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“Freedoms Curtailed”, Antarctic Front Blasts Argentina with 6.6ft of Snow, + Meteorologists say Autumn has “Already Begun” in parts of Europe

The average temperature of planet Earth is cooling, not warming — and if the ‘climate sciences’ hadn’t been so utterly corrupted by the powers that be, this fact would be openly reported on, known by all, and freely discussed.

However, we don’t live in a word with open reporting , knowledge, and free discussion; instead, we exist in a paradigm of fear and control, where global governments –working under the unseen umbrella of global governance— have used the pandemic to enforce new powers, with many now working to make coronavirus laws permanent.

See: the climate lockdowns are coming, “for the good of the planet”.

During the pandemic, a total of 32 countries have used militaries of military ordances to enforce rules. To monitor rule-breakers, 22 countries have used surveillance drones. Facial recognition programs have been expanded, internet censorship has occurred in 28 countries, and full internet shutdowns in 13. Also, at least 120 contact-tracing apps are in use across 71 states, and 60 other digital contact-tracing measures have been used across 38 countries.

These statistics were reported by Luke Kemp, research associate at the Center for the Study of Existential Risk at the University of Cambridge, in a BBC Future article.

The global populations’ state of fear was heightened during the pandemic: fear that was 1) orchestrated by the elites, 2) perpetuated by the MSM, and then 3) used as an excuse to usher in new Draconian powers through the back door. This is a classic tactic, used by governments for time-immemorial: during heightened senses of fear and stress –often completely manufactured– new powers can be successfully attained. As Pavlov said, if you want to condition people, condition them under stress.

We the people have sure been put under stress these past two years; and coincidentally, our freedoms have been curtailed during the same period. We have been conditioned to accept these news measures because “the government is here to help us in times of crisis”–at least that’s what we’re led to believe; however, the data on that actually reveals quite a different story.

There is no evidence to support the effectiveness of mass surveillance in combating viruses or terrorists (the latter being the number one excuse for the introduction of new Draconian powers prior to COVID), yet surveillance remains the go-to response when “disaster’ strikes.

A recent review of the effectiveness of COVID-19 response measures published in Nature Human Behavior ranked police and army interventions, surveillance, and the activation of an emergency response at the bottom of surveyed measures. But this isn’t surprising — if you haven’t twigged already, emergency powers are used to benefit governments rather than save lives.

As pointed out in that Luke Kemp article, one study of disasters and the use of constitutional emergency provisions found that the move powers given to the executive, the higher the body count. And countries with already heavy suppression of media freedom used coronavirus as an opportunity to intensify their censorial efforts.

But this is bottom line, let this sink in–I’ll put it in bold and everything: as one recent study found, 87% of the global population is now living in countries which can be considered “repressed”, “closed,” or “obstructed”.

We should consider this outrageous.

We are living, today, in global totalitarianism.

But very few seem recognize it as such.

This is slippery slope…

Antarctic Front Blasts Argentina with 6.6ft of Snow

A severe winter storm has delivered high winds and blizzards to the higher elevations of Argentina over the weekend. A a result, many regions have been put on “heavy snowfall” alerts, and many more roads and passes have been blocked.

Across the province of Neuquén –most notably in the towns Caviahue, Copahue and Cajón Chico— temperatures plunged to -20C (-4F) with the wind chill driving the mercury even lower.

With regards to the snow, Hugo Volpe, mayor of the region, said: “We have 70cm (2.3ft) in the entire center of Caviahue. It began at night with intermittent snowfalls and increased throughout the day.”

At the height of the storm, “visibility was not good,” continued Volpe.

Vehicles in and around the town reportedly saw their brake systems freeze due to the exceptional cold.

A string of stranded cars soon blocked the roads. Thankfully though, all of the occupants were successfully evacuated.

snow storm in the province: which are the most affected routes?

“On the hill there must be 50cm (1.64ft) snow,” added Volpe.

“In the intermediate zone it must be 75cm (2.46ft), and one meter (3.3ft) at the top.”

Volpe also noted it was impossible to access Copahue, where the snow depth “must be above two meters (6.6ft)”.

The cold is set to further ravage alread decimated crops.

And the story is similar in neighboring Brazil, too.

