves to gospel evolves into never ending diatribes of religious glurge foe-ev-ah… in the blended delusional physics world of holy rocket surgery, politics and What is a [Martha] Woman” in one of many “21st century(s)” in the long history of the Electric Universe as it all cyclically devolves into Idiocracy once again. It is THE opiate for the hard of thinking. Eugenics works [thanks be to the bioethics god-spellers and natural selection]… and it’s OK.

  8. Dirk Pitt

    My great grandparents on my mom’s side emigrated from Prussia via London to Winnipeg Canada in the 1800s and homesteaded a section. had eleven kids, no electricity, farming. They stepped up and fled the BS from Russia, Germany, and England etc to get their own land and be free, they made it to the New World.
    We always had an organic Victory garden when I was growing up, it was a family project and we always had fresh veggies and also harvested sea food and hunted.
    My first all organic garden on my own was forty-five years ago and it was a very good producer, Grade AAA American Victory Garden. I also had four crab pots out full time back then and I was scuba spear fishing for ling cod, sea bass and getting scallops, abalone, octopus, sea cucumbers, etc etc etc and also fishing for trout, perch, bass, crayfish. Life was great and it still is, I can see my garden from my desk here and I’m off to go tinker with my boat getting set up for Summer. I dug butter clams yesterday on the way home from the grocery store which is sixty-two miles away five hour round trip. I’m all set;)

  9. Anthony

    Evening Cap,

    Just to let you know, we are still wearing one jumper here in Northern England and sometimes two. When the sun actually comes out it’s back to T-shirts but it is now July and no real warmth yet…..

    1. Deb

      I wish I could ship you some of our 95F + 95% humidity. When I started following Robert Felix 14 years ago, I expected the GSM would result in cool summers for us in Missouri.

      No such luck! Life on this planet is consistently contrary, it seems.

  10. goldminot

    Northern California is having a lovely start to summer as temps remain below average. Here in Trinity county that means daytime temps in the 80s F versus the high 90s, low 100s which are more typical for late June. Temps are forecast to drop into the 70s F in several days. A chance of rain is forecast for Tuesday as heavy clouds keep forming out in the western Pacific, and then march east to hit the west coast of the US.

    I agree that all signs point to cool winters ahead. My dream of Mt Shasta erupting still sits in the back of my mind. If this does come to pass, then it may be the savior that fends off the crazy leftists/global warming freaks. It makes a certain sense to me. I see our current global situation as being dire, and that is mainly due to the lefties/Democrats who have come to significant power in recent years. They are setting us all up for a great fall, if they can gain more power. So we may well need Nature to step up and lend a helping hand.

    One last thought on my dream which I had in 2019. I couldn’t help but think of the seven fat cows and seven thin cows of Joseph’s dream in Egypt, way back when. I don’t claim any prophetic ability in this case regarding years of plenty and years of scarcity, but I am expecting from my research that the winter of 2026/27 will bring a very big rain event to the Pacific Northwest. The sun will have its first spotless days, and the ENSO will be negative. If Mt Shasta has a catastrophic eruption in the latter part of this decade, then the seven years of plenty followed by seven years of scarcity will come to pass.

    1. Father Mulcahy

      So as it is recorded from your dreams… so shall it be… but now you’ve got all the fat cows spooked.

      Joseph Interprets Pharaoh’s Dreams
      …19After them, seven other cows—sickly, ugly, and thin—came up. I have never seen such ugly cows in all the land of Egypt! 20Then the thin, ugly cows devoured the seven well-fed cows that were there first. 21When they had devoured them, however, no one could tell that they had done so; their appearance was as ugly as it had been before. Then I awoke.…
      Berean Study Bible · Download

      Cross References
      Genesis 41:3
      After them, seven other cows, sickly and thin, came up from the Nile and stood beside the well-fed cows on the bank of the river.

      Genesis 41:19
      After them, seven other cows–sickly, ugly, and thin–came up. I have never seen such ugly cows in all the land of Egypt!

      Genesis 41:21
      When they had devoured them, however, no one could tell that they had done so; their appearance was as ugly as it had been before. Then I awoke.

      Treasury of Scripture
      And the lean and the ill favored cows did eat up the first seven fat cows. YOU know what’s comin’ goldenmunchkin.

