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France Flash Flooding: 1600 Evacuated

Heavy floods have forced the evacuation of 1,600 people in southern France, officials say.

After a prolonged spell of unusually hot weather, torrential down-bursts in the northern part of the Gard region resulted in the Ceze and L’Ardeche rivers bursting their banks.

Nearby regions, and all parts of the verdant and mountainous Cevennes, saw devastating flash flooding.

More than 400 firefighters and police – as well as four helicopters – have been deployed.

In a statement, the French interior ministry said six departments were placed on a flood alert.

In one summer camp in Saint-Julien-de-Peyrolas, 119 children were evacuated.

A 70-year-old German man supervising children at the camp became trapped by a fast-flowing torrent, he sought shelter inside his caravan but the vehicle was swept away, the AFP news agency reports.

More heavy rain is forecast for the next few days.


[Featured Photo: Boris Horvat / AFP]

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