After enduring the worst drought in nearly a century followed by a prolonged bouts of record-breaking cold temperatures, areas within Brazil’s farming belt are braced for further adversity as the La Niña weather phenomenon threatens to bring more adverse conditions later this year, reports

In the small mountain town of Caconde in São Paulo state, third-generation coffee grower Ademar Pereira, 44, estimates that half of this year’s crop will be lost because many of the shrubs on his family’s modest plantation have succumbed to the freeze.

“It was already going to be a very small harvest. And with the frost, it got worse,” he said.

“There are lots of people who’ve lost everything.”

Brazil is an agricultural powerhouse and a leading exporter of commodities including corn, sugar, orange juice and meat, but this year’s weather disruptions have led to soaring prices for coffee and sugar on international markets while giving bullish corn traders further fuel, continues the article.

“Brazil is such a large exporter, especially of coffee and sugar, whatever happens in the country impacts the markets,” said Kona Haque, analyst at traders ED&F Man. The South American nation is the world’s largest producer and exporter of coffee, and initial estimates of production losses for next year’s crop could be 50 per cent of previous forecasts, pushing up prices.

Chart showing the rising price of Arabica

See also:

Meteorologists say Autumn has “Already Begun” in parts of Europe

We’re still in August, yet autumn has already begun in some areas of Europe, including Latvia, according to meteorologists.

Arctic air masses will continue to invade northern/central Europe this week, reports, bringing fall-like cold snaps.

This is according to the Latvian State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center, and is backed-up by the latest GFS runs:

Aug 26:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) for Aug 26 [].

Aug 27:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) for Aug 27 [].

Looking further ahead -admittedly into the unreliable time-frame– things then take a turn for the colder as the calendar flips to September — temperature departures of as much as 12C below the seasonal average are expected across a significant portion of the continent.

Sept 6:

GFS 2m Temperature Anomalies (C) for Sept 6 [].

Shortening growing seasons are to be expected during prolonged bouts of low solar activity — and this is exactly what we’ve been seeing over the past few years, and across both hemispheres, too.

Planet Earth is cooling in line with the intensifying Grand Solar Minimum, and in a society where truth is censored and lies aligning with totalitarian agendas are perpetuated, don’t expect your nation’s government to warn you of this impending reality anytime soon — it is not in their best interest to have an informed public. Therefore, you’ll have to rely on your own ability to think critically when information passes in front of you–a skill the masses lack, due in part to the successful ‘dumbing down’ of society via the schooling system.

One of the main fallacies doing the rounds, and one that many even within the critical thinking camp fall for, is that in a time of crisis is it our fellow man that is our biggest threat. But this isn’t the case, and is instead yet another excuse perpetuated by governments in order to justify the implementation of Draconian powers during emergencies.

In reality, we do better on our own, and the data supports this — it has been shown that we peasants simply ‘get on with it’ and successfully form new orders and structures to cope with whatever changing reality the emergency delivers. Yes, some people are dicks, and they will always be dicks; but overall, we humans –though still a primitive bunch– do posses the skills and inclination to work together in a crisis. Again, despite the narrative, the data reveals that in times of trouble we humans actually do far better WITHOUT government intervention than with it–intervention increases that body count. And as a simple example: if a desperate, starving family arrived at your door, it is instinctively within your nature –no matter how much of a stickler you may be– to help in whatever way you can; you would warm them, and feed them — and it is this that is the overriding spirit within all of us, though it is one seldom noted.

And this brings me onto my final point: work hard to get yourself into that better position now so that you will have an abundance to share with others when the ‘real’ SHTF.

Start preparing, today.

Don’t be that family in need.

The COLD TIMES are returning, the mid-latitudes are REFREEZING, in line with the great conjunction, historically low solar activitycloud-nucleating Cosmic Rays, and a meridional jet stream flow (among other forcings).

Both NOAA and NASA appear to agree, if you read between the lines, with NOAA saying we’re entering a ‘full-blown’ Grand Solar Minimum in the late-2020s, and NASA seeing this upcoming solar cycle (25) as “the weakest of the past 200 years”, with the agency correlating previous solar shutdowns to prolonged periods of global cooling here.

Furthermore, we can’t ignore the slew of new scientific papers stating the immense impact The Beaufort Gyre could have on the Gulf Stream, and therefore the climate overall.

Prepare accordingly— learn the facts, relocate if need be, and grow your own.