      1. goldminor

        I have had 3 such aware dreans come to pass. This would be #4 dream, if it comes to pass. I still find it hard to comprehend how I could have envisioned all of the details of a catastrophic eruption. The sounds of the eruption were well beyond any sound that I have ever heard in my life.

        1. Doktor Seltsame Liebe

          How to Stop Sounds of Eruptions Beyond Any Sounds That You Have Ever Heard in Your Life While Sleeping

          1. Deb

            You dog, lol!

          2. Deb

            Flatulence is also caused by eating carbohydrates, which trigger alkaline stomach fluids, and protein, which triggers acidic stomach fluids, in the same meal.

            Basic chemistry.

  11. Al

    The German Industry bragging of a 14% gas cut by consumers is driven by massive spikes in bills ann not their drivel. In Scotland, that little “Crankie” Nicola Sturgeon reckons Scotland will be 100% renewable???…try that in a freezing windless spell of weather . In Australia, there have been more “Covid” deaths so far in 2022 than all of 20 and 21 combined…still they can’t discern that the jabs are the problem and not the solution.
    Prepping is now key for the inevitable collapse upon us and about to intensify. Stock markets will have one more small rally into the middle of July at most…then a series of wave 3’s down will usher in the reality check needed for those asleep.

    Cap and his family are doing what what most only think about, most are too enslaved or lack the courage to see it through. Our plan is being prepped as well and waiting with patience for the opportune time to go self sufficient without much dependence on their beast system.

    1. Rense 'n Repeat

      Jeff & Erica – Pfizer Horror To Double Strength
      Of Its Covid BioWeapon – Yeadon Says Spike
      Protein Was Chosen Knowing It Would Kill And
      Harm People

      Jeff & Erica – Monkey Pox Vaccine Deployment,
      Omicron Specific Boosters, And Shedding

      Jeff & Erica – Dr. Spells Out Certainty Of Spike
      Protein And mRNA Shedding On The Unvaxed
      – Big Drop In EU Vehicle Traffic – Many Vaxed
      Looking 10 Yrs Older

      Jeff & Erica – More Adults Dropping Dead
      Of SADS – Hideous Walensky Announces
      Open Season On Infants, Toddlers With
      BioWeapon Shots – Parents Already Injecting
      Their Children, Many Funerals Just Ahead –
      More Human Injury Reports

      Erica Khan

    2. Mike

      The time is now. Events will happen that will stop you from moving. Do it now and you will not regret it.

  12. FYI

    World Hal Turner 01 July 2022 Hits: 13239

    This content is for subscribers only —

    Covert intelligence from inside Russia says discussion about the ongoing Sanctions being imposed against the Russia state of Kaliningrad, by Lithuania, have spawned a military plan by Russia.

    According to the intelligence information, Lithuania will cease to exist as a country.

    Part of the present land called “Lithuania” will be given by Russia to the country of Belarus; the rest will be made into an extended Kaliningrad after a lightning Russian invasion and complete decapitation attack against Lithuanian government. The plan also allegedly makes clear “If Lithuania invokes Article 5 of the NATO treaty, NATO countries will be struck by Russian first strike.”

    Word of this plan is causing all sorts of red alerts in Europe and in the USA.

    War appears to be coming very soon.

    POLL: 25% of All Americans Open to “Taking-up arms against government”
    Nation Hal Turner 01 July 2022

    1. mk

      Lol no, Russia is a laugh, they are retards, they have to outnumber anyone like 10 to 1 to defeat them. They have no resources to do that and Belarus is a dirt-poor shithole that resorts to throwing shit over the fence to provoke Polish border guards, or putting up wooden tanks to show off their “power”. Although, to be honest I dont hate Belarussians as such, they are closest nation to Poland that can be, but their traitor “leaders” are a different story.

      1. Mike

        Uh Russia has NUKES!

        1. LocoLogos

          Logos don’t work on the zombies still drinking the fluoride and operating on biblical gospel facts.

          The time is now. Events will happen that will stop you from moving. Do it now and you will not regret it. – Mike
          (now saved to my store of timely quotes)
          Thanks. Cheers.