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Grand Solar Minimum + Pole Shift

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63 Thoughts to ““Freedoms Curtailed”, Antarctic Front Blasts Argentina with 6.6ft of Snow, + Meteorologists say Autumn has “Already Begun” in parts of Europe”

    1. Peter

      Theres graphene oxide in the vaccines. The more injections, the more immune system overload causing deaths and other health issues. Theres no covid19. It hasnt been isolated or identified anywhere in the world. Patrick King in Alberta, Canada took them to court and won. Theres no lockdown or masks there now. Look it up on Bitchute. Type in graphene oxide and hold on, because you will be totally shocked when you hear the Spanish evidence. Theyre trying to wipe us out it seems. Just in time for massive weather changes and crop losses. Timing couldnt be more perfect. And it gets worse, but im probably a conspiracy theorist even though i have FACTS from people who know what theyre saying. And consider this. That these mass weather changes have been manipulated through history to suit agendas. World depopulation and the coming of the Terra formers as in the past after these disasters. Carl yung saw a vision of black clouds with most of the earth devastated and was grateful there were still places that werent destroyed. The Hopi indian prophecies are very true. It all ties into these times right now.

      1. Archivarius

        Beware of black clouds and Frau Blucher, Herr yung Frankenstein.

    1. Freedoms Curtailed

      Highway Checkpoints Coming to US, Oregon Deploys National Guard Troops to Hospitals, Congress to Ban Non-Vaxxers from Flying, Herd Immunity Impossible, and More: August 17, 2021

  1. Heather

    You know what’s going to happen; when the MSM has no choice but to cover global cooling the Elites are going to say “See! Because we locked you down to protect you we also saved the environment!” and give themselves a huge pat on the back!

  2. Scott Rutherford

    I am noticing a lot of leaves on trees are turning to fall colors, in Ontario

  3. ~jim

    Lord, I hope the trend of cooling in Europe doesn’t hit here in the Appalachians. The monarch butterfly caterpillars just started coming out to feast on our milkweed we set aside for them.

    If our pollinators starve from an early freeze/fall their already compromised numbers may well not recover.

    1. David Young

      Don’t worry Jim. There isn’t a cooling trend.
      This is a misinformation site. It’s job is to deceive.
      You can research most articles here and find that they’re nonsense.

      So, the world is cooling hey Cap Allon?

      Your attempts are becoming increasingly ludicrous.

      1. Michal Krawczynski

        Please tell us what “hottest on record” means, is it hottest in 500 years, or maybe 50 years?

        1. David Young

          Why? Do you not understand what that means?

          Do you not know when methodical thermometer-based records began?

          You can look it up I’m sure.

          1. Michal Krawczynski

            Yeah that’s funny. Did they have thermometers in 1000 AD? no they didn’t. I don’t care even about the last 1000 years, 10k is just the starting point, not 50, not 500. When do reliable records start? Please tell us! By reliable I mean using globally standardized measuring equipment, methods, global coverage etc. Heck, merely around 200 years ago vast areas of the globe were still uncharted and undiscovered, but they dont count, right?

        2. JohnA

          Michal, I’m waiting on his credentials to see where he gets this junk science info from? But as can be seen from the MM hockey stick sham science NOA/NASA/UN IPCC et al will use anything to say this. Meanwhile as you say its totally meaningless as the Earths temperature swings naturally. But in any case CO2 caused AWG is complete junk science as its a physical impossibility to achieve so called CO2 forcing as any heat induced by IR excitation is cooler than the UVB excitation of water vapour hence CO2 simply has a cooling effect. That said the only tangible thing to do with temperature spikes on Earth is actually from NOx emissions. As since the 1970’s and the mass use of motor vehicles NOx combined with VOC’s and sunlight does form Ozone (O3) and so we can have localised low level heating from UVB excitation. The Urban Heat Island effect is a significant case in point not only in heat generated and convected air current’s but significantly with increased atmospheric pollution as O3 is very harmful to respiratory aspects! In this regard and in conjunction with our diminishing reserves of oil it does make sense to foster cleaner non polluting energy. But the big issue is where are we to get this energy from? Moreover, the entire World would have to be in lock step with the West and as such there could be no open market trading and capitalism would fail. That’s why the countries who are trying to enforce this are a the bastions of capitalism i.e. USA and the UK hence why this AWG crap is nothing more than a new sort of Neo Colonialism.

      2. ~jim

        Uh, whoa, first, don’t tell me what to think. We ain’t bros.