    2. Dallas Schneider

      Polish is similar to Ohio here in the states.
      It keeps getting overrun by someone else going somewhere else.
      Lithuania seems to be putting itself in the same category.
      I understand Canadian troops are already over there to spark the fuse.

  13. Trevor

    Hi – this web site and your comments are amazing – compulsory reading for me every day.

    Just a warning though – beware of taking on too big a self sufficiency project.

    My wife and I could tackle almost anything when we were younger .. BUT … now she has died. Regardless of the aging issue 1 person cannot to do what 2 used to achieve – especially when there was a division of labour. For anyone with a Bible Proverbs 31 (last chapter) verses 1o to 31 describes Superwoman – just add to this home schooling person and a few modern takes and without her it is not easy.

    1. Documenting the Ice Age Gallows Humour...

      Hey Trev, life’s a beach, it’s short and then you die and then if you’re lucky you get blasted [out of existence from a cannon]. Have some laughs watching:
      FULL COMEDY SPECIAL | Jim Breuer – ‘Somebody Had to Say It’
      Jim Breuer
      Published July 1, 2022
      It sounds like you found a good one. Cheers.

  14. mk

    Oh well, at least I have over 0.5 hectare of forest that l can chop down if needed.

    1. Lumber Jack

      Just use the dry deadfall or create some ahead/now to start drying as req’d – remember that deadfall has two meanings.


    hi i would like you to listen to this interview with john casey particularly from 39mins onwards..he basically prophesied what is happening now re food shortages and ukraine/russia

  16. Chris

    For some reason, this latest post hasnt appeared as usual, in my email feed yet.
    With regard to being banned on FB etc, have you considered just posting the facts without opinion/commentary?
    For example, a post with the latest graphs of the Greenland ice mass, with just a sentence along the lines of “these are the latest figures of Glacial ice loss”
    It would be a way to get info out there. Of course people will have to look for themselves to interpret what the see, but you provide a collection point for information that many people like me, would otherwise never see. Once a person sees enough information from ‘official’ sources that challenge what they are told, they will start to question. For example, the BOM in Australia was accused of deleting/fudging temperature records. I didn’t believe it until I saw the data for myself. My partner has always thought I was a bit anti GW/climate change, but just had a hallelujah moment when reading about the fluctuating jet streams…

  17. Dallas Schneider

    “5 strange things about Tropical Storm Bonnie”

    “According to the NOAA Hurricane Historical Tracks Archive, the only storm that formed farther south was Tropical Storm Bret that formed as Tropical Depression at a mere 7.5 degrees north latitude on June 18, 2017, then made landfall as a tropical storm in southern Trinidad on June 20 of that year,” AccuWeather Senior Weather Editor Jesse Ferrell explained.”

    Now if Tropical Storms are moving further south, does that mean Cold Climate is moving further south also, as one of your commenters indicated today?

    July 1, 2022 at 7:50 pm
    Evening Cap,

    Just to let you know, we are still wearing one jumper here in Northern England and sometimes two. When the sun actually comes out it’s back to T-shirts but it is now July and no real warmth yet…..

    July 2, 2022 at 5:31 am

  18. Dallas Schneider

    Regarding Dr Roy Spencers temp graph, I just noticed that if you draw 4 lines across the last 5 peak temp spikes starting with 2016 one finds the downward trend line getting steeper and steeper.
    June comes in a 0.06, down from May 0.17.
    So I wonder if the next spike up will be below the 0.0 reading?

  19. Ice Age Big Pfizer Pharma Eugenics Works

    Planet Pfizer News
    July 2, 2022
    Pfizer’s Puppet President Biden Gives $9 Billion Taxpayer Funds for Millions More COVID Vaccines that Nobody [except the zombies] Wants
    Is there any more doubt that the COVID-19 plandemic, which was used to transfer America’s wealth to Big Pharma with literally TRILLIONS of taxpayer funds transferred into their accounts, has now allowed Pfizer to have complete control of the country by buying the White House and President of the United States? It began with fellow billionaire Donald Trump, of course, in 2020 who strong-armed the FDA into giving fast-track emergency use authorization to Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. Then Biden was installed as President and kept the coffers full, and now that 80% of Americans have already received a COVID-19 vaccine and demand is waning, with 98 million doses of Pfizer’s vaccine currently sitting unused due to lack of demand, the call was put in to Joe this week to keep the faucet running, and the White House obliged and pledged another $9 BILLION for 300 million more doses of the deadly COVID-19 shots.