        Second there is cooling where I am. I can post pictures in the morning of yellowing leaves . Time/date stamped. I’m cutting third cutting clover. In August. Grass is struggling but clover is in third high bloom. Clover here should be exhausted by now.

        You are all super smart what-the-hell-evers, I’m just a dumb-ol-farmer. Something is fucking wrong when red clover is out producing Timothy/orchard grass in August.

        I swear, people. Jeez!

      3. Mystic’s Mystic

        Ice age missing link.
        The thermal exchange zone is growing hypothesis!
        What is the thermal exchange zone?
        It is the area in the northern hemisphere where the upcoming winters snowfall is destined to melt off in the following spring and summer.
        Ice doesn’t just melt. It leaches out of the atmosphere 144 BTU’s of warmth for every pound of ice that melts. As snow creeps further to the south or to the north in The Southern Hemisphere, the thermal exchange zone expands, gets deeper and remains in effect for a longer duration. It also increases the Albedo of the planet. The net effect is the lowering of global temperatures.
        Excess moisture in the atmosphere is the chief cause forcing vertical atmospheric convective currents into hyper drive. Vertical currents bring cold down and warmth upward.
        The earth is rapidly casting off heat.
        In an atmosphere where there is 1/3 warmth and 2/3 freezing, this mixing and inverting of the atmosphere Is ominous on the surface parts of the planet.
        According to the GSM experts, as the cosmic rays increase a consequence of the GSM, they will produce more moisture aloft. More moisture aloft combined with a dormant sun has us heading towards ice build up & the lowering of sea levels. If at some point, and I hope it’s soon, the moisture aloft reduces, then the melt off will exceed the growth and we are heading back to an interglacial period.

        GSM = excess moisture in the atmosphere =
        a parallel convective current joining longe wave radiation in the dissipation heat into space.

        The formation of snow in the upper atmosphere has a six fold compound cascading cooling impact. One thing happens it snows, but the impact is multiplied by six.
        1. The state change from water to ice deposits heat in the upper atmosphere. It is being deposited at the rate of 144 BTU’s per pound of water that is converted to snow at the very minimum. This deposited heat will be dissipated into and radiated off into the background temperature of space which is estimated to be -455*f.
        2. The snow fall causes an updraft that draws even more heat up from the surface of the earth.
        3. The snow makes a color change to the surface of the earth. The Albedo of the planet is increased. During the advancing spring, sun light will strike the surface of the snow at an obtuse angle reflecting it back into space instead of the earth absorbing that vital warmth. The greater the snow accumulations, the more sunlight is reflected back into space.
        4. When the snow on the ground finally melts it absorbs 144 BTU’s per pound of snow, which robs the earth of some of the warming provided by the sun.
        5. The snow melt increases the wetted surface of the earth creating even more opportunity for excess moisture in the atmosphere. Excess moisture creates the possibility of still more snow. Vicious cycle.
        6. The process of water evaporation in and of itself has a cooling effect. The greater the moisture, or the wider the area the moisture covers, the greater the evaporation & the greater the cooling
        7. Lastly just physical damage but that won’t cause the earth to discharge additional heat. The previous six will. The greater the volume of snow, the more acute all of these impacts become. Regenerative feedback. Until the chain is broken by the dormant sun returning to normal radiance or there is so much cold & snow that the atmosphere becomes arid, the thermal decline will continue deepening.

        A snow storm’s thermal exchange rate with the upper atmosphere is roughly eight times that of a rain storm because of the state change properties of converting water to ice and ice to water. A snow storm 200 miles wide would be the thermal exchange equivalent of a 1600 mile wide rain storm.
        Having said that it is important to be reminded that almost all rainstorms start out as snow. Under current conditions with excess moisture in the atmosphere, vertical currents are in play 24/7 lowering the freeze altitude.
        Most people can readily see ocean currents and their thermal exchange impacts but vertical currents are completely ignored. Not a good idea when their thermal exchange capability is amped up by the state change properties of water to ice & ice to water.
        Ocean currents are a closed system that merely redistribute temperature. Vertical currents are open at the upper end providing an escape portal for heat to exit the earth.
        Simply put vertical currents are ushering thermal energy from the earth to the cold blackness of space at an alarming rate.

        1. P. J. Flanders

          “The state change from water to ice deposits heat in the upper atmosphere. It is being deposited at the rate of 144 BTU’s per pound of water that is converted to snow…”
          Q: What causes the water to convert to snow or ice? Why doesn’t it just hang onto its heat and remain water?