    In Memoriam: Victims of COVID-19 “Vaccines”
    HealthImpactNews Published August 2, 2021 (almost one year ago already)
    The whole eugenics movement that nobody talks about. – Tenpenny

  20. Peter

    We need to dismantle the current political system — voting red or voting blue changes NOTHING.
    In Australia the two major political parties colours are red and blue and the AEC -Australian electoral commisiions colour is purple. Red and blue make purple. Theyre all in it together and fully rorting everyone. They are the Australian Government Corporation registered in Washington DC securities exchange commission as a profit making business for their shareholders on the NYSE.
    This is why has undergone serious lockdowns for months on end.
    This is a fact.
    VicPol is the Victoria, Melbourne police force.
    It is registered on the NYSE and is a private corporation. There has been a slow take over drop by drop so few would notice.
    Western countries and many others are under maritime law. It comes from the Romans and is still valid today. Thats why theres Roman columns in the U.S on their political buildings. Roman power. They never gave up power. They became even more powerful. Basically in Australia we are completely screwed with no second ammendment. I could go on, but its extremely disturbing and they own us as slaves through the maritime law(berth)-birth certificate and now we have a citizen SHIP. BERTH AND SHIP is maritime law. That why the U.S had a revolution and broke away from the Crown. They are the highest traitors with the Vatican. Its pure genius what theyve done and are about to make their final move for a take over thats always been predetermined to happen. Their symbolism is everywhere if you know what to look for. Its all about communication through symbolism. Freemason buildings have a symbol of a compass and a square. Pineal cones at the front of certain buildings around the world, like the Vatican to name one. Its showing who runs the world. What is a pine cone doing at the Vatican? Symbolizing the pineal gland. The communication centre of the inner self.
    The Hopi indians prophecies have all come true and now we are in the final hours.
    Look to the skies.
    The sky wont lie.’Thats why the Vatican have a massive telescope. Not for the enjoyment of star gazing but to see the incoming planetary signs of this major event upon us.

    They say that one of the original holders of the light( Wisdom and Truth) will come forth to end this world so we can enter the next world being awareness of truth within and that we have a higher self in each of us. The original holders of the light are India, China, Iran and Africa.. We just had the announcement of the BRICS countries combining that are India, China, Iran. Africa will soon follow. And these countries have 4 times the financial capacity of the Wests G10 group.
    Th U.S will be nuked and that is made very clear.
    Then the ones in direct contact with their inner self will evolve to the new world. Anything short of this will not make it.
    Its all about how closely you are to your own inner truth.
    It was called “Know Thyself” at Delphi for a reason. Not the ego self but the inner self.
    The planets are all aligning for a perfect storm.
    And the clouds that are here are very dark indeed.
    And not one single individual ego can change anything that is pre-determined to happen no matter what. Tesla said. “If you want to discover the secrets of the universe think in terms of frequency and vibration.
    After all, we are vibrational sub atomic light infused beings as quantum mechanics has found out.

    Nothing is solid.
    Its all oscilating and vibrating according to various frequencies as in cymatics.
    The majority of people have absolutely no idea and have been led astray over a cliff edge when they should be doing the “Inner” work.

  21. FYI

    World Hal Turner 03 July 2022 Hits: 16547

    This is for subscribers only. —

    Many Russian jets in the air now being reported.

    Covert Intel is claiming that Russian President Putin has ordered 48 hours round the clock attack on Kiev including the presidential office.


    Also nothing from (CRP) – Gonzalo Lira II – for a week almost

  22. Deb

    You deserve a break today.
    “Doctor” Deb recommends: spend some time today with the world God has created, instead of the world Man has created. Get off the internet, take a walk, spend time in the garden, go fishing.

    Here is some instrumental music by some exceptional artists to help you unwind, part of what is now the soundtrack of my life.

    I hope you can find something that speaks to your hearts, and I hope you can let the madness go for awhile.

    Love you all,

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