          1. Mystic’s Mystic

            When the moisture gets above the freeze altitude it changes state after 144 BTU’s are removed. The only time it falls to earth and stays snow is when the freezing air temperatures descend all the way to the surface. The falling provides the separation from the heat it deposited.
            This is high school physics. No reflection on you intended but, I doubt all the scientists in the world overlooked this process so what’s up?

          2. P. J. Flanders

            That did not actually answer my question. Perhapd I need to ask it of someone who has a bit more than high school physics…

  4. JohnA

    Nature is a marvellous thing and whatever it brings it may change the status quo. But eventually the animals insect etc will return or find new places to live – that’s what nature does. Caps repeated messages of grow your own crops and move to sunnier climates it precisely to beat the mass exodus if this solar minimum turns into the next ice age?

    1. ADONI

      When all that weight is released from the land below the glacier then the rotation of the Earth itself will be effected. Liquid water moves to the lowest point available. Ice remains on whatever land it is on. The weight of said ice keeps things stable.

      The next question is what is below the ice? Because viruses and other microscopic things will also be released. Some of which may not have been seen for a very long time.

      There is a number of platelets pushed into place. Meaning the pressure is released. The platelets will rise. They float on the material below much as ice will float in an ocean.

      The platelets will move. Some on top of others. And then the real fun begins. Because what took a long time to form will move in minutes what took years before.

      There is plenty of evidence that it has happened before. Though not recently.

      Siberia went from a semi-tropical climate to a polar climate in minutes.

      South America once sat where the south pole is now. There is a lot of biology involved.

      There is a mountain range under the Atlantic that stretches almost pole to pole. On one side of that range is a plain between the mountains and Africa. It was once dry land. But that was a long time ago.

      Somewhere deep in the Earth there are liquid gold and liquid iron.

      There is at least one ancient temple buried in the ice of Antarctica.

      There is documentation that in the North the climate was milder than it is today. The documentation is in Turkey and India. It spells out where an advanced civilization actually had to move south as the glaciers moved in.

      It is not the first time various peoples have had to move because of climate changes.

      The flood in the Bible is matched by ancient documents claiming similar things happening all over the planet.

      The biology of South American monkeys do not match those of South African monkeys. For one thing the American monkeys have four more molars than the South African ones. It indicates the flood was not universal and there may have been more than one ark involved. The biology of various creatures in the Americas are related to the ones East in Africa. Just not very recently did they vary. The difference in the Americas tells a different tale.

      The Israel and Italy land held a sea much lower than the current one. As if the Atlantic suddenly flooded the land leaving large bodies of water to the East.

      There is a lot not understood about what actually happened. Such an event would have left the Atlantic a lot shallower than it was previously. Especially if climate changes formed glaciers in the far north.

      Something similar may be in the works right now.

      1. Winston Smith [Mr]

        Hey ADONIS, great to see you back again from the crypt… (((Sassy has gone a little bit off the deep end… maybe between the two of us we can get her to start channelling “Deb” again. Don’t say nuttin’ she likely doesn’t know either OK, eh?))) Cheers, Comrade.

    2. hyden

      depends on how bad it gets, cant grow crops when weather is too cold, and power shuts down etc. and sun blocked out by volcanic activity. nothing will grow if cataclysmic event is to destructive.

    3. P. J. Flanders

      Have you ever looked into the number of species that have gone extinct on this planet? They don’t always “return or find new places to live.”

  5. Gerry, England

    In the UK we are being subjected to vaccine propaganda in the press to try to make those of us who don’t see why you need to be jabbed for something which you only have a 99.6% chance of surviving, which as one doctor has said is now of less concern than flu as we can treat Covid, and now it seems that vaxed people can still transmit Covid. The herd of elephants in the room is the silence on using vitamin D, on taking zinc, using Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquin, Azithromycin, Doxycycline, budesonide, anti-histamines etc. Just how much is Big Pharma paying for their silence?

    1. Timmy

      Hey Ger, this interview would be the perfect complement your comment. Also what is this today, an IAN reunion or did you just happen to bump into ADONI in the pub? (((p.s. on the QT here… Deb has pretty well gone full trans on us now… some of her new pronouns are “P. J. Flanders” and “Jack”… otherwise she’s still sort of “ok”))) Cheers, later, Geraldine;)
      ABOUT COVID VACCINES : Dr Stephanie Seneff – MIT senior research scientist since 5 decades

      1. P. J. Flanders

        Come along, young fella. It’s time for your medication…

  6. David Young

    No John, Cap’s repeated messages are simply to spread misinformation.
    All the articles here are easily debunked.

    1. Noel

      How much did the warm mongerers pay you?

      1. David

        No one has paid me anything Noel.
        What/who are “warm mongerers”?

        You curiosity about the money trail should really be focussed on Electroverse.

        1. Cap Allon

          I/Electroverse receive zero funding.
          You best explain what you’re talking about…

    2. Homo Erectus

      Dave, you do know that this isn’t a “meet-up” group don’t you? (((call me;);)

      1. David

        Why would anyone think this is a meet up group Homo Erectis?

      2. Homo Erectus

        Dave really… no joke;)

    3. LocoLogos

      Sassy or Mr Renard Canard or Jack or Davy now… so it looks like there are only about three of us hypersane folks left on the planet so we have to keep inventing more sock puppets to entertain ourselves… the AI technology is making it harder all the time to not be able to detect the fakes… pretty sad, eh? “It’s a Pfizer world…”… just “go” with it.

    4. Homo Erectus

      Dave really… no joke 😉

      1. Archivarius

        The follow up vid.

  7. JohnA

    Well David Young perhaps if you know better you can enlighten us on this alleged Debunking of actual science? Firstly lets see what your science and technical education and work experiences are?? From that we can judge if your knowledge is grounded in the applicable sciences and technology, or if you are just another mouthpiece for the fascists/brain dead/corrupt nimbies who support the UNs agenda for World governance by any means. And any means means a World political system that has no meaningful democratic will and approval of the people. A case in point being Boris Johnston’s totalitarian grip of this country as Stammer and Davies and all other so called opposition politicians cant to do jack shit to oppose this lunatic and his whole baked stupid ideas. Why? well that’s because the so called opposition MP’s are as bent as he is!

    1. Michael Evan Mann

      Sorry our young slow “David Young” zombie escaped prematurely from the CWNS lab at the IPCC and he’s actually the best we’ve got for now – the vaxx(s) are taking their toll on all of us. So try to take it easy on him Cap, it’s his first day on the job. We sent him to Electroverse first to “cut his teeth” so to speak. Cheers, MEM

    2. Michael Evan Mann

      Cap/John, we have to apologize, our young slow “David Young” zombie sock puppet escaped prematurely from the CWNS lab at the IPCC and he’s actually the best we’ve got for now – the vaxx(s) are taking their toll on all of us. So try to take it easy on him Cap, it’s his first day on the job. We sent him to Electroverse first to “cut his teeth” so to speak. Cheers, MEM

      1. David LI

        I feel sorry for you MEM.
        You should step away from the tin foil hat paranoid conspiracy world now and again.

    3. Robert Campbell

      John A – As a particular site becomes more of a threat to The Message it will be targeted more and more by trolls trying to disrupt the discussion and sideline participants into arguments. Unfortunately we will have to expect more of this to happen.

      1. P. J. Flanders

        If only we could figure out which ones were the trolls!

  8. Mystic’s Mystic

    This is what is going on in my opinion. An ice age is on the horizon. The major military’s are in the northern hemisphere. They have agreements to work together to avoid nuclear war because an ice age and a nuclear war/winter which would involve weapons hitting Yellowstone super-volcano/volcanic winter would be an extinction level event. I’m going to be left behind, so along with every one else that isn’t a golden boy we all will be left behind. Left behind means future enemy. The US military will take the gold in Fort Knox. They will disable the nuclear power plants. That is why building more nuclear power plants isn’t even considered. They will do everything in their power to provoke factional fighting. They don’t really care about the people left behind in Afghanistan because they are viewed just like us. The new enemy. Their fellow countryman are a future enemy to these
    schemers. This new attitude is on the world stage for everyone to see.
    Sounds crazy but I use a different term.
    “INEVITABLY”. Even the Bible agrees. They shall come from the north.

    1. astradene

      Do you really believe that this is going to avert the forthcoming planet war between the us and china/russia?

      1. Mystic’s Mystic

        I’m not a golden boy so I plan to work in my garden. I do think the relationship between the Democrats, the Russians & China is cozier then people think.
        It is a question of oppose them or join them.
        I think the deep state has joined them. That’s why the last US election was manipulated. In my humble opinion.

        1. astradene

          Totally agree. but biden continues on the mode trump introduced towards china and russia, i didnt expect that back in january, so i believe its in some form inevitable.

    2. Peter

      Its been proven in “Caesers Messiah” on youtube that the whole Jesus and the disciples were invented by the roman ruling flavian family to control the jews. Its all a total lie. The same filth who were ruling then are still ruling through the vatican. Esoteric definition of vatican is divine serpent. Why do the embryos of lizards and humans look the same with tails on both and then the human tail dissapears as it develops?

      1. hyden

        exactly, people need to do analytical study. The amount of Christians online i come across who say, ‘the bible is the only truth, and all others are lies’.
        Without ever doing proper research on their own religion.

  9. JohnA

    Yeah sounds about right to me too. So as well as grow your own and move south get lodes of mates/friends and get tooled up up as a righteous fight is a fight worth fighting for!

  10. Stan

    Cap,thanks for your honesty and information. I wish you well in the future. By a lot of the comments I’ve read here today many aren’t going to make it!

  11. Distel

    To be honest here in Belgium we are having a year without a summer, the leaves of some trees are already turning slightly yellow. We had rains here that we haven’t apparently had for like 100 years, flooding during summer and just crazy swarms of mosquito’s like we’ve never seen. Even today it’s like october temperatures and just moist the whole day cloudy and no sun. And the forecast isn’t looking any better during the next 2 weeks.

  12. P. J. Flanders

    If you know someone who is half-way woke up, this video will finish the job. Proof starts after short intro.

  13. An accurate assessment of the current political disaster – thank you Cap.
    In 2002 I published that global cooling would start circa 2020. Nailed it.
    My March 2021 paper 2021 agrees with your assessment:
    “Wolves stampeding the sheep.”
    Regards, Allan
    Selected papers:
    A Climate, Energy and Covid Primer for Politicians and Media
    By Allan M.R. MacRae, Published March 21, 2021, Update 1e published May 8, 2021

    By Allan M.R. MacRae, B.A.Sc.(Eng.), M.Eng., January 10, 2020

    By Allan M.R. MacRae and Joseph D’Aleo, October 27, 2019

  14. Ice Age Eugenics and Biodigital-Convergence Now.Info

    By Allan M.R. MacRae, March 2021

    Global politics has now become toxic and unhinged, with the extreme-left panicking, and trying to force the neo-Marxist Great Reset on us all.

    WHY NOW? Because solar-driven global cooling is upon us, and the fraud of catastrophic human-caused global warming is about to be exposed to even the most obtuse of humanity.

    … “exposed” … yes, but still oblivious to the most insouciantly obtuse of humanity Herr MacRae – eugenics works… because… “It’s a Pfizer world…”

  15. Timmy

    Cap’n… expect that there are thousands reading your main article(s) today and everyday now, right here, right now. Super. Always wanted to be just like you and MacRae when I growed up;) But now I don’t have too. You guys got’er handled. Cheers.

  16. Peter

    This is what i have received regarding notifications on Bitchute about Yahoo7. They wont let me receive notifications.

    NEW ALERT You have been automatically unsubscribed from receiving notification emails as your email address was flagged as invalid or unable to receive emails.

    Verify Email Settings – 13 hours ago
    Theyre shutting down what i want to be notified about.
    I wonder why?
    The answer is obvious.
    Control the narrative as always.

    1. GreatResetConspiracySmoothie

      Yahoo! Australia (formerly Yahoo7 between 2006 until 2018) is the Australian subsidiary of global internet company Yahoo! Originally a 50/50 joint venture between Yahoo! and Seven West Media, it has been a 100% subsidiary of Verizon Media since March 2018. Yahoo! is a web portal, providing email, online news and lifestyle content, as well as weather, travel and retail comparison services.

      AUS/NZ have officially been returned to the People’s Republic of China. It’s just part of the Great Reset Smoothie.

      That’s why the earliest alarmism about the Great Reset came from the Heartland Institute, ground zero of the climate change [global warming/CO2 hoax] denial machine.

      It’s just business, unfortunately… it’s just a ride and they don’t stop the ride for nobody.

      Stew and Jane usually have some interesting vids if you want extended playtime on the big ball.

      1. prioris

        Heartland Institute has a long history of supporting the status quo and it’s monumental lies. Their real agenda is protecting the political establishment. It also exists to masquerade as political opposition.

        The entities that it is connected to help create the illusions of the political landscape and dumb down people politically with ideology. They are certainly not truthers. They are just one of many tentacles of the political establishment.

  17. Johna

    Cap, This is a general post as it doesn’t matter what irrefutable evidence is given to demolish the prevailing officialdoms stance as each subject unearths the same overriding issue: outmoded undemocratic politics is allowing our corrupt politicians to control the narrative of anything that enables them to get voted into power by lying to their constituents and then doing what they believe in and what their Party dictate is – AGW / Covid / World Trade / Energy / Food Production / Animal loss of habitat are some of the main issues in focus.
    On a grander scale and of extreme concern to the general public is this type of fascist inspired totalitarian leaning political ideology is designed to have autonomous control over the Worlds population through the United Nations. The UN is gaining more power by spreading fear and intimidation by their control of the media and by blatant corruption of democratic channels the general public has, but which is being continually diluted. And if this situation is not halted by the general public the UN will have unbridled political power and life under their reign will be fully totalitarian – this is the aim of the real New World Order.
    COP 26 will see more political gain for the UN’s NWO plan as their AGW supporters will revel in the lies they believe to be true. The BBC has already started this increased fear by saying we had the hottest ever August 25th in Tyndrum Scotland at 27.2 C and salivating at the hysteria they will cause at COP 26. The UK Met Office however actually put the temperature at Tyndrum No 3 weather station at 22 C between 16:00 to 18:00 Hrs. Even sadder is the patent disparagement the BBC causes to the massively brainwashed public who do believe (because of this incessant anti science propaganda) that increasing CO2 is causing the leaves to fall late and why there is less snow than the year before and why less ice means less polar bears and sea levels to rise
    Leading science experts have recently highlighted the depth of this political control by supporting the UN’s IPCC to obstruct and outright refuse to allow the opposing scientific findings to get peer reviewed and published. These new findings are a result of drilling deep into the scientific and technical detail with amazing accounts of clinically scrupulous technical interrogation and validated results based on established scientific and technical approval protocols. This lays bare the stark reality of just how corrupt the United Nations IPCC and allied world political leaders really are – as it’s them who have cut off the debate.
    These recent findings are not that much different from other expert scientists and technicians who have concluded more or less the same results from their findings over the years. Made with an unbiased open mind due diligence and exacting clinical interpretation and verification of results. And this is exactly the level of detailed excellence that science medicine and technology needs to be done to in order to validate the research in accordance with repeatable established standards and then lay the ground to “developing” the results in to whatever facet of science medicine and technology this it – this is the prime function of R&D.
    Joseph Postmas spherical Earth model is another example of technical excellence in showing where the IPCC AGW flat earth theory models go wrong. By using real world dynamics of heat transfer from the inbound Suns radiative energy he shows how this actually plays out in the atmosphere land and sea and shows exactly how the weather and climate is generated. Sadly this brilliant work has also been rubbished by the UN IPCC and surprise surprise no peer reviewers dare give this the official accreditation and publication it should have as they fear for reprisals by the UN’s SS generals AKA Biden Johnston Merkel Macron – the list is long.
    Dr Michael Yeadon ex Pfizer chief scientist is yet another expert who also has some very damming evidence to add on the medical issues surrounding the Covid vaccines. And like the AGW fiasco he too ushers a warning and lifts the lid on the pier reviewing curtailment of related medical evidence and the pressures put on science researchers by politicians who clearly are allowing the interests of large companies and individuals to control the debate and thus allow massive profits to be made and deaths to increase – instead of politicians trying to eliminate the virus by natural means and stop the effective murder of innocent souls.
    Some talk of the Heartland as being a saviour to the general public form this mass political corruption and there are many other facets of daily life where this Fat Controller style of top-down dictate goes way beyond informing passengers the 10:10 express is running late. He simply announces this is due to circumstance beyond his control – that way he gets to walk off the platform without getting lynched by a lot of angry passengers who believe it is a plausible excuse. Meanwhile we know he is a dispensable cog of a well oiled machine that is out of control as its controlling of all circumstances affecting if the 10:10 runs what speed it goes what colour it is how much it costs to ride behind and how many can be squeezed in it – and if you don’t like it too bad.

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